Change (In The House of Flies)

Album: White Pony (2000)
Charted: 53
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  • I watched you change
    Into a fly
    I looked away
    You're on fire
    I watched a change in you
    It's like you never had wings
    And you feel so alive
    I have watched you change

    I took you home
    Set you on the glass
    I pulled off your wings
    Then I laughed
    I watched a change in you
    It's like you never had wings
    Now you feel so alive
    I have watched you change

    It's like you never had wings
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah

    I look at the cross
    And I look away
    Give you the gun
    Blow me away

    I watched a change in you
    It's like you never had wings
    Now you feel so alive
    I have watched you change
    And you feel alive
    You feel alive
    You feel alive
    I have watched you change
    It's like you never had wings

    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah
    Anh, ahah

    You change
    You change
    You change Writer/s: Abe Cunningham, Chi Cheng, Chino Camilo Moreno, Stephen Carpenter
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 40

  • Jen from Somewhere FabulousThis song is from an abuser to his abused. He is upset by his partner’s transformation, by his partner’s newfound confidence. He is pissed because she has found her way and is leaving him behind, and he tries to bring his partner down to keep her, but she’s still gone. Then, on some level, he realizes he is a piece of s--t due to society and, specifically, religion, and he wants to die.
  • AnonymousIt is about BTK, in POV
  • Elliot from IowaI feel this song is about watching someone u love turn into a hole different person In a negative way
  • Cloudy from CaliforniaI like to think of this song as getting out of an abusive relationship, and the abuser is angered seeing the victim heal. “I watch you change, into a fly.” The abuser is watching the victim get away from the relationship, and tries to get the victim back. “I pulled off your wings, then i laughed.” Its like the abuser had trapped the victim from escaping, but later on the victim escapes again. “Now you feel so alive.” The abuser is seeing the victim heal from everything. Thats how I view it, since ive been through something like this.
  • Daniela from RockawayThe meaning of this song is something we will never truly get. Sure you can take it literally or you can analyze it. But what about a meaning that relates to the listener? When i listen to a song it makes it so much more meaningful to me when i think about my own experiences. When i put my headphones in and listen to this song, if its waking in the high school hallway or drive. "i feel so alive" i feel exactly that. I suffer from a dissociation disorder so the satisfaction of feeling alive is the greatest feeling. I picture myself looking in front of a mirror with tears in my eyes. Finally releasing the tears i could never cry out. Looking in the mirror with sadness and anger. I always try to picture something i wish of doing. After getting addicted to substances living in a foster home away from my mom. I don't have anyone but myself for the most part. "I've watched you change", yes i have. I watched myself change through the abuse and stress. "its like you never", no i have never been this way. "give you the gun, blow me away", i give myself the gun and please my thoughts. The best feeling is finding yourself in someones music, its what keeps me alive. Why would you care anyway i'm writing this in English class with nothing else to do. I hope you
  • Mike from PennsylvaniaWhen I listened to this song I heard a lot of spiritual symbolism and then when my mind was renewed myself I was able to put things together. Like I watched the change in you like you never had ways. Now you feel so alive. Rather it's a lover or a friend it's like they witnessed them become born in Christ and leave their evil ways behind them. Then out of ignorance start persecuting them. I say that because why say I look at the cross then I look away like even though we're all without excuse they chose to deny. The good news is that coming into relationship with God and being in Christ has nothing to do with self righteousness and no matter the weapons formed against someone in Christ they don't prosper because the enemy of all of us is not flesh and blood and all people in Christ or not will pass from death to Life when it's all said and done.
  • Seeker from SurroundedI took this song as a metaphor for how we never feel more alive than when were near death. Its funny how your perspective changes. Hyper aware of mortality, having gained profound appreciation for all the things normally taken for granted, we beg for more time. Its like that movie Click. I also thought of this song as some kind of screwed up dude from criminal minds or something who thinks hes doing his victims a favor, that by torturing them hes giving them the gift of a renewed, greater appreciation for life. Who knows..... maybe it's a mix of more than one idea.... maybe it's just random words somebody put together.
