Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)

Album: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (2010)
  • Everything around me ignites my rage
    I'm burning with animosity
    Everywhere I look another war to wage
    Filled with purpose of singularity
    Got my hollow points, got my magazines
    Wrote my manifesto of decay
    Commencement of the killing at the university
    Antipathy, the lesson of the day
    They never should have pushed me away

    Student bodies lying dead in the halls
    A blood splattered treatise of hate
    Class dismissed is my hypothesis
    Gun fire ends the debate
    All I ever wanted was a little affection
    But no one ever gave it to me
    My hate primer's the result of my rejection
    You'll die for it, and I'll die for thee

    The halls of learning now a shooting range
    My final exam with a gun
    Killing everyone who ever thought me strange
    My bloody dissertation has begun
    Pomp and circumstance replaced by bullet wounds
    The smell of gunpowder on the air
    Murder is the nightmare of this afternoon
    My malevolence, your cross to bear
    All because of my despair


    Hate lives in me
    Hate lives in me
    Hate I need it and it needs me
    Hate I feed it and it fed me
    Hate I breed it and it bred me
    Hate I read it and it read me
    Hate I lead it and it led me
    Hate I bleed it and it bled me
    I breathe it in, and it breathes through me

    While SWAT teams swarm all around the quad
    The symposium of slaughter carries on
    Smith and Wesson is my only God
    And the line in the sand has been drawn
    Valedictorian of violence
    Graduation day, one bullet remains
    Charles Whitman set the precedent
    I pull the trigger and blow out my brains
    They never knew I was insane


    I instruct you
    And I destruct you
    I deconstruct you
    Until my hate has fucked you Writer/s: GARY HOLT
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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