Black Cloud

Album: The Gift Of Game (1999)
  • Now people say I'm jinxed
    I got some kind of voodoo hex
    Life is so complex
    There's no telling what could happen next
    Life on the edge,
    Fuels the sickness in my head
    It embeds the type of thoughts
    That got a lot of brothers dead
    The smarter brother knows
    To keep his foes close
    And I'm the type of brothers
    That smarter than most
    A cold hearted overdose
    Of lyrical antidotes
    The cure to make sure
    My karma can't take me down
    Up to the same old tricks
    I wonder if I'll stick around

    Is a penny really lucky
    If you find it on the ground?
    I can't figure it out
    My karma crashing down
    In the form of a black cloud

    [Chorus: x2]
    I've got a little black cloud,
    That follows me
    Everywhere I go
    It takes over me

    I'm sick
    I've got an ill disposition
    My intentions are pure
    But there's a cure for my condition
    My decisions
    Put me in the wrong positions
    Chasing pipe dreams
    Of fame and recognition
    The Epic
    Not only a name
    A definition
    My game remains no matter the pain
    I stay a charmer
    The Don of Karma
    I navigate like the Dalli Lama
    I ain't a saint
    But I've got joi de vie
    And I'm the one to blame
    If the cloud rains on me
    I can't complain about it
    Or even let regret
    Provoke the energy it takes
    For me to get upset

    A bad boy since birth
    So I can't forget
    what goes around
    Comes around
    And it ain't got me yet
    I've gotten wise in my age
    And tame the treat of my rage
    I've got allot to learn
    And I've got money to spend
    To pretend is reaping more
    Than sewing ever could mend


    Trade my torches for a dime
    Black cloud's lifted for the light
    The pressure's fading away now
    A thousands cigarettes
    Won't change the way we feel
    The pressure's fading now
    Can you bare the though of knowing truth?
    Knowing truth?

    I was rapping in the rain
    Hoping that my luck would change
    And if there's any truth
    To all those all sayings
    'Cause if I kill a spider
    Would my house catch on fire?
    If I walk under a ladder
    Would it matter?
    I tend to laugh
    When a black cats cross my path
    Break mirrors in half
    Just to test the aftermath
    Now here comes the rain
    I protect my pain
    Trying to make sense
    Of these crazy things
    I'm a diamond in the rough
    Could I suffer enough?
    I'm getting high for a living
    Not giving a fuck
    These hard times got me stuck
    Stuck in a jam
    Took time to master this
    And the past
    Is just a map to capture this
    In the darkness
    I'm force to adapt to this
    I would change the past
    If I could have one wish

    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mara from Las Vegas, NvBlack Cloud is CXT's best song to date. This song is about how depression can set in and it can destroy everything you have, including you. It is bout taking the wrong path, and realizing it, and then getting better. This song shows how all the guys are getting off the drug path and going the right way, and the whole album reflects that. I am not sure this is what they meant, but it is how i interpreted it.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThis, in my opinion, is one of Crazy Town's best songs because it is actually talking about something besides sex or just bragging about themselves like they usually do.
  • Corky from Mymom, Ksmakes me think about they are either singing about drugs and thoughts on their minds
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