Won't Back Down

Album: Recovery (2010)
Charted: 62
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  • You can sound the alarm
    You can call out your guards
    You can fence in your yard
    You can hold all the cards
    But I won't back down
    Oh no, I won't back down
    Oh no

    Cadillac Sevilles, coupe Devilles
    Brain-dead rims, yeah, stupid wheels
    Girl, I'm too for real
    Lose your tooth and nail
    Tryna fight it, try to deny it
    Stupid you will feel
    What I do, I do at will
    Shooting from the hip, yeah, boy, I shoot to kill
    Half a breath left on my deathbed
    Screaming, "F that" yeah, super ill
    Baby, what the deal?
    We can chill, split half a pill and a Happy Meal
    Fuck a steak, slut
    I'll cut my toes off and step on the receipt 'fore I foot the bill
    Listen, garden tool, don't make me introduce you to my power tool
    You know the fucking drill
    How you douche bags feel knowing you're disposable?
    Summers Eve, Massengill
    Shady's got the mass appeal, baby, crank the shit
    'Cause it's your goddamn jam
    You say that you want your punchlines a little more compact
    Well, shawty, I'm that man
    These other cats ain't metaphorically where I'm at, man
    I gave Bruce Wayne a Valium and said
    "Settle ya fuckin' ass down I'm ready for combat, man"
    Get it? Calm Batman
    Nah, ain't nobody whose as bomb and as nuts
    Lines are like mom's CAT scans
    'Cause they fucking go bananas
    Honey, I applaud that ass
    Swear to God, man, these broads can't dance
    Ma, show 'em how it's done
    Spazz like a goddamn Taz', yeah

    You can sound the alarm
    You can call out your guards
    You can fence in your yard
    You can hold all the cards
    But I won't back down
    Oh no, I won't back down
    Oh no

    Girl, shake that ass like a donkey with Parkinson's
    Make like Michael J. Fox is in your drawers
    Playin' with a Etch-A-Sketch
    Betcha that you'll never guess who's knocking at your door
    People hit the floors
    Yeah, tonight, ladies, you gon' get divorced
    Girl, forget remorse, I'ma hit you broads with
    Chris's force like you pissed him off
    Talented with the tongue, motherfucker
    You ain't gotta lick in yours
    Hittin' licks like I'm robbin' liquor stores
    Makin' cash registers shit their draws
    Think you spit the rawest?
    I'm an uncooked slab of beef
    Laying on your kitchen floor
    Other words I'm off the meat rack
    Bring the beat back
    Bring me two extension chords
    I'ma measure my dick, shit, I need six inches more
    Fuck my dick's big, bitch
    Need I remind you that I don't need
    The fucking swine flu to be a sick pig?
    You're addicted, I'm dope
    I'm the longest needle around here
    Need a fix, ock? I'm the big shot
    Get it, dick-snots?
    Your just small pokes, little pricks
    Girl, you think that other prick's hot?
    I'll drink gasoline and eat a lit match
    'Fore I sit back and let 'em get hotter
    Better call the cops on 'em quick fast
    Shady's right back on your bitch-ass
    White trash with half a six pack in his hatchback
    Trailer hitched attached to the back (dispatch)

    You can sound the alarm
    You can call out your guards
    You can fence in your yard
    You can hold all the cards
    But I won't back down
    Oh no, I won't back down
    Oh no

    Bitch, am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rapping?
    Does a bird chirp, Lil' Wayne slurps syrup 'til he burps and smokes purp'?
    Does a word search gets circles wrapped around it like
    You do when I come through? I'd like you to remind yourself
    Of what the fuck I can do when I'm on the mic
    Oh, your the kind of girl that I can take a liking to
    Sike, I'm spiking you like a football
    Been this way since I stood a foot tall
    You're a good catch with a shitty spouse
    Gotta pretty mouth and a good jaw
    Gimme good brain
    Watch the woodgrain, don't want no cum stain
    Bitch, you listening tryna turn me down
    Slut, I'm talking to you, turn me back up
    Are you insane? Tryna talk over me in the car
    Shut the fuck up while my shit's playin'
    I'm a shit stain on the underwear of life
    What's the saying? Where there's thunder there's lightening
    And they say that it never strikes twice in the same place
    Then how the fuck have I been hit six times
    In three different locations
    On four separate occasions?
    And you can bet your stanking ass
    That I've come to smash everything in my path
    Fork was in the road, took the psychopath
    Poison Ivy wouldn't have me thinking rash
    So hit the dance floor, cutie, while I do my duty on this microphone
    Shake your booty, shawty, I'm the shit
    Why you think Proof used to call me Doodi?

    You can sound the alarm
    You can call out your guards
    You can fence in your yard
    You can hold all the cards
    But I won't back down
    Oh no, I won't back down
    Oh no Writer/s: Columbus Tower Smith, Erik Albert George Alcock, Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Liz Rodrigues, Marshall Bruce Mathers
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Michael from Las Cruces, NmThis song is also rumored (I heard this from my friends) To be recycled in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  • David from Quetta, Pakistanthis song also used as "Mission Impossible 4" theme song.
  • Gember Dinarte from Washington, DcThis was the hidden song in "Five" in Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Daniel from Winchester, Oh:] P!nk and Eminem make the perfect duet, and this song's total proof of that.
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