Album: The Road To Hell (1989)
Charted: 69
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  • Warm winds blowing
    Heating blue sky
    And a road that goes forever

    Been thinking 'bout it lately
    Been watching some TV
    Been looking all around me
    And what has come to be
    Been talking to my neighbor
    And he agrees with me
    It's all gone crazy

    Well, my wife returns from taking
    My little girl to school
    She got beads of perspiration
    As she tries to keep her cool
    She says, "That mess, it don't get no better
    There's gonna come a day
    Someone's gonna get killed out there"
    And I turn to her and say, "Texas"
    She says, "What?"
    I said, "Texas"
    She says, "What?"
    They got big long roads out there

    Warm winds blowing
    Heating blue sky
    And a road that goes forever
    I'm going to Texas

    (Two, three)

    We gotta get outta here
    We gotta get outta here

    Well, I got a little brother
    Several meters high
    Yeah, he's built just like a quarterback
    And he swears he'll testify
    He says he's been to Texas
    And that's the only place to be
    Big steaks, big girls, no trouble
    Yeah, that's the place for me

    I'm going to Texas
    Yeah, yeah
    Oh, I'm going to Texas
    Yeah, yeah
    I'm going to Texas

    Watch me walking
    Watch me walking
    Watch me walking
    Yeah, yeah

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  • Barbara from Austin TexasI moved here 30 years ago after moving around alot. I was looking for a place where people could live together with a sense of unity . I found it here. I try to promote it every day. We've got to live together.
  • Charles A Texan from Central Texas Cedar ParkWhatever you think about Texas it’s better I’ll put it up against any imagination the person who wrote this explicative could come up with. All of God’s people come from or get to Texas at sometime in their life
  • Livassao from The WorldIt's about leaving old DDR, East Germany and move to Texas
  • Rick James from Pensacola, FlWhy does Chris Rea have two completely different songs called “Texas “?
  • Rockwall Texan from TexasLove the song, but not the comment above saying it's violent and poison. TEXAS is incredible. As with most places it is diverse and depends where you visit. It is to big too describe, and unless a person takes years to explore it one really can't understand it.
    Texas like no other place on earth,, Texas thats the place to be!
  • Tejano from Texaa It’s not about an English bloke ya limey, it’s a Deutschlander in Deutschland. Look at the video .
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