Album: Flyleaf (2005)
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  • The question asked in order
    To save her life or take it
    The answer no avoided death
    And yes would make it
    Do you believe in God?
    Written on the bullet
    Say yes to pull the trigger and my sister Cassie pulled it

    They didn't love their live so much
    As to shrink from death
    Inspired in their footsteps
    We will march ahead
    Don't be shocked that people die
    Be surprised you're still alive

    All heads are bowed in silent reverence
    The floor is wet with tears of sorrowful remembrance
    The altar's filled with hearts of repentance
    Perfect love kills all fear
    Rejoice in this deliverance

    They didn't love their live so much
    As to shrink from death
    Inspired in their footsteps
    We will march ahead
    Don't be shocked that people die
    Be surprised you're still alive Writer/s: Howard Benson, James Culpepper, Jared Hartmann, Lacey Nicole Mosley, Pat Seals, Sameer Bhattacharya
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
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  • Willmark from OhioStupid reason to die. God doesn't exist. If it does it doesn't give a damn about you.
  • Hypocrisy from The UsRachael was the one who died defending her belief in Christianity. The gunman grabbed her by the hair, asked 'Do you still believe in your God?' she responded 'You know I do,' and the gunman said 'Go be with him then.' and shot her in the head. Cassie was the one who went to Christian reform school and wasn't given a chance to defend any beliefs that she had. The gunman slapped the table, yelled 'peek-a-boo' and shot Cassie in the side of the head before she could speak.

    If you're going to use school-shooting victims to push your agenda, the least you can do is learn their names and keep them straight.
  • Daniel from On The Brink Of The Kingdom Of GodLost and fallen souls lacking meaning are empty vessels to be filled by whatever evil they choose to entertain and meddle with, thus we get Columbine, Antifa, etc. Rise up from your fall, seek Truth, speak only Truth, deal only in Truth. Do not wallow in a rebellious rejection of your Maker. Make Him Lord of your life and you will nurture and lift up others rather than destroy. Thank you Flyleaf for shining light as the darkness scatters.
  • Lili Murdock from DillsburgThis is so sad I just started listening to the song it was a Christian this is horrible it sounds like the person didn’t really believe in God and then Cassie leave so that post and shot her :(
  • Carlos from San Juan, Puerto RicoThis is so amazing that Flyleaf made a song about this after 5 years the shootings passed. There was a spiritual battle there but God clearly won. Cassie is a martyr and an inspiration to Christians everywhere. She was lucky enough to be born in a Christian home but then sold her soul to the devil thanks to the satanic rock bands and her peers. It was so bad she was going to murder her parents! BUT she came back to God's side in the end. Before she was killed she wondered if God had a purpose and knew she wasn't going to live much longer. Not only she is in Heaven, but for those who have eyes see the glory of her conviction, as all her friends confess.
  • Raven from Vernal, UtAlso, if you want to learn more about this. Please read the book 'Surviving Columbine' . It is a very interesting book. And it has all of the stories of the point of view of students and parents alike. it is very interesting.
  • Raven from Vernal, UtCassie Rene Bernall, A student who, was Victim of Columbine High School Shooting, Had been shot when the gunman had asked her "Do you believe in God?" If she had said 'no' it was to be believed she wouldn't have been shot, but saying 'yes' would've gotten her killed (which she did get killed I'm just stating the options here.) She had replied "Yes." And was immediately shot in the head. Instantly Killing her. Later, investigators had found out the question wasn't for Cassie, but for a student by the name of Valeen Schurr. Who, survived the terrible school shooting all because of a brave young girl by the name of, Cassie. Who, had stuck up for what she believed in.
  • Ashley from Revere, MaI was only 11 years old when this horrible tragedy happened. I remember coming home from school with my friend and walking in her house and seeing her mom so sad with tears. We asked what was wrong and looked at the tv I sat there for three hours watching the breaking news. I felt sorrow for what everyone was going through and I didnt even live in the area of where this happened I lived in Massachusetts. But with seeing this and remembering it as such a young age it has always stayed very close to me. about 3 years later I didnt know Cassies mom had released a book until my cousin came home from school and said she had to read "She Said Yes" (my cousin went to a christian school) I read the back of the book and instantly went back to that day and what I felt for those people. I decided I had to read the book. After having read "She Said Yes" three times over a two year period and "Rachels Tears" after hearing this song once i instantly knew this was about Columbine. I give every member of Flyleaf credit for writing this song and actually recording it. I think this is the only song out that is about the tragic shooting at Columbine. It is my favorite song as those are my favorite books. I will forever remember that day.
  • Judy from Homer, AkPPl are sayin that they would so do what cassie or rachel did for what they belive in but think about it. Put into a possition where it was a life or death situation would you really stand for wat you belive?
  • Shae from Rockmart, GaThis song is incredible. It touched me the first time I heard it. I cried. we're talking about it tomorrow at school. I'm so ready. If I was Cassie I would have said the same thing! Cassie touches my heart dearly!
  • Brandon from Aurora, CoR.I.P All who Died in that Terrible Incident!!!! This song is Awesome!
  • Phoenix from Arvada, Cook guys first off their were no Christian "martyrs" that day. There were two boys picked on by Christians their entire high school lives driving them to uncontrollable depression. Cassie may not have bullied them and whether or not she was blown away because she was a christian does not matter. She isolated them like everyone else and for that the victims are eric and dylan.
  • Matthew from Sayre, PaI hate having to post again:

