I'm On Fire

Album: Born In The U.S.A. (1984)
Charted: 5 6
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  • Hey little girl, is your daddy home?
    Did he go and leave you all alone? Mhmm
    I got a bad desire
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire

    Tell me now, baby, is he good to you?
    And can he do to you the things that I do? Oh no
    I can take you higher
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire

    Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby
    Edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley
    Through the middle of my skull

    At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
    And a freight train running through the middle of my head
    Only you can cool my desire
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire

    Woo-ooh-ooh Writer/s: Bruce Springsteen
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Keith from Ohio"Hey little girl is your daddy home"?
    Sounds like a little girl he's talking to not a grown women!
  • John from NySounds like a pedo, I guess they got to Bruce
  • Natalie from OhioI’ve performed this song with a few bands probably a thousand times. And please, note I am a performing musician and a songwriter.

    He’s NOT talking a child here. It’s a woman he’d like to hook up with that is not single.

    ‘Daddy’ is her husband or her boyfriend, her man.

    Here are some other examples for those living under a rock:

    one sung by Marilyn Monroe:

    ‘Every baby needs a da-da-daddy
    Rich or poor I don't care who
    If he hasn't got a million then a half will do
    Every baby needs a da-da-daddy
    Could my da-daddy be you

    And other: Time of the Season by the Zombies

    ‘What’s your name, who’s your daddy?
    Is he rich like me?’ Has he taken any time
    To show you what you need to live?’

    Okay back to the lesson on the song in question.

    Look later in the lyrics of ‘I’m on Fire’

    Tell me now, baby, is he good to you?
    And can he do to you the things that I do? Oh no
    I can take you higher
    Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire

    He’s talking about ‘Daddy’/her man’ sexual prowess, suggesting he can do better.

    These songs are not saying a father is molesting his child here. DADDY=a woman’s man and usually her sexual interest. A DADDY is the man who takes care of the household… remember in the not so distant past, lots of women didn’t work for a living, they stayed home and the man worked and provided for the whole fam-damn-ily. So ‘Who’s your DADDY’ is straight forward to suggest ‘Who’s taking care of you’ (but often in a sexual way).

    And… calling out all the people hating here because of the choice of words in the lyrics. You put your thoughts into a song, yes.

    Bible beaters, just get your tail pipe out of here. The song is about having sex or at least sexual thoughts for fun and with someone else’s’ woman no less (that’s never happened in the Bible… ever) And just remember they used to marry off their 12 and 13 year old girls to older older older men. It’s right in there too if you read it.

    And gRodger from Ohio It can be straight forward… hi woman who isn’t single, I want to f--k you. End of song. Lasts less than five seconds. I’d love to hear the songs you’ve written. I’m sure they are all bangers.

    Or maybe you want to maybe it a little more poetic to give it interest. You know, give it the ol’ 3:15 worth or radio edit. Maybe find a few creative ways to say the above so it makes it catchy
  • Greg Rogers from OhioIf "Daddy" doesn't mean "Daddy" and "little girl" doesn't mean "little girl" and "bad desire" doesn't mean "bad desire" than what could this song possibly be about, and why did he use these particular words, which I guess many folks would say he didn't mean, to express his "thoughts?"
  • Kev In Kc from MidwestI am confused at all the discussion of the plot of the video, not the actual song lyrics. The song is extremely simple, the singer has hopes and dreams for what he knows is an impossible romance. Regardless, he has the pain to deal with.
  • Elwyn from Uk100% about pedophillia.
    I have interviewed a Paedophile and I can tell you music industry is NOT what people think it is.

    Same as "my sharona" by the knacks....how can ANYONE explain these type of lyrics when it is clear what they mean (why say anything if you do not mean to communicate such by spoken word?)

    Read "curse of canaan" by Eustice Mullins.

