All In a Day's Work

  • Sittin' 'bout a hundred stories up, like what the fuck?
    And I'm just lookin' at it all
    I'll be right here in Los Angeles
    Lookin' like a villain layin' low
    Nothin' I can do but pack it all up
    Goin' up, but shit, I feel the love
    Spotlight on me and I'm feelin' so rare tonight
    Actin' a fool and feelin' alive
    I'm fuckin' flawless like I live in a vault
    Only type of livin' I know

    See if it was you you would've killed yourself by now
    It takes a special kind of mothafucka to live like this
    And they ask me how I do it
    Mothafucka just take a look around

    Best believe I'm in the buildin'
    I hear you mothafuckas talkin' and all that but uh
    No, no don't mention me at all
    Yeah comin' live and direct
    And I know you feelin' some type of way about it, but uh
    Watch your mouth, I dare your ass to say somethin'
    I thought it was all good
    But now you mothafuckas crossed the line
    Kinda pissin' me off
    All the fans and all the fame, and though I gave everything to this game
    They still complain
    Now what the fuck do y'all expect me to do?
    There's so much fuckin' pressure
    It's so much pressure
    And it's all in a day's work

    Work, hard
    Workin' so hard
    24/7, 3-6-5
    365, hard work
    It's all in a day's work

    My whole life all I ever thought about was grindin'
    Even though my surroundings only showed me crime and violence
    That was back when a rapper needed guns way more than a stylus
    And that was back when I felt like rappers was true mothafuckin' riders
    Or even back in the day when I was a fuckin' youngster man
    Shit I was still sayin', "Fuck the police"
    Born and raised in the belly of the beast
    I had a dream that we was at peace
    But I was so wrong so wrong
    Y'all too wrapped up in the bullshit and bias
    Now reality TV talks about pulpits and choirs
    Some of these hoes give less than a fuck when they runnin' their life story by us
    It's the worst when I'm in a hotel, like a Hilton sick and tired
    Some of these housewives way too fuckin' desperate
    These bitches thinkin' fame first
    I can't knock the hustle, it's all in a day's work
    But that's that shit with potential to make the game worse
    Shit it's just somethin' about that Hollywood curse
    They just thirst

    Hard times
    I'm on my grind, fuck the part-time
    Stay ready for war, I'm on the front line
    I'm gettin' the feelin' like it's all mine
    It's becoming the only feeling I know
    Only type of livin' I know

    Gonna go to work
    We gotta work
    Let's get back to work
    On the grind, back to work

    Let's work
    Rich as fuck, but, guess what, I'm back to work
    Overseas, back home, no time to sleep, I'm back to work
    So many people that I love, they want my time but I got to work
    Some of my friends don't understand, shit, I got to work
    Always talkin' 'bout bustin' the club but I'm like, "Fuck that I gotta work"
    If you really wanna do it like this, shit you better get back to work
    Back to work
    Right back to work
    Gotta get back to work
    Shit, right back to work Writer/s: Andre Young, Morris Ricks, Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Dacoury Natche, Daniel Tannenbaum, Brandon Anderson, Marsha Ambrosius, Justin Mohrle
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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