    This is the news story that mentioned Cassie Bernall being a fake martyr, or at least one of them. Highlights for those who don't want to read the whole article:

    Wyant is the only living person who actually witnessed Bernall's death. She was hiding beneath a table right beside Cassie when it happened. "Emily was right there next to her, and in fact, she was looking right in her eyes, so you'd think she would be able to hear that, being right next to her, if anything was exchanged. And she can't remember anything being said," Wyant explained.
    As the Rocky Mountain News reported Sept. 24, Wyant and Bernall were studying alone together in the back of the library. After the gunmen rushed in, the girls crouched beneath a table together, and Cassie began praying aloud: "Dear God. Dear God. Why is this happening? I just want to go home." Dylan Klebold suddenly slammed his hand on the table, yelled "Peekaboo," and looked underneath. He shot Cassie without exchanging a word. Wyant's mother confirmed that the Rocky Mountain News correctly reported the details of her daughter's account.
    Salon News reported last Thursday that investigators believed the famous exchange actually took place between Klebold and Valeen Schnurr, and was mistakenly attributed to Bernall. Now Schnurr herself has confirmed that story. On Tuesday the Denver Post reported her account, which she also told to Salon News: Schnurr was down on her hands and knees bleeding, already hit by 34 shotgun pellets, when one of the killers approached her. She was saying, "Oh, my God, oh, my God, don't let me die," and he asked her if she believed in God. She said yes; he asked why. "Because I believe and my parents brought me up that way," she said. He reloaded, but didn't shoot again. She crawled away.