  • Jud Boggess from Brundwick Ohio Hell WholeSay what you want. Make your self feel great. Weather or not you really did it, its definitely about taking someone beautiful n amazing, n rare n just for the duck of it, just cuz you could cuz she liked you so much, you not only ruined her, meth, crack, boy, all of it, n then when she was so sick instead of helping her get her life back, you " pulled her wings off " ruining her life for ever just cuz you could, I'm 49, did it a few times n feel horrible about it but I own it n at the time its who I was.
    If you keep pretending it's just a song it might be worse, maybe it is, I'm not always right but the lyrics are so perfect if I would get a mil. To guess if it happened or not, it def. Happened,
    Great song, own it n appologise or tell me I'm a pos lol I never judge, I've done worse but it's been 20 years, change for the better n it's all ok. Get it,
    " change " lol
  • Jenessa from Granbury, TxThe song is simply about watching a loved one (whether it be a romantic partner, friend, or family member) change negatively and how it's one of the most heartbreaking things you'll ever see in your life. I agree with what Misanthropic Messiah commented.
    (On a more personal note this was the song that introduced me to this amazing band in 2007 and I've been a fan ever since. It's a wonderful song and all but it's hard to listen to because I watched my favorite uncle change negatively as well as my first best friend ever and it hurts like **** sometimes.)
  • Misanthropic Messiah from Los Angelesit's about introducing a person you care about to hard drugs and watching them change negatively before your eyes. You blame yourself for what they are becoming and can hardly remember how beautiful they once were. They feel so alive in their haze, but you know the truth: It's like they never had wings. Most people can forgive their own self destructive natures to a degree, but watching a friend's decline (especially if you played a part in introducing them to it) is a heavy burden.
  • Joseph Trexler from Jensen Beach, FlI'm not a huge fan of the song, its good, but it was never at the top of my playlist. I think I seen the video years and years ago, so I don't remember it, either... BUT, the only thing I wanted to add is that flies, in a lot of other 'art' forms or whatever, usually symbolize death, and of course, change. Maggots eat away at dead corpses, change to flies, etc. Thats all I had.. Lol, not much insight, but that's all I had.
  • Jennifer from Rhode IslandIn my version I do believe as well, the female is innocent and naive.... and introduced to a new, fun corrupt world That is VERY exciting and out of her realm. It's dangerous but you make that exception. As much as he feels (maybe love as well)... he will never understand the depth of THAT PAIN. Their worlds have been too different for too long.
  • Jennifer from Rhode IslandI also first heard this song from Queen of the Damned. But didn't become a HUGE fan until another 3 years or so. White Pony is my favorite album and this song means to me is: With some love, especially love at first sight... it can be addicting. You can be very blindsided, but one thing is for sure it will inevitably destroy one person. So once you realized that so much has changed....even you. You realize that you can be so broken and addicted to the person it's easier to just give them the gun. They changed and will go on but...They've stolen everything from you anyways. Kind of like, "Lucky You."
  • Stacey from Yonkers, NyIt's about a guy who introduces a girl to drugs and she gets addicted, which changes (and corrupts her) for life.
  • Terry from Tempe, AzVid starts with footage of house, after a party; it starts where the party ends
    What would you find in such filth? Flies, all over everything.
    Story starts when Chino hooks up with a girl after a concert; she was just a kid a few yrs ago;a kid he had a close innocent bond with;

    he suspects she's a virgin and doesn't want to corrupt her because it's just not any girl;
    this innocent girl came to see his show, and she's completely thrilled with excitement, maybe from drugs,from the show, and she doesn't want to stop she wants to take the next step from adolescence into the world, and she wants Chino to show her how, and doesn't stop begging until he relents, taking her back to his house party

    which is rockin; people are wall-to-wall; he finds a more secluded room and gets high, she follows; they laugh,joke around,play around, things get heavy, and her virginity throws him off at a moment, becuz up to that point he was ignoring the voice in the back of his mind, in his amphetamine-induced stupor, so he jokes about it
    after they hookup, chino makes the rounds to say hey to everyone, loses track
    of his lil friend, maybe sees her now and then, looks like she's hitting it off,getting her
    fill. Until after everyone leaves. He's surveying the damage, cursing how people are such pigs, soaks up some vomit with a towel, follows a trail of trash into a back room, and there she is,
    slumped against the wall in a corner with cans and chip bags, maybe someone drew on her face, left her for dead, because now she is dead