    Read the bible...these people (pedos) do NOT fear YHWH, they might cry because they cannot abuse children anymore... Because they have been caught, but this is NOT remorse for the victim (crocodile tears).
    Yeshua is coming soon. He will avenge these children (Matthew 18:6).
  • Ramon from NetherlandsI was watching this movie with my parents and during the end credits a cover of this song played. I recognized it from those days, but it wasn't my kind of music. The movie was weird ("Pig" 2021) and this song at the end just made me think "wtf is this song actually about?". I totally forgot about that video clip mentioned by many others here, and the song lyrics make complete sense now. In the 80's people just talked differently I guess, nowadays you have to be extremely careful not to use words that can be misinterpreted. Hearing the song without the music video like we did, will probably make people interpret it wrong. Just read the other comments here.
  • Ac from AustraliaSee, now my interpretation is he is singing about the car. He's a mechanic, the car is a beautiful machine, who wouldn't want a thunderbird. The lyrics make more sense and in the clip they show too many scenes of the car by itself looking nice, him sitting in the car and pretending to drive it like he owns it, when he drops the keys off and walks away from the house he looks back at the car not at the house.
    She didn't give him keys to come over, she said no I'd better come pick it up - she probably didn't want him to steal the car haha.
    I feel that if they wanted to show him desiring her they would show scenes of him thinking about her, not him driving the car and being happy in the car. I think she desires him and it's not reciprocated, that's why she brings her car in so often and why he dropped it off so she didn't come back to the shop again.
    I got a bad desire - he wants his car.
    Can he do to you the things that I do - he's a mechanic so no he can't do the things you do
    The waking up with sheets running wet was explained that when he was young he was poor and it was so hot he used to lie awake and listen to the trains at night - look it up, has nothing to do with desiring over a girl.
    I dunno - gives a different view I guess.
  • Gumby from Michigan Also covered by Slightly Stoopid on their Top of the World album (2012).
  • Kyoufu from CanadaWhat an amazing demonstration of people who have no ability to recognize the world outside their poor, sad, inferior little brains. Daddy is very rarely used to mean father in popular media. Like, never. I would actually challenge someone to find an example of "daddy" being verifiably used to mean father. What you WILL find is daddy means older, dominant male (Her Daddy), such as a "Sugar Daddy" - often in a sexual context. You will also find it often simply means husband or partner, commonly used when a couple has children. You get so used to calling your significant other "Daddy" while speaking to your kids that sometimes it actually sticks or overflows into your adult conversations. You could also just watch the video. You could certainly argue this has some sexist undertones - the implication that her significant other is her "Daddy" might be inherently sexist, but also just normal for the 80s.
  • Cc from UsaI always wondered about the song meaning since it could lean in several directions. Now i have seen the video and get it!
  • Patchmiester from ArkansasFunny how the song "Baby it's cold outside" was labeled a date rape song. But this song promotes pedophilia, and yet isn't banned.
  • Mac from UsSeriously, the dude is a creep and pedophile. You can try and explain it all you want, whatever makes you sleep better at night. Keep worshipping your god, Bruce. This guy is an idiot.
  • Paul H from Liverpool UkThe reference to ‘Daddy’ is a sugar daddy, someone much older than their counterpart with lots of money, hence why he refers to her as a little girl.
    ‘Can he do to you things I can do’ because he is a younger man. It’s not about paedofilia but if a song creates discussion it’s great anywayway.
  • A. J. from New JerseyIt's so simple...She leaves him the "house keys" along with the car keys hoping that he will get the "hint" that she is looking for him to "come" and see her. She is obviously just "trophy wife" for some rich old man that cannot fulfill her "desire". But at the end Bruce does not give in to "temptation"...
  • A Person from CanadaI'm On Fire is obviously not about a pedophile. *Working on the Highway* is the one about a pedophile, guys!
  • Isa from Brussels Don’t know about this song. But interpreting Father Figure as an ode to paedophilia shows very litteral and limited capacity for context and interpretation.
  • Smh from UsaMore examples: http://www.robertbrumm.com/my-blog/four-songs-you-love-that-celebrate-pedophiles , "Father Figure" by George Michaels, Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Clair," "Edge of the World" by Faith No More, Frank Zappa, "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," Great ful Dead "Mexicali Blues" Led Zeppelin "The Ocean" & 'How Many More Times," Van Morrison, "Cypress Avenue." And so many more. They are hiding in plain sight, and you're in denial if you can't see it.
  • Smh from UsaHistorically many American songs have had undertones of pedophilia (https://m.ranker.com/list/creepy-rock-songs-about-young-girls/anncasano), songs you likely never even thought of that way. Springsteen's song is more overt, and people still refuse to see it. I am a social worker and know from experience in the field and trainings that there is all kinds of ways pedophiles (and human traffickers) communicate and connect, ways that are in plain sight but unnoticed by those not familiar with the lingo or signs. Infantacizing women by referring to them as "girls" in pop culture, has also been a mainstream society way of suggesting women are small, inferior, and need to be taken care of (parented) by men. It's condescendnding. So at the very least, songs like this are disempowering to women, and at worst are expressions of pedophiliac desire,
  • Ja from EarthFirstly, he's obviously fantasizing, because she told him not to come by; the video makes this explicitly clear. Secondly: sure you can say "of course it's not about pedophilia - who would be dumb enough to make a song about that publicly?", but think about it: it's the perfect cover. It's about pedophilia, but disguised by the video version to make it appear to be about some rich bitch. Daddy and little girl are exactly what they mean, even if it's subconscious. Why else would he or other singers use these terms at all? If it was about adults, we'd just say "hey, woman" and "is your man at home?", now wouldn't we? Think about it.
  • Rb from Va, Usa Great video for an awesome song.

