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    Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?
    Have the days made you so unwise?
    Realize, you are.
    Have you talked to the winds of time,
    Then you'd know how the water rhyme.
    Taste of wine,
    How can you know where you've been?
    In time you're gonna see the sign,
    And realize your sin.
    Will you know how the seed is sown?
    All your times have been overgrown,
    Never known.
    Have you walked on the stones of years?
    When you speak, is it you that hears?
    Are your ears full?
    You can't hear anything at all.

    II. MASS
    The preacher said a prayer,
    Save ev'ry single hair on his head.
    He's dead.
    The minister of hate had just arrived too late to be spared.
    Who cared?
    The weaver in the web that he made!
    The pilgrim wandered in,
    Commiting ev'ry sin that he could
    So good...
    The cardinal of grief was set in his belief he'd saved
    From the grave
    The weaver in the web that he made!
    The high priest took a blade
    To bless the ones that prayed,
    And all obeyed.
    The messenger of fear is slowly growing, nearer to the time,
    A sign.
    The weaver in the web that he made!
    A Bishop rings a bell,
    A cloak of darkness fell across the ground,
    Without a sound!
    The silent choir sing and in their silence,
    Bring jaded sound, harmonic ground.
    The weaver in the web that he made!

    Clear the battlefield and let me see
    All the profit from our victory.
    You talk of freedom, starving children fall.
    Are you deaf when you hear the season's call?
    Were you there to watch the earth be scorched?
    Did you stand beside the spectral torch?
    Know the leaves of sorrow turned their face,
    Scattered on the ashes of disgrace.
    Every blade is sharp; the arrows fly
    We're the victims of your armies lie,
    Where the blades of grass and arrows rain
    Then there will be no sorrow,
    Be no pain. Writer/s: KEITH NOEL EMERSON, GREGORY LAKE
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, MUSIC SALES CORPORATION
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Laurence from LondonI was at that gig in Brighton when the little polystyrene balls that shot out of one of the guns of the Tarkus went directly into the top of the grand piano and they had to stop the show to vacuum the piano. Pretty sure it was November 1972.
    I was 16 at the time, had left home and was penniless, and used to hang around at the stage door (of the Brighton Dome) when there were bands on always looking for a way to get in. On this particular night the piano tuner turned up at the door and as the doorman checked the list for his details I slipped in behind him and said I was the drum tuner, carrying on walking in backstage without looking back. I think I managed to confuse him long enough as no one chased me down. (Carl Palmer was probably unaware of my presence and potential services that night!)
    A friend that also came to the concert who I met later at the front collected up some of the polystyrene balls shot from the Tarkus, filled his pocket with them asking anyone he met to put their hands in his pockets - (actually it was quite an interesting experience!)
    There is more to this story but it just gets weirder, the early 70's in Brighton were like that, so I'll leave it at that.
  • Stephanie from Wigtown, United KingdomWilliam Neal an artist now in Wigtown Scotalnd,, did the Tarkus album cover.
    He has done a limited edition CD "Marginal Movement" introduced by Keith Emerson.
  • Milton from Sao Paulo, BrazilWow! That guy is a monster of a keyboardist! Terrific!
  • Rick from Denver, CoSavage , barbaric in spots...perfect for a dark frowning night as the leaves of sorrow turn thier face , scattered on the ashes of disgrace....Also I am an accomplished bassist of 30 years standing , and this song takes real work to master Whew !
  • Ryan from Marion, IaThe story is pretty dumb, but the music is awesome. A defining song of not just ELP but the prog rock genre.
  • Lester from New York City, NyThis is a great piece of music, and Greg Lake's vocals are excellent.
  • Ricky from Ohswken, CanadaFitting snare drum section in this song.
  • Alex from Fort Mill, ScTarkus is the name of the tank like armadillo on the cover of the album, the song in fact covers Tarkus's life: birth in a volcano "Eruption", to his fight with a manticore, leaving the ruins of the battlefield, and transforming to a aquatic version of himself after loosing the fight. This is probably ELP's best song, Greg Lake has an awesome guitar solo. Too bad Hendrix died before joining ELP, otherwise I could honestly say this would be the most talented band of the 70s.
  • John from Guildford, EnglandThe piece was inspired by a drum pattern (in 10/8 time!) by Carl Palmer, though he is not credited as a composer.
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