    Division Chief John Kiekbusch said the entire story-that the exchange about God had been between Bernall and Klebold -- began with survivor Craig Scott. "[Scott] told investigators he heard the "Yes" comment and recognized the voice as Cassie Bernall's," the News reported. "He did not actually see the individuals involved ... Investigators said Scott was asked to point out where the gunmen were at the time, and he indicated a table where Valeen Schnurr -- not Bernall was hiding."
  • Allie from Bellevue, Nei wonder wat she was thinking rite before she died.
  • Allie from Bellevue, Nei think that this song is depressing yet really beautiful and meaningful. it realy inspired me and its my favorite song. and cassie is my hero and i thank flyleaf for recognizing that and hope cassie's with God rite now. RIP cassie!!
  • Brianna from Long Island, Nyin a sense most of you know what your tlking about but here's what i know rachael was nvr asked if she believed in god she was just the frist person eric and dylan saw and they just killed her. and wich was totAlly ridiculous becuse considering eric and dylan was picked on constanly RACHAEL was one of the people sticking up for them she was one person trying to make a difference in columbine and for the ppl tht want te actuall truth on columbine um tip {RACHAELSCHALLENGE.ORG } and as for cassie im pretty sure none of u ppl were ther and the people tht actually witnessed it and were all intervewed all said " she was asked if she believed in god and she said yes and was killed" wouldnt tht trigger you brain cells to shoot some common sense into your head[trust me it wont kill you] and the people for the rachael's challege progam (her dad brother and friend) came to my school to tlk about ppl like rachael and cassie and other victims played this song during the vid. and camera clips ( actually footage) it took me 15 minutes during the assembly and over 100 tears to figure out this song was about coloumbine and if believeing in god meant taking my life eric and dylan could have killed me too get the facts RACHAELSCHALLENGE.ORG
  • Anna from Memphis, TnWhen the columbine shotting happened I was 2 almost 3.. but I did sum research and found many diffent things about the massacre.. I found that cassie and rachel both said yes to the question of. Do you believe in god.. not only were the two young ladies brave but also very devoted to the lord.. I respect them nn look up to them.. and lacy attends my church every so often. She has a great voice and her and the band make some rockin songs.. I think the taking notice of the shooting and the decision to make the song was amazing.. I love the song.. I was introduced to it about 2 weeks ago nn I instantly fell in love
  • Emma from Leeds, United KingdomFirstly, everyone seems to be saying, put yourself in the position of Cassie and Rachel. Thats pretty hard to do since the majority of people havent been through a traumatic experience such as this one to understand the emotions you would be feeling. Secondly, is nobody interested in what was going through the criminals minds when planning it, and acting it out. Thats what im interested in, why they did it, and why they killed themselves, i know Eric was psychotic and Dyland was on depressants, and the ones he was on apparently alter social skills if you understand what im saying. I want to know why they did it, i have a personality disorder, i think i could relate to them. Not that what theyt did was a good thing, because it wasnt, im just saying.
  • Jd from Paoli, Inwow i did not know this song was about a school shooting
  • Clara from Brisbane, AustraliaThis is such an awesome song with such a great meaning. I still think of different theories of whether this really happened to Cassie and Rachel, but I think it's amazing what they did.
  • Cassie from Shawnee, OkAt first i thought this song was about kids playing Russian Rulette but now that i know waht he story is behind it makes me sad
  • Clara from Brisbane, --I don't care what the conspiracy says if Cassie was asked this question, but I think this song is awesome.
  • Shannon from Swindon, United KingdomOMGOSH....This song is amazing...
    I do not belive in god, Please dont try and force religion onto me please...But anywasy...BAck to the song...
    In my eyes, Everyone who died for what they belive in in the shooting is a hero and an idol to me....And i thank flyelaf for this song
