by Bush

Album: Sixteen Stone (1994)
Charted: 28
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  • It must be your skin, I'm sinking in
    Must be for real 'cause now I can feel
    And I didn't mind, it's not my kind
    It's not my time to wonder why
    Everything gone white, everything's grey
    Now you're here, now you're away
    I don't want this, remember that
    I'll never forget where you're at

    Don't let the days go by

    I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time
    Are you at one or do you lie?
    We live in a wheel where everyone steals
    But when we rise, it's like strawberry fields
    If I treated you bad, you'd bruise my face
    Couldn't love you more, you've got a beautiful taste

    Don't let the days go by
    Could've been easier on you
    I couldn't change though I wanted to
    Should've been easier by three
    Our old friend fear and you and me

    Don't let the days go by
    Don't let the days go by

    Glycerine, glycerine
    Oh, glycerine, glycerine

    Bad moon white again
    Bad moon white again
    As she falls around me

    I needed you more, you wanted us less
    Could not kiss, just regress
    It might just be clear, simple and plain
    Well, that's just fine, that's just one of my names

    Don't let the days go by
    Could've been easier on you, you, you
    Glycerine Writer/s: Gavin Rossdale
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 83

  • AnonymousOne of those songs that pretty much makes no sense but sounds cool
  • Margareta from San Diego, CaHindsight being 20/20, I wouldn’t have listened to this song a second time. Poserific! poor gwen and i’m back at hind site. Glad she’s with a Blake now he has actual talent and isn’t NPD.
  • Loyceknight_ from The InternetThis song was not about someone named Jasmin Lewis. It was about a woman he dated in the late 80's named Suze DeMarchi. She's a singer/musician too and pretty successful from what I've read about her. I wonder what exactly he meant about her with these lyrics. Was it a compliment or a criticism?
  • Tony from San FranciscoOne of a few songs that makes me cry. For real, thank you Gavin
  • Elijah from GeorgiaI always loved this song. It always touched me in a place that many songs can't.
  • Johndor from EnglandIs it called - Glycerine - because nitroglycerine used to be used to thin blood when having a heart attack...
  • Melissa from PittsburghI listen to this on repeat every time I listen to it and i love the acidic version too. I get tingles 95% of the time the strawberry friends part or "our old friend fear, and you and me" part plays.
  • Carrie from Bristol CtI love you Gavin. I sorta met you and ex wife same time…‘machine head’ is my favorite but ‘chemicals between us’ is another fav
  • Kendra from PhillyI def agree with the mystic pull of this song. Really resonates with me. The "wheel" reference reminds me of the "Wheel of Fortune" tarot card. Also the lyrics "Bad Moon" make me think of a New Moon cycle - The dark moon - Associated with the Greek goddess, Hecate, or the High Priestess in Tarot.
  • Steve from North TexasI have always loved this song. It feels deep like well water when you sink a bucket into it. The video for it displayed here, though, adds nothing true or fitting to the song.
  • Kate from Dallas I’m a big fan of Roland Barthes “Death of the Author” and “Reader Response Theory,” which means everyone defines every reading themselves. The ancient, mystic pull in this song for me comes from the Indian mystic Implications of “wheel” Karma/Dharma Bhuddism and the Jainist implications of Strawberry Fields. You can pick them all year long. As vegetarians Jains don’t eat just ANY plant
  • Sam from ChicagoI read somewhere that there was a lyric change because of the record company. You bruise my face....." couldn't love you more" is actually " cup of blood you pour ("cup of " is sung as a contraction, cu' blood you pour") you got a beautiful taste. Listen carefully and you can hear blood and pour. Despite what is written in every song lyric sourse. I can't find the article thar details this info and it's driving me nuts because noone will believe me.
  • Jennifer Doberman from UsaThis song reminds me of the affair I had
  • Kimarie from Crossvagas, Tn.I feel like the song glycerine is a much deeper and cryptic meaning. I am taken in by it's mystical pull. One of my all time favorites.
  • Tl from MoThis song is about the thyroid. Jk tard it's about his ex. Just like Mr. Jones is literally about drinking with Marty Jones and Picture by Filter is literally about the lead singer stripping on an airplane. Yellow Ledbetter is about a yellow letter from the military and old people with a flag on the porch who won't wave to the brother of a vet KIA. The Weight is about trying to do a favor and people piling a bunch of bulls--t on you when you want to go rest. Y'all are literally posting schizophrenic delusions as song meanings even when the meaning is right there in the lyrics and the singer has publicly told everybody what the song is about.

