Green Eyes

Album: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002)
  • Honey you are a rock
    Upon which I stand
    And I come here to talk
    I hope you understand

    That green eyes
    Yeah the spotlight, shines upon you
    And how could anybody deny you

    I came here with a load
    And it feels so much lighter
    Now I met you
    And honey you should know
    That I could never go on without you
    Green eyes

    Honey you are the sea
    Upon which I float
    And I came here to talk
    I think you should know

    That green eyes
    You're the one that I wanted to find
    And anyone who tried to deny you
    Must be out of their mind

    Because I came here with a load
    And it feels so much lighter
    Since I met you
    And honey you should know
    That I could never go on without you

    Green eyes
    Green eyes
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh

    Honey you are the rock
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Comments: 26

  • Abby from Chicago, IlMy boyfriend and I met when he was going through a really dark time in his life, and I helped him come out of it, so we consider this our song (I have green eyes btw.) Now whenever I'm feeling down, he serenades me with this song making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world :) Needless to say this is my favorite Coldplay song.
  • Prashant from Kathmandu, NepalOf course,, that comment just really ticked me off. Brilliant song, like the rest of Coldplay, love the way that their songs always sound so pure! Nothing can beat these guys for raw talent, it is brilliant....
  • Elizabeth from West Bridgewater, MaGreen eyes are more rare than blue or brown eyes. The song could have reference to uniqueness in the one he loves. "Anyone who tried to deny you must be out of their mind" could be saying that anyone who didn't accept that person because they were different was wrong.
  • Holly from Syracuse, NyYeah, well he sure did perform it live on August 3, 2009 at the MA comcast center and even better, he played it on a tiny little stage that was set up in the back of the audience where him and the other 3 were like inches from eachother...I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT PERFORMANCE, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!
  • Mckenna from Logan, UtThis song is so pretty.... it makes me happy to have green eyes! :)
  • Noah from Galesburg, IlI feel that this is Coldplay's most underrated song--I can't understand why it wasn't released as a single!
  • Susan from Airdrie, -Too funny. I was at their concert in Calgary, AB last night & they played this. Awesome. Totally, totally awesome.
  • Adrian from Gettysburg, PaThis is an awesome song with a swinging, old rock 'n roll feel to it. Of course if I were relating it to my wonderful woman, the song would be called "Brown Eyes."
  • Jessica from Melbourne, Australiaok guys hate to break it to you...but in an intimate show (50 people) at the Opera House in Sydney about 6 years ago - when Chris was asking for requests from the audience and someone yelled out Green Eyes - Chris said he cant play it because "it is about the wrong person". It was recorded for max sessions. But yes they have been playing it on their viva la vida tour to my delight!
  • Jourdan from East Lansing, Migreat song. and they definitely play it live. they played it for the encore in chicago on their viva la vida tour.
  • Julia from Münster, GermanySeptember 8, 2008 - submitted by Matt, Australia

    Q. Is it true the song Green Eyes was written about a cat?

    The Oracle replies:

    It isn't true no. I think maybe someone is pulling your leg, unless you are pulling mine. It was actually written about 2 people, one of whom is Jonny.

    (taken of
  • Josh from Torontoomg im listening to it now and i have like the cut version lol i put it on top volume cuz i can hardly hear it, and then all of a sudden Love in an Elevator-Aerosmith is blasting in my, best Coldplay song, that's not saying much for me
  • Nik from Banning, CaMy boyfriend doesn't know it, but I think this could be "his song" because I have green eyes, and he's grown so much in the three years we've been together. He does love this CD, and his favorite song is "Clocks" because he heard it on the radio when we were first going out (I found out later).
  • Melissa from Newtown, Paomg the swetest song ever! it makes me want green eyes. =D
  • Sada from Cleveland, OhI saw Coldplay at the Cleveland show of their Twisted Logic tour, and I'm pretty sure I remember them playing this song. Furthermore,
    states that Green Eyes is one of the songs they commonly played during their "acoustic" set during that tour.

    Also, according to the offical Coldplay website, "Green Eyes" is **not** written for Chris' cat. The website states that he has denied it was written about a former lover, and that this rumor has nothing to do with the fact it is infrequently played in concert.

    Chris Martin has stated "That's about an American friend of mine who looked after me when I was being a bit of an idiot."
  • Miguel from Oporto, Portugal?Green eyes? isn't about a girl. In fact, Chris Martin wrote it for his best friend Johnny Buckland. He tells about how his life got better since they met each other and how strong their friendship became. "I think that you should know that, green eyes (Johnny), you're the one that I wanted to find. And anyone who tried to deny you must be out of their mind (Johnny has never had a solid relationship, Chris once referred). Cause I came here with a load and it feels so much lighter since I met you. And honey you should know that I could never go on without you"..... "Honey, you are a rock upon which I stand" (great friendship)..... "The spotlight shines upon you" (Chris constantly comments on the fact that he does not consider himself handsome; he says that Johnny is more good-looking; moreover, he said a couple of times that Johnny is so much better than himself in every aspect and that he was the best person he ever knew) And when performing ?Green Eyes? live, it can be clearly seen that Chris is singing for Johnny. Hear the song once more and you'll notice what I am trying to get to. And even though it was written as a song about strong friendship, the most important is the hugeness of the feeling and not the feeling itself. That?s why I think that ?Green Eyes? can, and always will, be considered a love song. Anyway, my view is that this is the best song ever written. (Miguel Salgueiro, Portugal)
  • Pianogodd from New Boston, Txthis song uses the same chords as smelly cat on freinds!
  • Heather from Pennsville, NjI saw them last Saturday, and he gave the audience the choice of playing either Green Eyes or Don't Panic, then he said "whichever audience member... says 'Green Eyes' the lou... whichever audience member says 'Green Eyes" wins because we're gonna play 'Green Eyes'".
  • Patty from Hemet, CaI actually just saw them in San Diego and they performed Green Eyes! It was amazing of course!
  • Mark from Guildford, EnglandColdplay songs are too slow and soporific for my liking. If you like Coldplay, why not challenge yourself a little and try listening to The Fall?
  • Peter from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMany girls i've liked and afterwards loved have green eyes, so when the song came out it was my anthem haha. Love the song AND the band.
  • Aja from Gloucester, Mamakes me feel good to have green eyes.
  • Peter from Montrose, DcI really like this song, I really like this whole album it is so solid. Coldplay is amazing.
  • Dominik from Zurich, SwitzerlandTo "victor, ben wheeler, TX": why do you think it's Martin's cat? I haven't heard anyone calling their cat "honey" and say to them "I come here to talk / I hope you understand"...
  • Victor from Ben Wheeler, Txno. this song was written for his cat that passed away.
  • Andrea A from Shy-town, Ilthis is a beautiful song. too bad he doesn't play it live anymore.
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