  • Morgan from Bartlett, TnI LOVE THIS SONG because of it being written for the two girls who said they believe in GOD Rachel and Cassie who said they believed in GOD and for Valeen who was asked the very same question as Cassie and Rachel but was able to survive the shootings and in my oppion GOD did that so that she go around and tell her testimony to other parts of the world that have never heard of GOD and even people in the USA who have not heard of GOD because that would be in awesome testimony to tell people and even though im a christen that would want me to save myself again and would make me stand up for GOD the same was Cassie, Raachel, and Valeen did at Columbine High School that day ten years ago
  • Travis from Milton, WvI love this song with a burning passion! The message makes me think: "Would I be strong enough to look one of those tortured souls in the eyes and say 'yes?'". I doubt it. I wish I could say otherwise, but I'm weak... That's the ultimate question for a Christian: "Would you say 'yes'?".
  • Megan from West Bend, WiI believe that Cassie DID say "yes" at gun point. yea i understant that the FBI say differently but i still believe that Cassie did or would have done it.
    For those of you who dont believe it....i just want to ask you one thing...
  • Teigh from Bald Knob,
    I personally think that everyone that is against this song should just shut up about it. Maybe Lacey didn't know ALL the details when she wrote the song.
    Woo freaking hoo. The only people that know the whole truth would be the people that were there. So unless you were one of those people, get over it.
    At least she writes good songs & does a great job at what she does.
  • John from Pittsburgh, Pa@kaitlin: Cassie was not cruel to Eric and Dylan. She probably didn't know them. Cassie did not even attend Columbine until she was a sophmore, and that was after she changed. She was quiet and reserved, and never judged anybody. False information, sorry.
  • Jeremy from Blaine, WaI heard this song and I knew instantly it was about columbine...
  • Chriatina from Bronx, NyYou know what said is that through all this the one things that nobody is talking about is how and what can you do to change things like this from happening its going to keep happening. Yes kids teenagers all get picked on its just when is the line drawn when enough is enough that's the question and so much negativity fine maybe it wasn't Cassie. Remember Jesus died for us if you believe it or not what would you do to prevent things like this from happening again this should be the topic of the comments below not who flyleaf rocks or who was right and who is wrong or what you believe in how can we stop the violence between us. Work on that and just remember not everyone has to be like you if they are different that's helps you to learn more about the world and not the little town most of you guys live. If you cant except people for who they are then you need to take a step back look at yourself and figure out what it is that makes you judgemental and dislike yourself
  • Kaitlin from Lansing, Midid you know that Cassie used to make fun of both of those boys constitntly?? the reason why they shot her was because she was cruel.. he knew she was under the tabe the whole time and was playing with her kept saying where is she banged on the table peeked under and and said peek-a-boo and shot her. It was another girl who was asked do you believe in god, she said yes, he asked why, she said because thats what my family believes in, he left her alone cause she was ingured as it was. The reason Cassie was shot was because she was mean to the boy. as for Rachel she was the first to die they just opened fire on her and one of her friends while they were eatting lunch.... well yeah thats what I know... Flyleaf just wrote a song on what they knew
  • Sebastian from Frankfurt, GermanyWhy do most of you Americans necessariliy need a hero in every tragic story?! Hollywood's not real...By the way: cars dont explode when they crash.
  • Kim from Stow, OhYea that information is WRONG ! what this song is really about is this girl nameed cassie (victom of columbian massicare) was asked do you beleive in god by her killer and she answered "yes" but syhe didnt die, she was asked again. do you believe in god knowing what would happen if she answered "yes" again but she did, he said "do you believe in god" "yes!" he shot and killed her. if someone wants to dissagree with me my myspace url is ! BUT IM RIGHT SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE!
  • Beery from Dallas, TxThe question "Do you believe in God" was asked to Valeen Schnurr, who is still quite alive. Three people who actually witnessed Cassie Bernall's murder, including the person hiding with her under the table, say there was no such exchange between her and her killer.

