Chicken Farm

Album: Frankenchrist (1985)
  • Another rainy morning mingling at the market
    Bartering for food for another day
    Rifle shots ring out behind the crumbling buildings
    Executions have begun

    Sprawled in the square are today's broken bodies
    Lots to pick clean if you're first and quick
    Rift through their pockets, peel off their clothes
    To wear or sell when you wash out the blood

    Run my little brother
    Run to the chicken farm
    Opportunity is calling
    You might even find a watch

    We're going down
    To the chicken farm

    Napalm rains no more
    But the war goes on
    Little brother died playing at the dump today
    He found a new toy and held it up proud
    Then it blew him to bits

    How many more children
    Will be killed or die at birth
    Deformed by Agent Orange
    In our food chain forever more
    We're going down
    To the chicken farm
    This time we'll buy our way out
    I've got a plan; you wait and see
    I smuggled you this map
    In the gash I sliced in my thigh
    I hope I'm there to join you, love
    We're blown to bits one by one in this camp
    We crawl shaking through the fields at gunpoint all day
    To defuse leftover landmines-by hand
    We shiver on the deck and stiffen for the worst
    If the pirates come around we might as well be dead
    We'll be thrown in the sea
    Or butchered if we're women
    All in the name of gold
    One foot in a land we can barely understand
    Can't speak the tongue of Yankee hospitality
    Our kids at school get beat up
    To the tune of "Boat people, go home"

    Sliced with a machete
    From the breast of our homeland
    Our new world tries to spit us out
    But it sure beats the chicken farm Writer/s: Darren Henley, Eric Reed Boucher, Geoffrey Lyall, Raymond John Pepperelle
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Don from San Antonio, TxMy favorite song on this album!
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