Corporal Jigsore Quandary

Album: Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious (1991)
  • Excised and anatomised, deviscerated disarray
    The torso diverged with pride
    Deftly amputated, evulsed limbs now defunct
    The trunk imbrued, tatty stumps used as lugs
    For a chondrin puzzle so quaint
    Head and body decollate
    A heaving mass so quiescent...

    Scattered and scrambled, your teasement grows
    - A bloody caricature to make whole
    A squirming grisly jigsaw, detrital fragments fit so snug
    - That missing piece will leave you stumped
    Totally desassembled, nicely sliced and diced
    - A cold mannequin once resembled
    Real cranium teaser, carved from flesh and bone
    - So mystifying...

    Battered and diffused, with placating blows
    - A human jigsaw to make whole
    A sequacious pattern which once fitted so snug
    - Joining together each dubious lump
    Ravaged disassembly, neatly cubed and diced
    - A cold mannequin reassembled
    Astute brain teaser, incorporate flesh and bone
    So mortifying...

    An incessant game - methodically made
    With each cumulative piecing - of commensated meat...

    Bi-manual reconstruction, eldritch problem complete
    A convented effigy
    A pathological toy, each chunk rigorously
    Inter mortis locking, as you pathogenically rot
    Such a perplexing task
    To fit the remains in the casket
    Uliginous mess so quiescent...

    [Lead: Human Jigsaw by W.G. Steer]
    [Lead: A heaving organic puzzle by M. Amott]

    An incessant game - methodically made
    With each cumulative piece - of commensated meat... Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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