    I believe that Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldren landed on the Moon in 1969 but I would never die for that. Someone knuckle-dragging skinhead with a gun and a swastika tattoo on his arm asks me "Do you believe in racial equality" I'm going to say no, and anyone who wouldn't just because they "believe" in it with all their heart (brain) is dying in the name of stubbornness.

    Stop believing in myths.
  • Rachel from Gnarly, --love the song but sad i don't understand why people think its emo because it's not its for standing up forr what you believe in.
  • Starlani from Kaneohe, Hi This song refers to the Columbine high school shooting. It is said that Cassie and Rachel were asked (at gun point) if they believed in God. "Knowing what would happen," they both faithfully replied yes and caused the killer to "pull the trigger." This song is an example of faith in God. However, in a more general sense, it is promoting standing up for ones beliefs. If you feel strongly about and truly believe in something, you'd have no shame in speaking up about it.
    The singer asks her audience "how many will die?" which causes them to ask themselves and see what they would do in a similar situation. She then follows that by saying "I will die, I will say yes" to show that she believes in God herself and isn't afraid to show it.
    "Her last words still hanging in the air" shows that Cassie and Rachel have made an impact whether or not this event really happened. It also shows that anyone who dies for their beliefs won't die in vain and will be remembered for their faith and devotion, either by people on earth or God.(Ms Lee is awesome!)
  • Morgan from Antigo, Wiok most of you really have no idea what you are talking about... no one really knows what cassie or rachel said but look at who they are... both there parents even said that even though no one knows what they said there parents both said that there would be no surprise if they did say this... i believe that this did happen.. i think how Lacey wrote this song is amazing... and cassie and rachel are so brave to stand up for what they believe in... god puts everyone on this earth for a reason, even know these girls didn't even get into the real world so to speak... i believe god put them on this earth to inspire other people to stand up for what they believe in and i would say yes if it happened to me... so everyone just stop fightin... everyone believes something different but the question is would you say yes to something you believed in even if you knew you were going to die?....
  • Sarah from Coral Springs, FlI believe that what flyleaf did with writing this song is amazing. It makes you stand back a realize you don't know what will happen tomorrow you just have to live for today. To be held at gun point and being asked a question that decides your fate and knowing what will happen and then anwsering the truth even if it kills you.
    That has to one of the most couragous people ever. Also makes you think what would you do?
  • Chris from Buffalo, NyYou have to have respect for people that can stand up for what they believe in, I just hope I have the fortitude to answer the question like she did if I had to make that choice.
  • Matthew from Pheonix, AzI'm not here to rant about my religous views, but I deeply respect anyone who is so sure in there belief that they are willing to die for it. The people who said yes, in my eyes, are as brave, and deserve as much respect as, any soldier who died in war. And not just because they were in columbine.
  • Margo from Guelph, Onhmm i thought this song was about Lacey's sister? cuz in the acoustic it says "my sister Cassie pulled the trigger", and later in the song it's talking about her last words and that stuff, so why are people saying it's about someone that stood up for what they believed in? could someone tell me please? thanks.
  • Jennifer from Lawreneville, GeorgiaI personally love this song. its amazing in so many ways. while some people may not believe in God, you should still be able to respect the meaning of the song. i know a friend of mine is atheist and still loves this song. Because while its about standing up for God .. its also about standing up for what you believe in. If you dont want to believe in God that's your own decision. i would never ask you to. but i would love it if you could be so kind as to not bash those of us who do. this is what america is lacking .. a sense of pride and a reason to stand up for what we believe. i think that this song has so much more meaning than "oh its just another song about Jesus" .. not .. its SOO much more. its people taking a stand. while i have no idea if this is true .. whether there really were heros or not .. i would much rather believe that there was some good in what happened. i think the parents of the victims deserve to think the best of their children. why can't the grieving mother believe her child died for what she believed in? i think that makes her child a hero. why can't we all keep our own opinions and rather than name call like five year olds .. why can't we all believe what we want? why is it that if one person believes in god then they are dumb and dont have the facts right. or if another person doesn't believe in god they have no morals and should burn in hell? i think if we could all believe what we want and respect those who have a difference in opinion .. well maybe some good would come of the world.
    and PLEASE stop being so rude to the killers. i know .. strange request. but they were humans too. something drove them to the breaking point. while they took their anger and aggression out on the wrong people and in the wrong way.. they still had a reason for doing so. they weren't just some "spoiled rotten kids who wouldn't allow themselves to make friends and complained about their problems". ever think that it was people who thought such terrible things of them that tossed them over the edge? we should learn from this .. that maybe rather than casting someone out for being different .. maybe we should all branch out. get to know someone who we usually would overlook. leave your comfort zone and see the world from a new pair of eyes.
    so again .. i love this song. i love the meaning. and i wish everyone could see just how amazing this song is .. cause it really is. and i hope everyone learns to take a stand for what they believe in. i know i did.
  • Lizz from Williamsport, PaYes, this song is about Cassie Bernall, a student at Columbine High school that was killed at the massacre there. When it says "...And Cassie pulled the trigger..." it's not speaking literally. She did not pull the trigger and kill herself. She "pulled the trigger" by saying yes, that she did believe in God. In the demo version, they mention Rachel Joy Scott, another student killed for saying that she did believe in God. Don't make false accusations about things without knowing all the facts first, people!
  • Megan from Philly, Paok. lots of people here are dumb. they did ask cassie if she believed in god. as they did rachel. no they weren't together when they were shot. no the boys (killers) were not victims in any way. no they weren't insane. they were just spoiled rotten kids who wouldn't allow themselves to make friends and complained about their "problems." no cassie did not physically pull the trigger. jesus. she said YES and they shot her because she said yes. she knew they were going to shoot her and she "pulled the trigger" by saying yes.--------"It amuses me that so many people think Cassie was brave, before reading all the facts. She actually never said a word, and was simply shot. Rachel was also shot without a word being said. The only person who has the capacity to speak about this is Valeen Schnurr, who didn't even die. Those of you in these comments who claim the books and other accounts confirm, I pity you to be so obsessed with your religion to let it color your judgment in the face of truth. And the truth? The truth is, these kids died. The truth is, there were no heroes. There were only a lot of victims in the chaos, including the killers themselves. The ones to be blamed, would be humanity itself. But nothing can come of that anyways. People have issues, and they die or cause death. No amount of believing in any God changes that. This board here needs to simply remain quiet. Arguing your perspectives does not change death. I hope at least one of you realizes this." matthew sayre, pa.... dude, if your going to post, learn what your talking about. and get over the fact that your just an insecure fool. nobody listens to you because your negative and wrong. yea, believing in god makes no difference in some lives and it may have zero impact on when people die but not everybody who was even remotely inspired by this song believes in god. get over it. your like Dylan klebold and Eric Harris.
  • Matthew from Sayre, PaIt amuses me that so many people think Cassie was brave, before reading all the facts. She actually never said a word, and was simply shot. Rachel was also shot without a word being said. The only person who has the capacity to speak about this is Valeen Schnurr, who didn't even die. Those of you in these comments who claim the books and other accounts confirm, I pity you to be so obsessed with your religion to let it color your judgment in the face of truth.

