Swansong For A Raven

Album: Nymphetamine (2004)
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  • Forgive the day's
    Last serenades
    Her skies they bruise like Nordic women
    Deep crimson stains
    That Death would claim
    His robes of office swim in

    As would I
    For his dark eye
    Has fixed, a basilisk, a scythe
    On charred remains
    With shared disdain
    For those I chose to mortify

    Their cries
    Have paralysed
    And the smoke has choked these vistas
    But still I lie
    Though tears have died
    On the grave of my Clarissa

    A verse for her whispered to the earth
    (A lover's curse is a see-through coffin)
    Praises her curves so oft concurred

    Though she wasâ?¦
    No Snow White on the night she died
    Her shadower's boon when the moon glazed over
    Lipped with blood and secrets pried

    For on and in they spread her wide
    That seraph bride
    The Devil's pride
    Shalt soon avenge with swift reprise

    But they would writhe
    For my dark eye
    Bewitched, was fixed like Mordecai's
    On Esther's reign
    And in this vein
    I saw their lust still stain her thighs

    Their cries
    Have paralysed
    And the smoke has choked these vistas
    But still I lie
    Though tears have died
    On the grave of my Clarissa

    Beneath these trees where the mist enwreathes
    Her spirit flees, seeing chains of torches
    A fleeting kiss stirring leaves of poetryâ?¦

    I wasâ?¦
    No dark knight, breaking men like ice
    I was like a lycanthrope until the moon glazed over
    Lipped with blood and last goodbyes

    Now I dream
    Enwrapt in pure clouds of the sweetest oblivion
    Where beauty streams
    Freed from the teeth of those beasts that had come
    To tear out her spells
    In red lettered cells
    Wherein even the crown prince of Hell
    Come out of his arrogant shell
    Would falter to better

    But her face soon dispels
    And as black feathers fell
    From heaven's smoke
    So I woke to insanity
    Her exquisite corpse
    Found fit for their sport
    Of course
    Would burn on the morrow with meâ?¦

    And there on this night
    Strung up in my sight
    Naked she sways
    Displayed for their vulgar delight

    I scream through my bars at the stars
    That for these crimes of mine solace me
    I will fear not the flames
    That to passion are tame
    Not nearly the same searing pain
    (I pray) As held sway upon losing her
    Nor the mettle of roars
    That will settle like ashes and scores
    As with our ghosts in the fog
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  • DemyThe song has now a new sequel : Sisters of the Mist from the album Existence is Futile, as a bonus track.
  • Rayne from Douglasville, GaErr...Cody, I must disagree with you on one thing. Being like a lycanthrope does not make you one. It's a simile. He was brutal, he was animalistic, he was cruel. He killed the men of god, the guys that raped and left her ghost in the fog, but he is not a werewolf; he was merely like one.

    Although in Her Ghost In The Fog, he went down to the village and burned down the church, with all the people still inside. So, he might have gotten arrested for that.

    The dream part is more of: After I got arrested, or right after the kill, I day-dreamed that I was with her, her beauty the splendor of roses and whatnot. I'm caught, and her body is hung up for the entertainment of all.

    I digress from my original point. Being like something doesn't make you that thing.
  • Atreyu from Nevermindthat, WyThe song begins restating what happened before and how he avenged Clarissa. Then he's dreaming about her safe, "Freed from the teeth of those beasts that had come", but he wakes back to reality where he is in prison (for taking his revenge) and to be burned the next day, along with Clarissa's body. The body in question is strung up for him, and everyone else, to see. It ends with him unafraid of his fate because there is no way that be burned could be more painful than the agony he face when they took her away from him.
  • Cody from Front Royal, Vahe did kill the men but he was captured by the other villagers for he is nopt a man hes a lycanthrope (i was like a lycanthrope until the moon glazed over) but he changed back to a man and then was captured and the men unduig clarissas body and "used" it for sick needs and hung it before the man who sleeps in his cell dreaming of being with her again and then awakens for tomorrow he burns at the stake along with his love clarissa boy
  • Steven from Haverhill, Englandi think that he burnes himself and clarissa's body so she isnt raped by the men of god anymore
  • Dj from Prarie Village, Kshow do u all know this stuff is there videos for this or something
  • Wardy from Kingswinford, Englandi agree with travis but i think he didnt kill THE people, or he doesnt believe he did, and when clarissa's corpse is used for "sport" (possibly necrophilia) he cant take it any more and commits suicide
  • Lonnie from Houston, Txi believe that, he was imprisoned because he was thought to have killed Clarissa, but only he and the men of god know the truth, so he goes on to die. ha ha, dani 's gonna di!
  • Paul from Otter Lake, MiMy favorite part of this song (allong with all Cradle songs) is the way Dani describes things. For instance, "Her skies they bruise like Nordic women" just to say it was a little cloudy that day. And the lyric "Breaking men like ice" is just to cool for words.
  • Jess from LiverpoolWhy is he in jail if he never burned them?
  • Travis from Nashville, Tni don't think it was all just a dream. he was having a nightmare and remembering that night and awoke to his cell where he was imprisoned for killing the men of "god" and being a witch. just my opinion.
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