    A married woman (ring on her finger/ so not a minor) keeps on bringing her car to him every week; gives him her house and car keys and wants the car back by the next morning (she is basically indicating that her husband ain’t going to be home, so she got hots for the car mechanic too).

    Little girl (because she doesn’t know what she wants and can’t take care of her financial needs without marrying a older rich man / her sugar daddy) but desires a younger poor man to fulfill her other needs.

    He is a better man because even though he got the hots for her too (take her higher/ make her climax ) and knows that he could get laid, he knows it’s adultery!

  • Bill from ConnecticutAs Esskayess noted, the correct lyric is "through the middle of my skull", not "soul". A better rhyme with 'dull', and a much more visceral image. (If you check out some of the live versions on YouTube, etc., it's unmistakable.) And it mirrors image of the freight train in his head.

    And for the people suggesting this about pedophilia: get a grip. She might be younger than the singer, but 'little girl' just connotes innocence or inexperience. Hence he suggests that he can do things her 'daddy' -- older man/boyfriend, sugar daddy, what have you -- can't, and that she doesn't yet know about it. (And while the song is certainly drenched in lust, but not all those things that 'take her higher' need be sexual.) It's obvious that her 'daddy' is competition for him (competition he thinks he could best, given the chance), so if the girl is a minor, it seems like 'daddy' is the pedophile, while the singer keeps his lust in check. But really - it's only an illicit lust ('bad desire') because it's adulterous.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn May 25, 1985, the official video of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" was aired on the Dick Clark ABC-TV network Saturday-afternoon program 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time the song was at #47 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; six weeks earlier it had peak at #6 {for 2 weeks} and it spent 20 weeks on the Top 100...
    And on June 1st, 1985 the European leg of the 'Born In The U.S.A.' tour began at Slane Castle in Meath, Ireland; seven days later on June 8th "I'm On Fire", b/w "Born In The U.S.A.", peaked at #1 {for 2 weeks} on the Irish Singles chart.
  • Fulu from South AfricaSurely he was horny when he wrote this song, the lyrics say it all! Lol
  • Chris from Toronto, OnSpringsteen was not singing about pedophillia, don't be ridiculous. Why people take song lyrics as literal meanings is beyond me.

    "Hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go away and leave you all alone." - When he's talking about "Daddy" he means "sugar daddy". "Tell me now baby is he good to you
    Can he do to you the things that I do." Aka, does he "do" you like i can or will "do" you. So this blue collar worker sees this beautiful high class woman who walks into his shop and desires her.