    And the truth? The truth is, these kids died. The truth is, there were no heroes. There were only a lot of victims in the chaos, including the killers themselves. The ones to be blamed, would be humanity itself. But nothing can come of that anyways.

    People have issues, and they die or cause death. No amount of believing in any God changes that. This board here needs to simply remain quiet. Arguing your perspectives does not change death.

    I hope at least one of you realizes this.
  • Victoria from Valdosta, GaI think this song is saying that you shouldn't be afraid in what you believe in. Don't change what you believe because God WILL take care of you. If you die, then that means that God has said that it is time for you to die. That means that he wants you to be with Him.
  • Tye from Somerset,its so sad how mean ppl can be,but its so amazing how brave ppl are,this story changed my whole perspective in life,my outlook in life is dnt change what yu think is right to make someone else pleased,stay faithful and God will do the rest..
  • Brenna from Barnesville, Ohokay,
    i don't believe in god but this song means so much to me.
    my life did revolve around god,
    but now i don't believe in him,
    one night i had a dream of being killed because i believed in god and the next day i heard this song and cried
  • Jamie from Omaha, NeIt's about a two girls named Cassie Bernall and Rachel Joy Scott. Two Junoirs from a high scholl who were killed because of there believes. People came to there school and asked if the girls believed in god they both said yes or something that was like that and they were killed. Both girls have a memorial website made by their families. To get to the website just type in one of their names to google. I just did this a few minutes ago and there websites made me cry. I hate people who are prejudice against religions and I greatly honor both the girls decisions.
  • Kaylee from Texarana, ArIt confused me when I first heard this song. I though Cassie comitted suicide! Then I looked into the background information and realized that when it said that she pulled th trigger it meant she said yes! This is a great story even if you are not a Christian because this youg woman stood up for wat she believed in along with Rachel. Even when faced by death they didnt give in. I respect tem for this.
  • Stevie Rae from Tyler, TxOk, so i just got the Flyleaf c.d. and this was the second song i listened to, and when i heard it, i just cried. The lyrics are so powerful. I think Cassie was an amazing girl for staying so loyal to god. It took real bravery to say yes, i think both Cassie and Rachel were fantastic. I love both versions of the song, and i loove Flyleaf.
  • Emily from Orlado , Fli would say " i believe in.... " close my eyes
    and say:

  • Dezni from Bronx, New York, VaThis is so sad. I love both versions of the song. I even googled Cassie because I can't believe how great she was.
  • Samantha from Chicago, Ilboth stories are 100% true and both girls were in fact asked if they believed in God and both replied "yes" (there are published books about both cases and both contain witness testimony from other students around the girls- For Cassie's story it's "She said Yes; and for Rachel's it's Rachel's tears) and the acoustic version and the live version say both Cassie and Rachel, but the album version just says Cassie.
  • Olivia from Stanton, KyI absolutely adore the fact that Flyleaf made this song. It represents two young girls who's life was taken because of their beliefs. In 1999, there was a shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. Two students, Rachel Joy Scott and Cassie Bernall, were the victims of this horrible shooting. Rachel was lunching outside when the anonymous attacker held the gun to her head and aske if she believed in God. She said yes and the sound of the gun firing still rings in the ears of those who went through it all.
  • Sarah from Indianapolis,'s true, it seems many said she didn't say yes and wasn't asked. Harris slammed the table, yelled peekaboo and shot her and the kick broke his nose. He asked another girl after that if she wanted to die but according to her he had blood pouring out of his nose and was too disoriented and never shot her. The one girl for sure asked about God was Valeen. She prayed " God help me" or something and Klebold asked her if she believed in God, she said yes and he asked her why. She said that's what she believed or something and he reloaded but never shot her again. She was shot a few times already before he asked. You can disagree with me, I'm just saying what I found out. This is still a good, inspirational song.
  • Felicia from Fort Knox, KyShe did say YES because she was a christian and she did not pull the trigger herself because she was friends with them before she was a christian and they knew she was and if she said no they were still going to shoot her so i am going to pray for you who do not get that read the book "She Said Yes".
  • Erin from Lenexa, Ksthis is in response to Beth's comment:
    "I Love this song...But I think it's a total lie, because Cassie didn't say yes. The guy just slammed his hand on the table and said peekaboo then shot her in the head without eve talking to her. I like the version with Rachel in it best though, because that one's actually true. I do love Cassie's transformation for Christ, it's just amazing!"
    - Beth, Mahomet , IL

