Stacked Actors

Album: There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)
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  • Oh mirror mirror
    You're coming in clear
    I'm finally somewhere in between
    I'm impressed
    What a beautiful chest
    I never meant to make a big scene

    Will you resign to the latest design
    You look so messy when you dress up in dreams
    One more for hire
    Or wonderful liar?
    I think its time we all should come clean

    Stack dead actors
    Stacked to the rafters
    Line up the bastards
    All I want is the truth

    Hey hey now, can you fake it?
    Can you make it look like we want?
    Hey hey now, can you take it?
    And we cry when they all die blond?

    God bless, what a sensitive mess
    Yeah but things aren't always what they seem
    Your teary eyes
    Your famous disguise
    Never knowing who to believe

    See through
    Yeah, but what do you do?
    When you're just another aging drag queen?

    Stack dead actors
    Stacked to the rafters
    Line up the bastards
    All I want is the truth

    Hey hey now, can you fake it?
    Can you make it look like we want?
    Hey hey now, can you take it?
    And we cry when they all die blond? Writer/s: Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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  • Daniel from Indianapolis, InPreach, Dave!!!
  • Vernita from Melbourne, AustraliaInteresting quote on this song:

    'Cornered alone in the SNL studio, Taylor ponders how Courtney-specific 'Stacked Actors' actually is.
    "Hmmm," he drawls. "it's probably more of a movement in Hollywood and rock'n'roll but I'm sure there's a little bit of her in there," he grins, winks and all but nudges the tape recorder.
    "She needn't be too vain, it's not all about her," he says before abandoning all diplomacy pretty unequivocally. "She's f--ked. For millions of reasons. And I don't even know her. Oh, I've met her a couple of times and she was rude. She wants to be a star and she is one. At least she got what she wanted. I hope it filled the hole for her. No pun intended." he smiles. "Oh, there's a sentence or two probably dedicated to her. Dave would never fully admit it to you, but I know."'

    Source:Friend or Foo?
    NME 1999
  • Michael from Morris County, Nji love how this song is about hating hollywood and wanting to see all those self-righteous actors dead. its got a cool riff too.
  • Tracy from Tulsa, OkBullsh*t Hollywood song.
    Fake doesn't have to mean Courtney, even if it DOES apply.
    By the way, you don't DYE bleach.
  • Cari from Knebworth, EnglandGive it up with the Kurt/Courtney stuff, every single song he writes is not about them. Dave dedicated this song to Primal Scream at the Isle of Wight Festival because he said they had an attitude problem. It's about fake people and his experiences of living in LA.
  • Valerie from Las Cruces, NmI am pretty tired of the fact that everyone thinks all of Dave Grohl's songs have to be about Kurt Cobain. I honestly think he has other things to write about. And the comment about "a plea from Dave for somebody to stand up and admit they killed his hero." C'mon! Dave himself has said that he wrote this for Ozzy and Ozzy didnt want it. And that it's about the fakness of L.A. and the things that the industry does to people. It's "cry when they all dye blonde".
  • Leia from New York, NyDave wrote this song for Ozzy Osbourne after Ozzy asked him to write a song for his album (Ozzy doesn't write songs anymore, he's too fried). Ozzy rejected it, Dave Grohl thought it was a good song, and added it to the Foos next album. It's definitely not about Courtney... basically only a couple Foo songs are... and I highly doubt Dave Grohl would write a song about his hatrid of Courtney Love and give it to Ozzy Osbourne to sing.
  • Mckee from Huntsville, AlI don't think that this is about Courtney at seems like it's just a song about Hollywood sucking hardcore.
  • Pat from SydneyI always thought the song was about the fakeness of hollywood and actors and show biz in general. I can understand the Kurt/Courtney point of view but i really dont think it's what dave meant. I think it's also meant to be "and we cry when they all DYE blonde" no DIE blonde, in referance to how so much fuss is made over celebrities and how when they dye their hair everyone makes a big commotion
  • Abz from Austin, Txthe song, according to dave, is about his experiances living in los angeles and how "aspiring" actors/actresses come there and all seem to change into the same thing. It's about how Hollywood and show business can take a very unique and original personality and butcher it into nothing but blonde hair and fake breasts. He explained this at a concert that i was at a few days ago before they played the song!
  • Erin from Cowra, AustraliaIt is inevitably about how courtney pushed kurt to his ever saddening suicide. If you read the lyrics closly it is all there..."a wonderful liar..." she definatly fooled most of the's annoying that people won't admit to something they may have done and what's worse is she's probably not feeling any pain for it.
  • Danny from Melbourne, AustraliaIts about how Courtney may have killed Kurt but she will not admit it. Cry when there all die blond is about Kurt dying. Line up the bastards all I want is the truth is saying just come clean
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaListening to this song definitely evoked memories of Kurt. This song can't be about anyone else.
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlI've never looked at this song like that before but now that I think about it, it's probably about that evil woman they call Courtney.
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