    she wasn't any of this,nothing like the people who do this to her,until tonight
    she became a fly, gorging herself on the orgy drug and sex filth

    the party's over, all you find are flies, and this girl, and her flies;
    he wishes she had realized what he did to her, and used an actual gun on him,
    and written his joke as an epitaph,
    because what he did, he may as well have pulled a trigger;chino will never forgive himself;her memory constantly haunts him
  • Ashwing from Everywhere, MsIt is a sad illustration of what happens when we give someone a piece of our soul, sacraficing our love and lives for another's personal growth and accomplishment ... like nurtufing a hurt bird and then having to suffer seeing it fly away ... leaving us to wallow in the bitterness and resentment of our selfish lonliness and unrequited desire to own someone else's happiness at the expense of our own.
  • Kaylah from Stoneville, Ncthis song is sexy in a dark way, like in Queen of the Damned. My favorite part is when he talks about the gun; idk y, but i picture him all emo and stuff at "give you the gun, and" and then grinning as he says "blow me away"....AHH i love it :)
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --Ayria covered this song. Also Breaking along with Shaun Morgan of Seether and Barry Stock of Three Days Grace, performed a live cover of this song during the spring leg of their 2008 tour.
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --This song appears in the movies Queen of the Damned, Little Nicky, and Coolers Revenge. It was also in the tv shows Dragon Ball Z, Alias, and Wolf Lake.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtIt sounds like a couple who loves each other but one of them is changing/changed and the significant other realized that and witnessed it. I love this song. I can relate to the description I gave. I believe that depending on what is going on in our lives we choose to put our own meaning into lyrics we love. The man I loved more than anything changed on me and he will never be the same. I wish I could "pull off his wings" to be able to show him the pain I feel.
  • Awna from Austin, TxThis was the first song I ever heard by Deftones. Since then, they've been my all time favorite musicians.
    I actually heard somewhere that this song was about taking a girl's virginity...:O
  • Tony from Crown Point, InI first heard this song (believe it or not) in an episode of Dragon Ball Z with my son. It was so inspirational. They played when Goku, one of the main characters was completely beat down almost to the point of death. Then the song starts playing and he comes 'Alive' - stronger and with a higher power level and defeats his enemy. I don't know about all the drug stuff, but this song will always remind me about a change for the good, specifically physical, in a persons life.
    - pete, Houston, TX