    Simple as that.
  • Jeff from Greeley, CoI always thought it was a reference to the novel Lolita. Btw, music videos often do not follow the actual song meaning.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxThe liner notes say 'cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul' but it sure sounds like 'skull' to me.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxI don't think BS would be stupid enough to have pedophilia in mind, but he likely did have adultery in mind.
  • Paul from Toronto, OnUmm, how twisted are some people? Yeah, Bruce is actually gonna write a song about being a pedophile?? WTF? References to "little girl" and "daddy" have been used in songs for ages and have nothing to do with lusting for 10 year girls!! Give your head a shake people! Look at this old Dean Martin lyric...
    I went to call my baby
    When she got to the phone
    I kinda had a little feeling
    My baby was not alone
    She said "Daddy, I'm busy
    Call some other time"
  • Jack from Washington, Dc, Dcwhat is your source for the johnny cash tune info?
  • Dane from Green Cove Springs Fla., FlI always thought this sounded like a Johnny Cash song.As I read some of the comments,I see I wasn't the only one.Best line:"@ night I wake up with the sheets soakin' wet with a freight train runnin' thru the middle of my head."Good stuff.
  • Steve from Eagan, MnI always though the song was about Bruce having a past relationship with the rich woman who drops her car off. She essentially upgraded herself from Bruce to a rich man who could give her more possessions than Bruce the mechanic. But even though she upgraded, their relationship did not end badly as she still drives crosstown to have her car looked at by Bruce. When he drops her car off and realizes the new life she lives he doesn't take it to heart and seems content.
  • Jay from London, United KingdomSome of the comments here are quite extraordinary. Springsteen imagining what it's like to be a pedophile? Unbelievable! When this came out in the 1980s no one I knew thought this song was about anything else than a man who was passionate about a woman unavailable to him because of her relationship with another man. Perhaps the "grammar" of popular music has changed over the years.
    The video released with song featured Bruce as a car mechanic. An attractive woman leaves her car to be repaired. The mechanic offers to take the car to her home after he has worked on it. The mechanic arrives at her home in the "Hills". Parks the car, goes to ring the door bell, hesitates, pushes the keys through the mailbox, smiles ruefully and sets off to walk home.
    Really, no one thought this song was about anything else. But then the mass media were not obsessed with pedophilia in the way they are now and no one would have written an obvious song about it that's for sure. They would have been arrested!
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxI remember his routine of bringing a young girl up from the audience and singing "Dancing in the Dark" to her. I have a feeling things wouldn't have gone as well if he had sung this one instead.
  • Mindy from Eugene, OrHonzin - You may not know this since you're from the Czech Rep, but ever since the early days of American rock n roll, songwriters have often referred to full grown women as "little girls" and their lovers or husbands as "daddy's." It's not to be taken literally. And "bad desire" can either mean, I shouldn't feel this way about you because you're married or "bad" could be referring to the intensity of his desire - you know, "I want you so bad." And the last line you ask about is clearly referring to his prowess as a lover compared to her husband. This is one of the sexiest songs known to man and the music video says everything! Take a look and try to wipe out any bizarre ideas of this being about a pedophile - it most certainly is not!
  • Catherine from Chattanooga, Tn I think this is a great song, and I heard it on the rock station, and now I can't stop listening to it... I've listened to it 6 times already in a row!
  • Sarah from Virginia Beach, VaHe is not talking about a child in this song. He is talking about his lust for the woman that he wants to be with and can't. In his song 'Darlington County' he says "little girl you're so young and pretty, walk with me and you can have you're way." I don't think that he means an adolescent girl in this one either. The sexual tension is what make people think that.
  • Lisa from Eveleth, MnWHAT is WRONG with you people!?!?!?! The people posting comments that this song is about a pedophile, are completely insane. cant anyone just enjoy music anymore without looking for deep dark disgusting HIDDEN MEANINGS?? PULEEEZE!!! Bruce springsteen a pedophile. you have GOT to be joking.
  • Andy from Belfast, United KingdomCome on people Bruce was singing this song through the eyes of a pedophile, or a child killer.
    Daddy means Daddy(not sugar daddy) little girl means just that, bad disire(sexual)and i'm on fire(a want /rage).
    In his twisted mind he thinks his love is right for her (she is not his first)
    The third verus refers to the fact he was sexually abused at some point.
    The fourth verus is simply saying the want returns and taking another child eases the pain(the want).
    SICK SONG VERY WELL SUNG, but shows people just listen and do not process what enters their mind.
    The video has nothing to do with the song it is only that a video.
  • Jake from Talahassee, MtThis Bruce song was a direct result of Bruce listening to BOC's "Burnin' for You". See-"Burnin' for You"
  • John from Toronto, OnI think "little girl, is your daddy home, did he go and leave you all alone" is more of a comment on the woman, in that she seems to be lost like a 'little girl'..whether its her father or husband its a lack of love that this woman or little girl is receiving. At the beginning of the video you hear a fellow machanic comment on how the woman is here to see bruce again. Shes not getting what she needs...the rest of the song i think is self explainatory...thats my take on it
  • Laura from Bern, SwitzerlandGee, Bruce must be so sick of people misjudging him... also for whom English's not his mother tongue (see above): what about thinking before judging? Actually i would suggest opening a debate about zoophilia everytime a woman's called a chick :-)
  • Rebecca from Milwaukee, WiI really think that Bruce was singing this song through the eyes of a pedophile. "Hey little girl, is your daddy home? Did he go and leave you all alone?... I got a bad desire." He frequently does this in his writing. For example, In Nebraska, The River, and The Rising (Just to name a few) he takes on the role of someone completely different role. Pure genius.
  • Jezebel from Lincoln, MoNot only that, but the music brings you into the guys mind. I love this freakin song!!!
  • Eric from MaastrichtWhat's so "disturbing" about lust?
  • Gene from San Diego, CaWhen I first heard this, I did actually think of Springsteen and some ten year old little white girl...however, I followed the lyrics, applied it to the theme of the album, and realised how great of a song it it. He uses this sort of description to depict the pain he feels for the woman. The knife in his soul is metaphorical for his love for the woman. And, she does have a nice set of legs. And, Manuel, get help you pervert.
  • Pete from Nowra, AustraliaHmmmm "sexual tension" Hmmmmmmm
  • Josh from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song is great to listen to while driving through the country at night.
  • Carmen from Hermosillo, MexicoThis is one of the most drop-dead sexiest songs ever! It has a quiet simplicity that makes the sexual tension even stronger... Excellent song!
  • Amy from Pittsburgh, PaThis song is very clearly not about pedophilia. If it is about anything specific, then it's about a young woman who is unhappy in her marriage to an older man and has recently begun having an affair with a man who is presumably closer to her own age. In my mind, terms like "little girl" and "daddy" serve to emphasize the narrator's perception of the woman as innocent.
    I think that 'Lying Eyes' by The Eagles tells a similar story. What I find interesting about 'I'm on Fire' is that the story is told from the lover's perspective. We hear about him waking up in the middle of the night with desire whereas normally with this kind of story you would just hear about the woman's guilt and her husband's devastation.
  • Nina from Bronx, NyIt's pretty obvious that "daddy" is a term to mean husband/boyfriend, possibly even "sugar daddy" type thing - older man and younger woman. In the same regard; "little girl" is like calling someone "baby"

