Those Shoes

Album: The Long Run (1979)
  • Tell us what you're gonna do tonight, momma
    There must be someplace you can go
    In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama
    There must be someone you know

    God knows you're lookin' good enough
    But you're so smooth and the world's so rough
    You might have somethin' to lose

    Oh no, pretty momma, what you gonna do in those shoes

    Got those pretty little straps around your ankles
    Got those shiny little chains around your heart
    You got to have your independence
    But you don't know just where to start

    Desperation in the singles bars
    And all those jerk offs in their fancy cars
    You can't believe your reviews

    Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes

    They're lookin' at you, leanin' on you
    Tell you anything you want to hear
    They give you tablets of love
    They're waiting for you, got to score you
    Handy with a shovel and so sincere
    Ooh, they got the kid glove

    You just want someone to talk to
    They just want to get their hands on you
    You get whatever you choose

    Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes
    Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes Writer/s: DON FELDER, GLENN FREY, DON HENLEY
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
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  • Dan from Columbus, Ga@Eric from Cincinnati, not at all. The women is certainly not out on the prowl. She is framed as naive, most likely due to youth, simply looking for a good time and good company. She gets dolled up, looking to attract, not realizing that she is painting a target on her back for less than decent men, or predators to put it bluntly, who looking to take advantage of just such an insecure (i.e. can't believe her reviews, thus easily flattered and suceptible to drop any remaining defenses) and naive young lady. Her shoes are the icing on the cake that is her vulnerability, mostly from a physical sense. Imo, this suggestion, assuming I am correct, is a pinch of very dry humor. In actuality ofc, should just such a situation befall a woman, it would be just about as far from humorous as reality gets, even for the most cynical among us. Real. Dry. Humor.
  • Randall from Des Moines IaThe eagles are dear to my heart I love you guys and I believe if Don came up on some kind of a situation to where he could not play the drums and needed somebody to fill in that I could
    fill in and guaran-damn-tee I could play every song that's right I said every song

  • Jg from Joppa, MdWhat a great song.
  • Dane from Green Cove Springs Fla., FlLOVE this one.So underrated.Shreddin' guitars over a slow beat.My favorite off the Long Run.
  • 8 My Foot from Mesquite, TxI heard an interview with the Eagles, and at the end Walsh is saying "Butt out, butt out". It had to do with their feuding.
  • Brian from Dallas, TxJoe Walsh is talk boxing "burnout, burn out, burn out" throughout the song. It is most pronounced at the end guitar bit.
  • Eric from Cincinnati, OhThis song a "sarcastic" (for lack of a better term) look at single women and the bar lifestyle. A woman on the prowl for a good time so to speak. Hence the lyric "all the jerkoffs in the singles bars" The Eagles sing most of their songs about "lifestyles" and social interaction, mostly between man and woman and the sexual tension that is present. Not a suprise coming from the 70's.
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