    Hah, same here, man! I saw that movie years ago. I just saw it again on a Halo 3 Machinima, Deus Ex Machina, which reminded me of the movie. Anyway, the song itself is awesome, 'nuff said.
  • Annette from Carrollton, GaChange....? In the sense of trying to understand certain things, this song through me in a loop. I couldn't deside what the song ment to me? Its a metaphor. I took it to so many angles. Lets see, I could have been that an actually person turned into a fly or that a person turned into something bad, that annoys ppl, friends, etc., and Moreno took them and started to pick on them because they where doing some stupid s--t and screwing with things that made them bad. Or like some people want to do. Catch a fly and pull their wings off so they will DIE!
  • Dortez from Mesa, AzI thought it was about someone becoming a complete douche bag and doing things that were outside of their personality...possibly darker and more sinister, and then after they had fully transformed, he decided to dismember the person... ::Shrugs:: pretty dark when you think about the lyrics to a lot of their songs.
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkI never thought that song was about abuse,drugs,or any awful mess like that. I actually found it very mysterious,creepy,and very sexy at the same time. I thought that it was kind of a sexual tension going on between a guy and a girl. I mean the lead singer was singing very spine-chilling,seductive and sexy,which I have no problem of. It seems that the whole point of the song was very senusous between two people,in a way.
  • Bob from Phildelphia, PaThis song's always made me think of a young girl being raped or taken of advantage of sexually. The change is what takes place when her innocence is taken from her. "It's like you never had wings" could refer to this girl's slutty attitude, which may have initialized everything to begin with. Perhaps under the impression that this girl knows what she's doing, he soon finds out that she doesn't. When he takes her home and puts her on the glass, he takes this girl and forces her to perform sexual acts, and pulls off her clothes and peels back her innocence, like when he says he pulls off her wings. Being happy with himself for his terrible deeds, he laughs. When he says that she feels so alive, it's because she's fighting to escape from him. Possibly at the end he looks at the cross and feels guilty, and has the girl kill him, or he does some coke, and that's why he's blown away.
  • Pete from Houston, TxI first heard this song (believe it or not) in an episode of Dragon Ball Z with my son. It was so inspirational. They played when Goku, one of the main characters was completely beat down almost to the point of death. Then the song starts playing and he comes 'Alive' - stronger and with a higher power level and defeats his enemy. I don't know about all the drug stuff, but this song will always remind me about a change for the good, specifically physical, in a persons life.
  • Lucia from Hyattsville, MdI still dont get what it means but its such a beautifull song.
  • Eric from Boston, Mai think its about herione abuse.
  • Noah from Davenport, Iai think its drug abuse if you see the video its even more clear and if you think about it the name of the album is white pony thats a refferce
    to cocain
  • Airborne Chainsaw from Pheonix, AzDang Heather, nice description and I agree.
  • Heather from Montreal, CanadaThis song is about a man 'capturing' a woman he admires. She is wild and beautiful, but he is also afraid of the wild and beautiful so he has to trap her, take away her wings and her wildness so he doesn't have to be afraid she will fly away from him. And then, like any caged wild thing, she changes. She becomes something else. Something ugly. This is about trapping someone because of the fear of losing; This is about cutting your throat to spite your stomach; this is about tightly grasping a fistful of sand and watching it slip through your fingers.
  • Vanessa from The Colony, TxI think the song is about drugs and friendship or a relationship. "I watched you change" its like if you saw your friend start getting into drugs then "I Looked away" you did'nt want to believe what you were seeing. Then, as it gets more into the song it's like he's trying to help his friend, "I took you home" but puting them down about themselves "I pulled off your wings, then i laughed".
    -Vanessa, The Colony, TX
  • April from Natick, MaWhat I got from the song was it was about doing cocaine an being addicted to it. He knows it's wrong but can't stop because the high makes him feel so good. My advice, try something a little more relaxing!
  • Aly from Sumner, WaThis song was in Queen of The Damned and thats where i first heard it and I really like this song but the actual message is a little like abusive to a certain extent.
  • Ana from Louisville, KyI kinda got mixed feelings about the song. Part of me thinks its relationship-wise with watching someone change into someone better...but the person telling the story doesnt want them to, hence the pulling off the wings. So the person changing into a fly is trapped and trying to change. I dunno...its confusing..yet one of my fave songs.
  • Tom from Santa Cruz, CaThis song is about chino and his friends getting high of the white pony. it has nothing to do with religion, when he says "i look at the cross then i look away " hes talkin about the tat of a cross that chino has right above where he shoots up.Gettin high and listining to this song is how we were made to live
  • Jonathan from Tulsa, OkI always thought that this song was about the relationship between God and man. The part," I watched a change in you. It's like you never had wings. Now you feel so alive," could be about how man's "wings", or god-like nature before the exile from Eden, was taken away but we adapted with out them and, the so alive part is our adaptation. The part about the wings being pulled off could be saying that God might be a little sadistical. The part about the cross is pretty clear and the part about being blown away by the gun could be that we have the abililty to do anything that we want and how we choose to "blow",or deny, God instead of exalting him. If you have any comments on this subject e-mail me at
  • Lucis from Glasgow , ScotlandIt's kind of like when someone you know gets completely taken over by drugs.

    You watch them get so free of themselves, everything you thought you knew about them incinerates. You try to help them, bring them back down to earth, and for a while they appreciate it, they feel like themselves again, but in the end all you've done is give them the motive to hate you for it.
  • Eric from Kerrville, Txthat sounds ok but i think its about a relationship getting serious then the person changing like a fly to a fly without wings completely unrecognizable
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