    You'd think people would have gotten tired of this crap after the Manson murders and would slap people who spread these delusions yet here we are.
  • Troy from HallAs a recovering alcoholic I listen to this song every morning as inspiration to be a better me and to remind myself to help someone where you can and don’t forget where you came from. This song got me through a lot of bad days.
  • Taylor from Dfw, TexasThis song is great. You can interpret it however you like, something that relates to you. It doesn't matter what Gavin Rosedale was writing about, it's the way you interpret a song(s) yourself.
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjTo Mm - Austin, Tx:

    The violin and viola were played by Gavin Wright, The Cello was played by Carolina Dale.

    Strings were arranged by Bush lead guitarist Nigel Pulsford.
  • Rob from Wilmington, NcIt always befuddles me why people insist that they know why an artist wrote an song and it's totally different from what that artist has already said in interviews. Dude, the guy (or girl) just said what the song was about, why do you insist on contradicting him (or her). The man who wrote the song says it's about a girl he was having a relationship with, so it's about a girl he was having a relationship with. It had nothing to do with drugs or hyperthyroidism (wtf?). And if you read these comments sections often enough, you get the sense that some people are convinced every song in the history of rock and roll is about drugs. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, drugs, Stairway to Heaven, drugs, Put a Ring on It, drugs. Not every song is about drugs. In fact, one comment attributes the song to Rossdale's "doing heroin" when I don't know that it's ever been stated anywhere that Rossdale ever did heroin. Just because drugs are a big part of your life doesn't mean they are for everyone.
  • Xfactor from Anthem , AzGlycerin is not a substance or drug that make you cry. Its a powerful sugar alcohol.

    The song is about two alcoholics with a codependency relationships.
  • Diana from Detroit, MiThis song is about suddenly finding a love that was so powerful that he didn't know it was possible to have. It is such a powerful love that it seems impossible so it is doubted so they push it away. "I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time" shows that without her, he is just a empty soul" But when we rise, it's like strawberry fields" says that when he is with her, it is like a dream world. "Don't let the days go by" is him simply asking for time. At the end of the song he finally realizes when he has lost and knows that he will forever regret it.
  • Phuck Arse from London, BahamasThis songs is not only great but lame at the same time. It makes me want to shove a fist in my ARSE and my ex-boyfriend's arse at the same time. Different hands of course. Gavin is not only hot but ugly with the lyrics. I would love to eat Glycerine and light it up in the night's sky.
    The chemical is used to induce false tears and what Gavin is basically saying is that during the time he was doing herion with his bitch, he was pulling away. The lines, "I needed you more
    when we wanted us less..." he was referring to his drug of choice not any of his girlfriends. Don't let the days go by, was when he was going through rehab and had a refresh look on his life.
    "If I treated you bad you bruise my face couldn't love you more you got a beautiful taste." He was referring to when they would get high, they would often fight. But she knew how to get the best herion, hence the beautiful taste. All accounts were from a friend of mine who had live with Gavin several years while in London.
  • Joycie from Knoxville, TnThis songs means more to me than any other song out there.
    Me and my Exboyfriend have been through a lot of stuff but im still crazy for him, and im pretty sure the feelings mutual. I'm moving to Tennessee in five days and he came down to see me two days ago so we could spend some time together one last time. We heard this song and at the same time both said "i love this song!" The last time we had together flew by so fast and we really connected again. I put Glycerine on my myspace profile and when i went to his it was on there as well =[[
    i definitely think the song is about not knowing what you have until its gone, and regretting letting what you had slip away.
    and thats definitely how it went for us...
  • Dan from Huds,on, Oh, NvI think it is so awesome that a song can evoke so many different things to each individual that hears it. That is what I love about songs and song writing. They become our own little funhouse mirrors reflecting out lives. I do not know what 'Bad Moon White again' means, but the two sides of my brain are performing in the background a dance/ballet trying to associate it for me without any conscious thought on my part. Bush/Rossdale hit it with this one. Great simplicity yet a depth of complexity that only everyone can bring to it.

