Sunny Side Up

Album: Sol Invictus (2015)
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  • I'll be your leprechaun
    Shamrock or lucky charm
    (Whoa, yeah)
    Tap-dancing all alone
    (It's ok)
    Dip into the sugar bowl
    (Whoa, yeah)

    Sunny side up
    Sunny side up
    Such a lovely way to start the day
    Sunny side up
    Sunny side up
    Not the only way to fry an egg
    Sunny side up
    Sunny side up

    I am just a grain of sand on your beach
    With all of my heart
    All of my Heart
    A drop of rain through your hands

    Rainbows will bend for me
    Honey bees will sting for me
    Stingin', stingin'

    Sunny side up
    Sunny side up
    Such a lovely way to start the day
    Sunny side up
    Sunny side up
    Dance the night away like Fred Astaire

    Come on ride my wave
    Ride it all the way
    (Sunny side up)
    'Til the ocean ends
    (Sunny side up)
    I'll see you there
    (Sunny side up) Writer/s: Bill David Gould, Michael Patton
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Powr13 from Sydney, AustraliaMorning sex. Sunny side up refers to eggs that resemble a woman’s breasts. Read the rest of the lyrics with that in mind and it’ll make sense.
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