False Prophet

Album: Rough And Rowdy Ways (2020)
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  • Another day that don't end
    Another ship goin' out
    Another day of anger, bitterness, and doubt
    I know how it happened
    I saw it begin
    I opened my heart to the world and the world came in

    Hello Mary Lou
    Hello Miss Pearl
    My fleet-footed guides from the underworld
    No stars in the sky shine brighter than you
    You girls mean business and I do too

    Well I'm the enemy of treason
    Enemy of strife
    I'm the enemy of the unlived meaningless life
    I ain't no false prophet
    I just know what I know
    I go where only the lonely can go

    I'm first among equals
    Second to none
    The last of the best
    You can bury the rest
    Bury 'em naked with their silver and gold
    Put them six feet under and pray for their souls

    What are you lookin' at
    There's nothing to see
    Just a cool breeze that's encircling me
    Let's go for a walk in the garden
    So far and so wide
    We can sit in the shade by the fountain-side

    I search the world over
    For the Holy Grail
    I sing songs of love
    I sing songs of betrayal
    Don't care what I drink
    I don't care what I eat
    I climbed the mountains of swords on my bare feet

    You don't know me darlin'
    You never would guess
    I'm nothing like my ghostly appearance would suggest
    I ain't no false prophet
    I just said what I said
    I'm just here to bring vengeance on somebody's head

    Put out your hand
    There's nothing to hold
    Open your mouth
    I'll stuff it with gold
    Oh you poor devil look up if you will
    The city of God is there on the hill

    Hello stranger
    A long goodbye
    You ruled the land
    But so do I
    You lost your mule
    You got a poison brain
    I'll marry you to a ball and chain

    You know darlin'
    The kind of life that I live
    When your smile meets my smile something's got to give
    I ain't no false prophet
    No I'm nobody's bride
    Can't remember when I was born
    And I forgot when I died Writer/s: Bob Dylan
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Davidk from UsaColin Escott may have it right.

    "Daylight recalls you, hang your head, go home
    The way you look right now
    I know you never, I know you never more gonna roam"

    As for Mary Lou, see https://bit.ly/3akKVUt
  • Silvermane Wesley John from UsaDylan reminds me of the creepy Norse shaman-like character in "Vikings" out of Canada. Floki is made up to be very mystic with undertones of the devil- ala Bob Dylan.
  • Colin Escott from NashvilleI think "Miss Pearl" alludes to the Jimmy Wages record of that name. On "Multitudes.." Dylan namechecks another rockabilly record from the same era, "Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache."
  • Jack from Israelno i'm nobody's bride: tryin' to say that I'm the bride to the one that has NO Body, in the spirit and mystical sense
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