Minnie the Moocher

Album: The Hi-De-Ho Man (1931)
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  • Folks, here's a story 'bout Minnie the Moocher
    She was a red-hot hoochie-coocher
    She was the roughest, toughest frail
    But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale

    Ho-dee ho-dee ho-dee ho (ho-dee ho-dee ho-dee ho)
    Hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hi (hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hi)
    Hee-dee-hee-dee-hee-dee-hee (hee-dee-hee-dee-hee-dee-hee)
    Ho-dee ho-dee ho-dee ho (ho-dee ho-dee ho-dee ho)

    Now she messed around with a bloke named Smokey
    She loved him though was cokey
    He took her down to Chinatown
    He showed her how to kick the gong around (showed her how to kick the gong around)

    Ho-dee ho (ho-dee ho)
    Hi-dee hi-hi (hi-dee hi-hi)
    Wa-dee wee-bo (wa-dee wee-bo)
    Ho-dee ho-dee, ho (ho-dee ho-dee, ho)

    Now she had a dream about the King of Sweden
    He gave her things that she was needin'
    He gave her a home built of gold and steel
    A diamond car with a platinum wheel

    Wa-dee wee-woo di-way (wa-dee wee-woo di-way
    Ohh baby (ohh)
    Ohh baby, ooh ooh (ohh baby, ooh ooh)
    Ho-dee ho (ho-dee ho)

    Now he gave her his townhouse and his racing horses
    Each meal she ate was a dozen courses
    She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes
    And she sat around and counted them all a million times

    Ho-dee ho-dee (ho-dee ho-dee)
    Oh Minnie (oh Minnie)
    woo di-way (woo di-way)
    Ho-ho (woah doh)

    Poor Min, poor Min, poor Min Writer/s: Cab Calloway, Clarence Gaskill, Irving Mills
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Fanfrank from Charlotte, NcI was reading to see why Minnie was called a Moocher. That was apparently just to give her a description that started with the first letter of her name.
  • Kyle from GeorgiaThe original song is called the "Willie the Weeper" and his dream royalty is the "Queen of Sheba", you know from the bible, so when the gender changed with Minnie they needed it to still rhyme hence the "King of Sweden".
  • Curt from Norfolk, VaI imagine the king of Sweden was chosen because it rhymes with the next lyric, “He gave her things she was needin’ “
  • Ray Connell from Auckland, NzWhy is the King of Sweden particularly chosen for mention?
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