Plug Tunin'

Album: 3 Feet High and Rising (1988)
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  • And now for my next number
    I'd like to return to the classics
    Perhaps the most famous classic
    In all the world of music

    The first time around you didn't quite
    Understand our new style of speak
    (Don't worry, we can fix that right now)
    So, why don't you all just grab your bags?
    (Come on aboard, hoist the anchor and we'll be off)

    Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two
    Plug one, plug two, plug one

    Answering any other service
    Prerogative praised, positively I'm acquitted
    Enemies publicly shame my utility
    After the battle they admit that I'm with it

    Simply soothe, will move vinyl like glue
    Transistors are never more shown with like
    When vocal flow brings it all down in ruin
    Due to a clue of a naughty noise called, 'Plug tunin''

    Flock to the preacher called Pos
    Let him be the stir to the style of your stew
    Sit while the kid of the plug form aroma
    Then grab a daisy to sip your favorite brew

    Lettin' this soul fire be your first prior
    But don't let the kick drum stub your big toe
    See that the three will be your thread
    But like my man Chuck D said, ?What a brother know?

    Dance while I play and the cue cards sway
    From my flower girls China and Jette
    The button is pressed in '89 we'll start the panic
    From De La Soul and a prince from stet

    Negative noise will be all divided
    Dangerous to dance, Posdnuos will croon
    Ducks and kizids will all be rid
    When paying position to the naughty noise called, 'Plug tunin''

    Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two
    Plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two

    Freeze, 'cause these are the brothers
    Brothers of the soul who present a new flick
    Every last viewer is tuned to the method
    Known to be a method, no magicians, not a trick

    Bitten by the spoken who been titled plug two
    Swallowed by the loonies who are jealous with the showbiz
    Dove'll teach the truth, Posdnuos will preach the youth
    To the fact that this will bring an end to the negative

    Flow to the sway 'cause I say, ?Fa So La Ti?
    At the top we will dwell
    Difference is fame and we rise then we build
    Where we are set we get fat and we swell

    Motions of the soul is a positive stride
    One step forward is the space we consume
    Vivid as the moon, you have yet to assume
    How the soul found the motto of a naughty noise called, 'Plug tunin''

    Vocal is local so believe that
    This chant shan't rely on the strong lap
    Trying and live so you best realize
    That the gift that I present, I say gift wrap

    Style of the tune is personal
    And defining what's the rhyme is worst of all
    Stop, sit and study 'cause the meaning isn't muddy
    Just preach and do the gear as the first of all

    Watch while the pitcher is pitching
    'Cause this is the pitch of the year
    Sing a simple song but keep the swing strong
    Though you heard dove crying 'I ain't fair'

    Those who think De La's on the flip tip
    Try to flip this and you're doomed
    Watch for the be be, 'cause if you try to grieve me
    You'll be hung by the wire of the plug tune

    I can't twist your arm and make you stay with me
    (Are you ready for this?) Writer/s: David Jolicoeur, Kelvin Mercer, Paul Huston, Vincent Lamont Mason
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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