    This song isn't a lie! All the witnesses that were there in the library when she died heard her killer ask if she believed in God, she said yes then he shot her. I know nothing about this Rachel person but Cassie was shot after saying yes. After everyone heard the story about it, Cassie's mother wrote a book about Cassie's life and her journey to finding God. Maybe you should read that and get your facts straight before calling a song a total lie!!!
  • Christina from Atlanta, GaRachel was asked if she believed in God after being shot once. Cassie was shot because one of the shooters (probably Dylan Klebold) heard her praying.
  • Rachel from Wellsville, MoIt honestly doesn't matter if it is true that they asked Cassie or Rachel if she's still a wonderful thing for Lacey to write it...the chance of somebody knowing exactly what happened are very slim, even if you do know somebody that was there...they could have been either making it up, or they heard other people talking and just said stop with all the
  • Beth from Mahomet , IlI Love this song...But I think it's a total lie, because Cassie didn't say yes. The guy just slammed his hand on the table and said peekaboo then shot her in the head without eve talking to her. I like the version with Rachel in it best though, because that one's actually true. I do love Cassie's transformation for Christ, it's just amazing!
  • Megan from Champlain, Nythis song is really great. as soon as i heard it, it made me think of the book "she said yes" (maybe because they are related.duh). but, i love the first part of the song " the question asked in order. to save her life or take it. the answer to avoid death, the answer yes would make it..." i just think that its really powerfull, and it was like a kick in the face when i heard it...its just so amazing.
  • Mike from Sterling Heights, MiThis is in response to:
    ACTUALY the song says CASSIE pulled the trigger so why would the song be about a victim named cassie?
    - mariah, san antonio, TX

    yeah, the dude asked her if she beleived in God, and she said yes not knowing she was going to die because of it. but by saying yes, she technically pulled the trigger herself. =)
  • Jay from Seattle, WaOk Brian from denver give her a break ok she was just asking a question, plus you have no right to call anyone a dumb a**. Also I don't think you get the meaning of that verse in the song. It says is that Cassie was brave enough to stand up for what you believe in in any situation even if it means your death to stand for it. Also learn how to speak, and spell.
  • Brian from Denver, Cowell Mariah from San Antonio TX its says Cassie pulled the trigger because she was gave a choice to say no she dosent believe in god and save her life or say yes she dose believe in god and be killed. she said yes so in a way she pulled her own trigger.
  • Chelsey from Pawnee, IlI love this song but i never knew the story behide it. Fly leaf rocks!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mariah from San Antonio, TxACTUALY
    the song says CASSIE pulled the trigger
    so why would the song be about a victim named cassie?
  • Gracie from Arvada, CoMy cousin (patrick ireland) was in this shooting, he was in the library when cassie got shot, he got shot 3 times twice in the head and once in the leg. he got sht in the leg first, then his friend got shot in the leg so he tried to help his friend and thats when the shooters saw his head go a little over the table they shot him twice in the head he passed out and when he woke up it was all over and most of his friends were dead, he somehow got up and got to the window where he climbed out onto a swat truck below him.