  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --The songs chord progression style is a very popular among rock songs. Other songs that used it "When I Come around". This song was also Bush's biggest hit reaching number 28 on the top 100.
  • Alex from Syracuse, Nythis song is simply about being in a relationship that has too many ups and downs and how one mistake can blow up in your face(nitro-glycerin) "dont let the days go by"-dont take what you have for granted, worry about the present not the future and be grateful of what you have...
  • Mm from Austin, TxIn this song who plays the violin?
  • Mm from Austin, TxHE has girl and he loses the girl the girl was a slut as in the lyics Bad moon white agian it means that the girl is a slut that is the best I can explain it
  • Simple from Chicago, IlGlycerine or Glycerol impacts the Thyroid Gland. I'm not sure if it has a positive or negative impact on the gland, so the song is referencing Glycerine to causing the problem or to being the cure. The Thyroid produces hormones essential for a healthy mind and body. The constant hormonal fluctuations produced by an inhibited Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) can cause one's mind and body to change within a single day. "Now you're here, now you're away." Its important that any symptoms associated with Hypothyroidism are treated ASAP. "Don't let the days go by... Could have been easier on you." Those in relationships with a person with such a condition can feel alone, because of the constant physical and psychological changes in the person they love and around all the time. "I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time." And worst of all, nobody wants to think they have such a condition, so fear in discussing it with the one you love is always a problem. "Our old friend fear, and you and me." Moral of the story, with all the waste in our water system today, definitely take your mind and body changes seriously, and take Thyroid hormones even if you only suspect a problem.
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeThis song was parodied on the Simpsons episode called "That 90's show". Homer sings a song called Margerine with the same style guitar and lyrical theme.
  • Tracy from Winchester, EnglandI thought this song was wrote about Gavin's ex Suze Demarchi not Jasmine Lewis?
  • Max from Leesburg, VaI like the stop and start guitar on it.
  • Eric from Knoxville, TnWhat does your body use for cellular metabolism? Glycerol. So does all life. Who provides it?
    "Don't let the days go by."
    Glycerine as it is also called is a suger alcohol. How do you make alcohol? Through a process of refinement. "Could have been easier on you." But you wouldn't have that "...beautiful taste."
    Don't let the days go by.
  • Wade from Sydney, AustraliaI love the diversity of this song. It can adapt to any situation in any stage of some one's life. It got voted as one of the top "gruge" songs i dont care what its voted i love it possible one of my top 3 favs!!!
  • Catherine from Sydney, AustraliaI love this song, this is so cliched but this song reminds me of an ex boyfriend, everytime I hear it I think of him, he introduced it to me and it became our song. When we were happy it was perfect, when we fought it was perfect and now we are over its still perfect, it was just us. It always takes me back to that time and place in my life. Very powerful song, love it.
  • Danielle from Cherry Hill, Njthis song is plane and simple. its not something you have to figure, its here to listen to. "everything gone white everythings grey now your here, now your away i dont want this, remember that ill never forget where your at dont let the days go by..." basically its summing up that negitive or positive never take anything for granit and nothing is what it seems. glycerine is fake tears, they use it in movies. the song is a never ending puzzle. im in love with it
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndto me the song means NOBODY is perfect even tho we try to be and maybe even start to believe our own lies... i think hes trying to say that just accept who you are even if others think ur strange...and even love can be life changing or in some case threatening...but just do the best you can and be happy..."dont let the days go by"... BE HAPPY WITH WHAT IS HANDED TO YOU IN LIFE!!!! u can only change and find out later how wrong u were to do this song!!!!
  • Dr. from Columbus, OhThis song is stupid and a great example of of the fact that todays musicians are lame-lame-lame.
    But somehow mainstream F.M. makes it a hit. Honestly it just doesn't go anywhere. Music is a celebration not a place to settle into a depression abyss. I check out the local scene and players today are way more advanced in technical & skill than when I started. But It seems rare when they use it. There's just to many people are lip syncing and being called an artist. I don't know why in todays generation that this is acceptable. I'd really like to hear a good rockin song again.
  • Coty from Springfield, Ohthis guy is smart:

