Friend Of A Friend

Album: In Your Honor (2005)
  • He needs a quiet room
    With a lock to keep him
    In its just a quiet room
    And he's there
    He plays an old guitar
    With a coin found by the phone
    It was his friends guitar
    That he played
    Hm mm mm

    He's never been in love
    But he knows just what love is
    He says never mind
    And no one speaks

    He thinks he drinks too much
    Cause when he tells his two best friends
    I think I drink too much

    No one speaks
    No one speaks
    No one speaks
    Hm hm mm mm mm hm hm mm

    He plays an old guitar
    With a coin found by the phone
    It was his friends guitar

    That he played
    When he plays
    No one speaks
    No one speaks
    And he plays
    No one speaks Writer/s: DAVID ERIC GROHL
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Kayla from Hattiesburg, MsI love this song. It's so peaceful, and it sets up a pretty vivid mental image despite the simple lyrics.
  • Adam from Centralia, WaLove his pure passion, he is not only giving observations as astranger to a new place, hes putting alot of himself outthere by singing personally about cobain after his death (if it is the 1997 recording). I can tell his sorrow went into it. such a gret line " and noone speaks ".
  • Layton from Paris, TxEarly shades of an amazing song writer. Dave Grohl is my all time idol!
  • Chris from Newcastle Upon Tyne, United KingdomSurprised no one has picked up on this, 'He said Nevermind' Dave Grohl joined Nirvana on the verge of the release of the album 'Nevermind', coincidence? I think not.
  • Cam from Wichita, Ksthe reason why its named friend of a friend is because that is the way Dave Grohl was connected with Nirvana. Dave's band had just broken up and he was looking for work. When he called a guy he knew from the band the melvins, and that guy mentioned that Kurt and Krist were looking for a new drummer and gave Dave there number...."AND THE REST IS HISTORY"

    here is a vid
  • Li from Washington Dc, DcMany songs are falsely connected to Kurt Colbains death. However, when interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air, Dave Grohl said that this song was influenced by his time living with Kurt. The line "He needs a quiet room
    With a lock to keep him in" refers to Kurt, who used to go off to his room and write in his now famous journal. Check the entire interview out here:
  • Baylee from Chch, New ZealandI really like this song, i saw it in concert
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmProbably the only thing that bugs me about songfacts is this. People submitting Foo Fighters songs, and saying they are about Kurt Cobain. Though they may have some inspiration, its never been proven, and people post their opinions as FACTS. There is no possible way that this song is about Kurt's final months, since Smells Like Teen Spirit wasn't even a major hit when this song was written in 1990.
  • Ross from Scotland, ScHey i have jst came across this song and wow its amazing a think it has a bit or what kurt was about in it and also daves time with the band at the start very powerful
  • Sophie from Seattle, United Statesi love this song i think its sad but i think its sorta true .
    dave grohl did a really good job
  • Andy from Wellington, New ZealandThis song was originally recorded by Dave Grohl in December 1990, during his time with Nirvana, but before Nevermind was released, at Jones' Laundry Room. The style of the song was majorly influenced by Cobain but was not directly about him. 'Friend of a Friend, a confessional dark acoustic strum along the song found Grohl singing about his friend's friend, the guitar. An instrument which is presented as being a replacement for human love.'

    From 'Dave Grohl. Foo Fighters, Nirvana & Other Misadventures.' A biography by Martin James.

  • Ben from Bristol, Englandi think this is one of the best Foo Fighters songs written. It has real emotion and is simple but well presented.
  • Kurt from D.c, Dcthis is the worst song ever written and i hope that it isn't about Sir.Cobain because im sure Dave has a bit more to say about their relationship then "he said nevermind and no one talked"
  • Gordon from Glasgow, Scotlandhow to attract publicity well done dave
  • Dave from Ballarat, AustraliaActually it isnt about the final months of Curt Cobain If you ever did any reading especially rolling stone magazines, dave grohl tells the whole story.

    Dave wrote this within the fews weeks of moving in with Kurt, a "Friend of a Friend" is Kurt, Dave moved in with only meeting Kurt twice ( i think it was), and as we know Kurt wasnt the most sane of people and use to spend all his spare time playing the guitar, and Dave is trying to say it was beautiful so no one would speak or interupt his playing
  • Pat from SydneySorry Matt but i think your wrong aswell, Grohl wrote this song before any major success with nirvana, before unplugged in New York and before kurt was first admitted to rehab and also kurt wasn't that heavy a drinker compared to Krist so the line "he drinks too much" probably refers more to Krist than Kurt.
  • Andy from Springfield, MoThat is not what that song is about. In the most recent issue of Guitar World Acoustic there was an interview with Dave Grohl. GWA asked him about this song and he states "That song was about loneliness. When i first joined Nirvana, i moved to Washington, and into this little apartment with Kurt. And it was just so quite-there was nothing to do. It was winter, and it was dark, cold, wet and dirty. Just depressing. The only thing there was to do was sit on the couch and play acoustic guitar for, like, 10 hours a day. So i wrote that song about these two strangers-Kurt and Krist-that I'd just met. It's basically about the three of us, at a time before Nevermind, before all of the fame and everything else. It's the first song i Ever wrote on acoustic."

    Sorry to burst your bubble. While your interpretation made a little bit of sense, thats not what it's about. Happy to clear things up.

    -Foo Fighters fan
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