    Rachel was actually asked if she did believe in got, according to the guy she was eating with the shooters shot her in the leg (they knew she was very spiritual) then one of them asked her if she still believed in god, she said you know i do and he shot her in the head.

    cassie was hideing under a desk when the shooters came in they said for all people wearing white hats or caps to stand up (it was traditional for the jocks to wear white hats, thats why pat was shot) when noone stood up they said we want the jocks, still noone stood up, so the shooters said fine we'll start shooting anyway, thats when they went around shooting under desks, they found cassie and he said peeka boo (some ppl ive talked to that were there said that he asked her if she believed in god) when he shot her the gun recoiled and broke his nose. the shot killed her
  • Stephanie from Central, ScI love FlyLeaf, like seriously a really amazing band. I like this song to an extent because I have a lot of books and everything on Columbine, the dvd as well. Anyways, I don't believe in god at all, im agnostic, but still it's a good song just because the girls died standing for they believe in. Im on Eric and Dylan's side though, I got treated the same way at my school and those same thoughts crossed my mind several times.
  • Deandra from Everett, WaI personally like the demo version better, but the usual one is good. When I first this song I understood what it meant on pretty much the first guess because I've heard a ton about Columbine. I took this song and presented it in one of my music classes and a ton of people liked it.
  • Kayla from Warwick, Rii never new what this song was about but when i found out i burst into tears

    kayla sayv rock on flyleaf
  • Trevor from Aurora, Ilalthough i love this song and i think it is a nice tribute to those of Columbine iv been doing some research on this and everything that i have read said that when they asked cassie if she believed in god is a myth, but the song still is beautiful and is a good eye opener.
  • Lane from Kc, KsI just read everyones comments and i broke down crying; I went to my room and prayed over those families that lost someone close to them. i love the song and thank you flyleaf for writing it.
  • Shannon from Bakersfield , CaHow sad.It always reminds me of the virgina tech masscre after it happened.
    A moment of silance please.............................................................................................................................................
  • Eric from Columbia, ScIf placed in the same position as these two girls, i would say yes because i have faith that i would go to heaven with God. Also denying your faith is, in my opinion, one of the highest forms of sin
  • Fred from Minocqua, Wi36 Victims of a shooting 2 died becuase they believed in god this almost happend to my school
  • Bela from J.b, Fli LOVE this song!!! its really sad though...i mean like what its about. imagine YOU being in the position of Cassie and Rachel answering that question probably not knowing that saying YES would kill them. : (
  • Alex from Linwood, NjTo shannon from woodstock, there is a book called "She said yes", which is about cassie bernall and by her mother. What happened was she was in the library reading about Macbeth, and she hid under a library desk. Dylan leaned under and made her stand up. He put the gun ot her head and asked if she beleived in god and she said yes. He then asked why but shot her before she could answer.

    And also, im glad i found this site because when I read the book i was thinking, what if flyleafs song is about cassie bernall and it ended up that way, and i found the site very easily too.
  • Shannon from Woodstock, Canadaactually they never asked Rachel if she beleived in god she was eating lunch with a friend then they both got shot once then Rachel got shot a second time and then died.and according to her friend they did'nt speak to them at all.did'nt ask if they beilieved in god didn't even ask what time it was.and according to evidence in the library where cassie was killed (including severel eye-witness reports)says that she was hiding under a desk and one of the shooters looked under said "peek-a-boo" and then shot her.some people said they heard him say "do you belive in god"to another girl who survived and seems that he would have shot her either way.
  • Chelsea from San Jose, CaThe version that mentions Rachel is on the Flyleaf EP. The one that just says cassie is on the Flyleaf LP.
  • Roni from North Lima, Ohi luv this song very much
  • Ritsuka from San Antonio, TxThis song is about Cassie Bernall who was shot at Columbine after saying she believed in God. Many people swear it says Rachel at some parts, another girl who was the first one shot at columbine. However the version that says Rachel is just the version they put on their demo CD. (the song is commonly mistakened for the real version) The real version says only Cassie.
  • Cheryl from Poolville, TxI had some speakers come to my school today and talk about the Columbine tragedy. On the version of "Cassie" that i have on my ipod, does mention Rachel. Her full name is Rachel Joy Scott and she was actually the first to be killed outside the building. She was shot twice and then asked if she still believed in God and when no matter how much pain she was feeling, she said yes and they ended her life with a final blow to the head. Her mother was one of the speakers and showed us so many amazing things of how Rachel was as a person. You can check out more on the speakers at
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