    Glycerine is a chemical used to create false tears. I believe the song is about someone being false in a relationship he symbolizes it by the constant contradictions in the lyrics.
    - NAS8228, Aurora, CO
  • Ressie from Medford, OrTo end the little squabble of chord-stealing, this was best demonstrated to me at a Journey concert a few years back. The opening band needed to stall for a few minutes, so the guitarist and lead singer stayed onstage. The crowd was told to listen carefully, and the guitarist started into a Journey song with a basic 3chord progression. The singer sang a verse, and then suddenly switched to "With or without you" by U2...they changed between no less than ten songs, showing how such a variety of lyrics and emotions are conveyed from THE EXACT SAME FOUNDATION. Using the same chord progression is not "stealing a song" - sampling IS ripping off another band. There we go. Everyone better now?
  • Scott from Canton, OhGood song, but Jeez a lot of chicks have some serious boyfriend issues with it. Some of those comments are kinda freaking me out...If your with someone show them enough respect to love only them. Lost love can be hard, but you are doing you are your partner a serious injustice hanging on to the past.
  • Alexandra from Maui, HiWell, here is my story of this powerful song: One day my friend and I were playing around with her brother's CDs and found this song. We played it and at first I thought it was just a song. She loved it, but I wasn't convinced. Then on a church ski trip, I fell in love with this boy who had come along with a friend from my church. I tried so hard to get him to notice me(he was a great snoboarder so I tried extra hard to impress him with my own skills.) So nothing worked and then on the ride home, our driver turned on the radio and this song was on. We were on our way back and so was falling. Everything was beautiful, like a dream. I wanted to cry beacuse this song meant so much. I rarely see that boy, and everytime I hear this song I think about him. I guess I always will.
  • Raoul Duke from Here, CaThank you! To state that this song is a rip-off pf U2 is outrageous. Chances are U2 copied the chord progression from another song they liked, or just maybe they liked the way it sounded? This song is beautiful. Get over yourself and enjoy the damn song.
  • Joe from North Arlington, NjI really like this song, for its sound more than anything else,I never truly listened to the lyrics in depth but they seem emotional(in a good way). As for this song being a rip off of U2's "with or without you" or any other song, is ludicrous. The progression in this song has to be the most over used and abused progression in music. To say it was taken from a particular song doesn't make sense, the progression has been around long before U2.
  • E from Mtv, GaThis song reminds me alot of what Im goin through with this girl right now. "I didn't mind
    it's not my kind not my time to wonder why. everything's gone white and everything's grey" and "now your here now you away. I don't want this, remember that." reflects how shes there when she wants me but shes gone when she doesnt. "Don't let the days go by" is me telling myself to move on but something is still holding me back.