    The Beatles sang a song called "Hello Little Girl" in the early 60's. Were they pedophiles too? How about The Doors on "Alabama Song"... "Oh show me the way to the next little girl..." I'm sure Morrison wasn't molesting young children. And OH NOO! Not Steve Perry & Journey! Even they have been bad! They have a song titled "Little Girl" about breaking the girl's heart.

    It's so not about pedophilia.
  • Armaghitis from County Armagh, IrelandI can't understand why you are so all upset over this song. You should have checked this song out before you made any judgements whatsoever!! Like for instande, did you check out the song on YouTube???
    Watch it and your questions are answered!

    And before you make any judgements about someone being a rapist, pedophile or whatever, get your facts right before calling ANYONE any of these names!
    I know for one that Bruce Springsteen is NOT!!!!

    AN Irish Bruce Springsteen fan!

    Here is the link to "I'm on Fire" ion youtube!
  • Sara from Sundsvall, SwedenManuel... in every song in this world when a singer sing "baby" is that per definition a toddler to you then, or is that a word used by both men and women as a normal nickname on eachother. And if a guy says to his girlfriend/wife or whatever "come to daddy"...that's my interpretation of the song and the video also show that when she gives him the keyes and he comes over to her house where she probably has a man of her own, "her daddy". Maybe about adulery but who actually needs to interpret a song to the bones.. just enjoy it! Words are not be taken out of context and if so then we all are per your definition pedophiles.
  • Joe from Grove City, OhI think the song refers more to wanting to be with a woman who's already in a relationship...he (the "daddy") isn't there...thus, the speaker can 'take her higher.'
  • Matt from West Springfield, Mayeah, I pretty much love this song....and I have to disagree about the pediphile....its not a bad idea, but, after wanting a girl I couldn't have so bad it keep me up at night? I have to say...its prolly about that..lol
  • Sherry from Belleville, IlAre you guys kidding me? A song about a pediphile? These lyrics are not lyrics that are to be taken literally. Is a freight train really running through his head? No. Is he really talking about a little girl? No. He's talking about a woman that he wants to be with and either can or cannot be with her. I think this is by far the sexiest song he's ever done. His voice is so smooth in this one. I love it!
  • Leon from Hilversum, NetherlandsMoby used to play this song live, all alone with guitar. Unfortunately...
  • Steven from Sunnyvale, CaBob Rivers (twistedtunes.com) did a wonderful parody of this titled "I Perspire." It's obviously a tribute to Springsteen's concert performances and starts:
    At night I do my shows;
    With my shirt soakin' wet;
    Standin' two feet deep;
    In a pool of smelly sweat...
  • Roel from Cleveland, OhDoes anyone know who the girl in the video is? She's got a great set of legs!
  • Manuel from San Francisco, CaHello! Wake up and smell the statutory rape people! This is about a man trying to put his "6 inch knife" in a place where it doesn't belong. Only because Bruce Springsteen is regarded as a musical God, can he get away with this.

