She Drives Me Crazy

Album: The Raw and the Cooked (1989)
Charted: 5 1
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  • I can't stop the way I feel
    Things you do don't seem real
    Tell me what you've got in mind
    'Cause we're running out of time
    Won't you ever set me free?
    This waiting 'round's killing me

    She drives me crazy like no one else
    She drive me crazy and I can't help myself

    I can't get any rest
    People say I'm obsessed
    Everything you say is lies
    But to me that's no surprise
    What I had for you was true
    Things go wrong, they always do

    She drives me crazy like no one else
    She drive me crazy and I can't help myself

    I won't make it on my own
    No one likes to be a lone

    She drives me crazy like no one else
    She drive me crazy, and I can't help myself

    She drives me crazy like no one else
    She drive me crazy, and I can't help myself

    She drives me crazy like no one else
    She drive me crazy, and I can't help myself Writer/s: David Steele, Roland Gift
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Beck from Boca Raton, FlGood tune. A lot of the music from the 1980's was decent enough. At 41 years old I recall a lot of similar sounding songs. For some reason the 1990's sucked musically.
    Then in the 2000's some of the music perked back up. The 50's (Doowop) , 1960's, and even to an extint the 1970's showed promise.
  • Phillipo from Montrea, QcTheir best song was by far their first single "Johnny Come Home," which snagged them their record contract. The singer was in a variety of medium-budget British films around this time.
  • Lucy from Rhinebeck, NyAlan, I agree with you. I like the song, but the music video sucks.
  • Alan from Sault Ste. Marie, OnI really like this song but the video was awful. If I had to list the worst videos ever it would be in my top ten.
  • John from Brisbane, United StatesShe drives me crazy poop poop,she drives me crazy poop poop,and I like nothing else.How can anyony like this ridiculous poop poop song.If you like someone saying she drives me crazy poop poop 20 times then you must go to a nut house.I know there are other words in this song but what are they?
  • Montse from Verdú, SpainI love it, good 80s flaw...
  • Ben from Gosford, AustraliaLol I remember when I was 3 years old I loved this song! So much so that Mum bought the tape of this album 'The Raw and the Cooked' and would play it in the car when we went out. I had good taste for an 80's kid!
  • Ed from Incognito, IlSomeone (don't know who) covered this song as a parody entitled "She Drives Me Brady"
  • Stephanie from Tampa, FlI gotta say, I originally thought that the "things you do don't seem real" lyric was actually "Daisy Duke does it real". So for the longest time I thought the lead singer was some big The Dukes of Hazzard fan.
  • Don from B G, KyThe Fine Young Cannibals get their name from a line in a Natalie Woods Movie. I get TFYC confused with the group London Beat. LB song "I've been thinking about you" is very similar in sound to TFYC songs. Go figure.
  • James from Westchester, EnglandOf course, there is always Arsenio Hall's version of this song, "The Ho is Lazy", recorded under his alter rap ego Chunky A.
  • Nathan from L-burg, Kythis is a good song it was used in Namco Museum 50th anniversary
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhGreat song, personally i like Good Thing more.
  • Jude from Thomasville, GaKermit the Frog covered this, and apparently he meant for the lyrics to refer to Miss Piggy.
  • Ali from Lahore, Pakistangreat song indeed, makes u think about the late 80's england, and it reminds me of the girl i fell in love with who just didnt care about me and was never interested in me
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeRoland Gift was also an aspiring actor. He acted in the TV series of Highlander
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeDavid Steele and Andy Cox, formally from The Beat and Fine Young Cannibals, realeased a song called "Tired Of Being Push Around" and their bacnd was called Two Men, A Drum Machine and a Trumpet
  • Montgomery from Florence, KyF.Y.C. is comprised of members from the English Beat (an 80's ska band) and the singer was a sax player in some other early 80's ska band. Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling (both also from the English Beat), formed their own band (can you guess who?) ;-)
  • Patrick from Conyers, GaConsumer Advocate and radio show host Clark Howard uses the intro music to this song for his radio show.
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