  • Jason from Des Moines, IaThis does not have the EXACT same chord progression as With or without you U2 is like D D6 a kinda C9 And a Sorta G
    Bush is all power chords F C D Bb
  • Jenn from Somewhere, Njthe first time i heard this song, i was with a guy that i was crazy about. we were kissing and he played it on repeat. he must have had some emotional attachment to the song. whenever i hear this song it makes me think of that day. and how badly i wanted to be with that guy.
  • Natalie from Americus, GaThis song means SOO much to me. I've been in love with this guy for 4 years. I moved away (unfortunately) very quickly and without any warning. When I hear this song it reminds me of him. Over the past 4 years I've had a serious boyfriend and a child. But this song reminds me of my lost love. It says "I needed you more, you wanted us less" I wanted him sooo bad and he never knew. "Could have been easier on you". He was in love with my best friend and ignored me, but I was still (and still am) completely in love with him. "Don't let the days go by" I haven't seen him in 4 years and I still think about him every day. I want to see him again and I would do anything to be with him.
  • Chris from Sydney, AustraliaThis is the single greatest song. It's mine and Vanessa's song <3
  • Callie from Lakeville, Mnthis song means so much to me. i loved it at a point in my life when i was going through depression. 'im never alone, im alone all the time'
  • Kayla from London, CanadaThis song is so incredible because it can mean so many things to different people. There are so many incredible different versus that touch and relate to many different people. When things are going bad for me, I listen to this song, it sort of helps. My favorite line is "I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time". Its how I feel alot of the time in the world we live in. There are so many fake people out there that I might as well be alone. No ones for real anymore, truthful to themselves. The poetry in this song is incredible and no matter how many times I listen to this song, i could never get sick of it. It is by far my favorite song
  • Linsey from Johannesburg, South Africasince i was 16 this was my absolute favourite song(im 22 now)but everythime i hear i hear it it reminds me of my real true love tom, we lst touch when he went to varsity but after 4 years we have got in touch again and things are great
  • Alexia from Toledo, OhWow, this song makes you think alot. It sounds like he doesn't want to the time to pass becuz he will no longer be with his g/f. When he was little mean to her She would take it way outa line." If I treated you bad you bruise my face" He just couldn't put up with it anymore.
  • David from Marysville, Mii first heard this song in 2002 and my ex fiance had just recently started crystal meth in secret and it reflected to me what she was going through in her head and in turn put me through later
  • Marjorie from Lausanne, SwitzerlandI really love this song. I first heard it when i was braking up with my ex-boyfriend. Now every time i hear this song it teminds me of him.. this song is so beautiful and so real when you listen to it you wonder why you didn't wrote it yourself... beautiful!
  • Scott from Springfield, OhOn December 9 1995 my daughter Victoria was stillborn. It was by far the worst day of my life. When I went out to the car for a cigarette, this song was playing.

    I cry absolutely every time I hear it, but at least it always reminds me of my little girl
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoI had always liked this song, and after reading through all your comments, I realized that this song totally describes my relation with my ex-girlfriend, and I understand all the stuff that went on during the relationship now. Wow, thanks songfacts ppl. Bush rocks!! P.S. ARe they still around?
  • Alex from Narberth, PaBush is an amazing inspirational band. I sang this song in front of my favorite people and it means a lot to me.
  • Billy from Sparta, NjRob from Santa w/e California, its a completely different song, both are excellent and original, enjoy it.
  • Jerry from Somerville, TnThis song is the best rock song ever and I cant believe Gwen was taken by him.
  • Sarah from Quito, South Americawhen i first heard this song, i thought it said "glistening". i never really knew what it meant till i read the lyrics though. but its such an awesome song. man, i love how he contradicts everything he says "everythings gone white, everythings grey" "now your hear, now your away" its like a relationship that one minute is good, then the next is crappy. "im never alone" like she is always there, then "im alone all the time" so even when she is there, its empty and its like hes talking to a hallow person. i love the part that says "i couldnt change though i wanted to" like he wants to make the relationship work, and he would do anything to make her happy, like its his fault it isnt working, but he cant change. depressing, but awesome song. and my heart goes out to Nicolina, man, i think its super brave of you to come on here and be able to say that to people, but its awesome that you have good memories of that guy. never forget him. and you never know, maybe you will see him again one day
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaI was trying to say that they also stole the drum beat from Soundgarden's 'Day I Tried to Live' for their song 'Comedown'.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaI can't believe that not one of you realizes that this song is a brazen rip-off of U2's 'With or Without You'. EXACT same chord progression in a higher key. You can sing either song's words with either song's track.

