The Last Letter Home

Album: The Warrior's Code (2005)
  • Hello there my dearest love
    Today I write to you about our sons
    The boys start school today
    They're the spitting image of you in every way

    Hey son, it's Dad
    I hope this letter finds you well out of harm's way
    We saw the news today, it frightened your mom
    Now all she does is pray

    If I lead, will you follow?
    Will you follow if I lead?

    Hey Melissa, it's me, don't be afraid
    I'm in good hands, I'm gonna be home soon
    It's time to watch the children grow up
    I wanna be more than a voice on the phone

    Thanks Ma, I got your package today
    I love "The Fields Of Athenry"
    I swear I want 'em to play that song on the pipes
    At my funeral when I die


    I stand alone in the distance
    As the foreground slowly moves


    "We regret to inform you that on January 28th, Sgt. Andrew Farrar died while serving his country in the Al-Anbar province of Iraq. Words cannot convey our sadness."


    When there's nothing on the horizon
    You've got nothing left to prove

    If I lead, will you follow?

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  • Joe from Quincy, Mathe farrar family grew up in my neighborhood, the dropkicks are from down the street to, they knew eachother. one of andrew farrars brother was my teacher a few years back. hes a good guy. support our troops.
  • Joe from Chicago, Argreat song by a great band.
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