    The reason that he wakes up all wet is self-explanatory and he has a "freight train" going through his mind b/c he's worried about getting busted.

    The video was obviously made for damage control so the Zeus of music wouldn't come crashing down. This is a thunderbolt to be avoided.
  • Suzanne from White Rock, CanadaThis is one of my favorite songs, it reminds me alot of things that have happend in my past.
  • Stu from Fife, ScotlandIn the good old days of record players (before CDs and MP3s) you could put disks on at the wrong speed. An LP could be played at 45 rpm, instead of 33.33 rpm, and some decks even had a 78 rpm setting. If you turn up the speed on this track, Bruce magically becomes Dolly Parton! Try it; I swear it's true!
  • James from Enid, OkIronically, Johnny Cash recorded a version of this song for Springsteen tribute album "Badlands." Check it out.
  • Victoria from Gaithersburg, Mdyou forgot one group, steve--the group that likes and appreciates ALL of springsteen's music.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThis song rocks! I love how Bruce can take a break from old anthem writing days and write a Johnny Cash song. Go Bruce! This song is very underrated, it is not on my "essentials" CD. The video: Bruce is a mechanic and this beautiful women comes in to his shop. He thinks of her nonstop, and eventually goes to her house. He gets very close to the doorbell, but just cannot ring it, and walks away. I might be wrong, I haven't seen the video in about a year, but I know these are the basics. Sorry for spoiling it, for those who haven't seen it.
  • Steve from Fenton, MoI think Bruce has at least two distinct groups of fans. One group loves the Born in the USA cd because of all the hits. I'm definitely not in that group. Bruce, in my opinion is very mediocre at pop. There are only three keepers on Born in the USA, the title track, No Surrender, and Bobby Jean. Count me in the group of fans that like the songs where Bruce is singing like there is no tomorrow (Backstreets, Jungleland, Born to Run, etc.) Anyone agree?
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaWell, little girl is a term of endearment. Springstein was certainly not the one to invent the practice of calling your lover "baby" or "girl". And women have called men their daddies for some time. (Notorious BIG and "Big Poppa") Right or wrong, its a cultural norm.
  • Honzin from Prague, Czech RepublicIf it is not about pedophilie, then, could someone explain what means 'little girl and daddy, bad desire, can he do to you the things that I do'. I guess this is an obvious reference to sexual experience with a very young girl. I normally don´t call adult women little girls. What is in the video?
  • Guido from Holland, NetherlandsWhy is this great track not on the album 'Greatest Hits' from 1995? The album is called 'Greatest Hits' and not 'The best of' of something like that. Do they (= CBS/Sony) fear that people won't buy Born in the USA on CD (and replace vinyl)? That's what I don't like about 'greatest hits albums'.
  • Craig from Madison, WiUsed by playwright Lanford Wilson in his play "Burn This." The characters sing the tune to signify their desires.
  • Emmeline from Sydney, AustraliaI haven't seen the filmclip. I also thought it was a kind of pedophile reference. How does the clip explain the song?
  • Kyle from Belleville, CanadaWhen I first heard this, I thought it was about a pediphile. Then I saw the video and it made sence.
  • Monty from Omaha, NeFor years I thought this was a cover of a Johnny Cash tune, now I know my ear wasn't lying!
  • Jade from Chippewa Falls, Wi I'm so stupid. I actually believed this was about his sexual experience with a little girl and that is why the lyrics were disturbing.
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