Pauline Hawkins

Album: English Oceans (2014)
  • Don't call me your baby
    I won't answer
    Love is like cancer
    And I am immune

    To all that you're bringing
    The tune that you're singing
    A sign of a locked room
    I saw the locked room

    It's such an illusion
    Before the collision
    I made a decision

    Don't tell me your secrets
    I'd rather not listen
    I know what I'm missing
    It's always too soon
    It's always too soon to be cold for comfort
    To belong to someone inside a locked room

    But that always happens when nobody's looking (nobody's looking)

    I really don't care what's inside you
    I wont stand beside you or answer your calls

    I don't want to fight now
    I'm only here right now
    This moment is all
    This moment is all

    Don't call me your baby
    I'm nobody's baby
    I won't let you cage me
    Or lock me away

    I'm not yours to keep
    Don't want you to save me
    You're just a vacation
    A wonder way station
    To keep me awake, until I'm ready to sleep
    To keep me awake, until I'm ready to sleep
    To keep me awake, until I'm ready to sleep Writer/s: PATTERSON HOOD
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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