    This whole album was corporate rock at its most derivative. which they stole from Soundgarden's 'Day I Tried to Live'
  • Rebecca from Fire Realm (fairy World)i love this song by bush its so beautiful
  • Adeeb from Dhaka, Otherour old friend fear and you and me. crystal. wonderful song though.
  • Nicolina-maria from Cambridge, MaI lost a huge part of my life about two years back and I found out that he had died while I was listening to this song. Gylcerine had already had a huge impact on my life, as it basically summed up my relationship with him (Though I never saw it as a relationship-gone-sour was the lines "It must be your skin that I'm sinking in, it must be for real, 'cause now I can feel,And I didn't mind it's not my kind, not my time to wonder why" and "Couldn't love you more, you've got a beautiful taste" that really struck me) so when my best friend told me that we lost him, I found it beautifully ironic that it was playing. I absolutely love Bush...They have incredible lyrics and an even more incredible sound!
  • Justin from Rochester,newyork, NyMan this song.. just hurt's me everytime i listin to it, i love this song more then my fav song, by Tent Reznot, Something i can never have, and am crazy over that song! but as soon as i listined to this song it hit me..just as i started listining to the lyrics in it. It put me back when me and my grilfriend broke up after a long time of going out with her, knowing she never loved me, i loved her so much, but she never felt the same way about it as i did....
  • Jayne from Milford, CtEverytime I hear this song I just think about this old boyfriend I had, my first love...he broke my heart and on and off hell come back at the most random times...i love bush, their lyircs are so orignal..
  • Rej from Edmonton, CanadaGlycerine set the industry as the benchmark for purity and consistency... I think this song is about a relationship that is pure and a girl that is very dedicated to him. It has a happy tone to it.
  • Kyla from Fort Saskatchewan, CanadaI think this song is saying that he loves her so much, but she doesnt know what she wants so he has to let it go. with saying "now your here now your away" one minute she loves him and the next she doesnt. i think bush is the best band ever (gavin is beautifull) i feel bad for him , if i had a significant other who treated me as bad, i would have to write some serious poetry about it too..
  • Bob from Boca Raton, FlEverytime I get locked up the song "Trapped" goes through my head, but I can see how this one would work too Rebekah.
  • Heather from Mead, Nethis is my favorite song in the whole world. its so beautiful it makes me want to cry on a bad day. and it even makes me smile on a good day. i love the violin in the song when he says" i needed you more you wanted us less." its so beautiful.
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otherok after listening intently to the song i have to revise my previous statement. this song isn't like 'black' at all, in fact if i associate it with another song it would be 'good riddance(time of your life)' by green day.
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otheri don't think this song is about a happy love. it's more about someone who loves someone so much and wishes it could work between them but realizes that there's really no way it can, though not through lack of trying. it's kind of like a farewell, you know, a 'i hope you have a good life because i love you so much' song. kind of like 'black' by pearl jam, only less depressing.
  • Ak from Reston, Vai really love this song... it has a lot of deep meaning. i try to write poetry a lot and i am always amazed by bush's lyrics, especially for this song. this song sums up all these emotions that i wish i could put into words but never seem to be able to. im jealous :)
  • Brittany from Superior, CoThe acoustic version of this song is even more powerful. This is such a great song. So many people can relate to it and it's always stuck in my head. My favorite line is "I'm never alone. I'm alone all the time".
  • Cristina from Indianapolis, InCan anyone explain the music video to me?
  • Nas8228 from Aurora, CoGlycerine is a chemical used to create false tears. I believe the song is about someone being false in a relationship he symbolizes it by the constant contradictions in the lyrics.
  • Leesha from Perth, AustraliaGlycerine, the chemical used for medicines, perfume and the preservation of food is also used in the making of explosives. I think this was the perfect simile in summarising the relationship he was in with his girlfriend at the time: one second everything was fine...perfume, the next it was war... explosives.
  • Jerica from Springtown, TxThis song has a major history w/me. I'm 1 of those ppl that deal w/their problems & emotions w/songs-so many songs have personal relevance 2 me. My boyfriend (who was my best friend at the time this happened) burned a CD w/songs that, 4 the most part, were on there 2 "mess w/my head." So he puts it. He was trying 2 make me realize things & this song definitely messed w/my head.
  • Stephanie from Port Rexton Nf, CanadaI think this song means a lot to me.Every time I listen to it, it remindes me of my old boyfriend and the way I felt about him. This Song is the best!!
  • Rebekah from Prince George, VaEverytime I get locked up this song runs through my head. I always try to do the right thing but it always f--ks up some how. " I couldn't change thought I wanted to." I'd have to say that that part sticks with me the most...
  • Rebekah from Prince George, VaI'm not going to say what I think he meant in the song, because I not in his brain. But I will leave what I think... To me its about when you've found somebody but its not right. Everythings wonderful then its all screwed up. And you can't change even thought you wanted it to. " I couldn't change though I wanted to."
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