I Go Hard

Album: Lightning on the Strings, Thunder on the Mic (2010)
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  • I got the Metro card, you got the Porsche
    I got plaque in my wallet, you like to floss
    I cop two Coronas and you buy out the bar
    I represent hip-hop, who's the real star?
    You got ghost writers and I spit from the cranium
    You say you got guns, since 12 I've been aiming 'em
    Before you went platinum you wasn't getting' no ass
    Now you sold out homie, now you given' em asses
    Like I'm givin' a mass the way I preach to the choir
    From the depths of hell I spit nothin' but fire
    It's the goal of the streets, it's the passion in my heart
    It's the pain and poverty that makes me rip tracks apart
    I'm the truth when I step in the booth
    When I'm rippin' the crowd
    I'm taking over the industry
    I'm airing 'em out
    Nuttin' to lose 'cept my hat and my shoes
    From a sinner to a winner now I just can't lose

    Your cash ain't gonna help you
    If you ain't quick on the trigger
    Your name is big
    But my pull is bigger
    I go hard
    I go hard

    When the chips are down
    You won't see me coming
    By the time you turn around
    Your whole crew is runnin'

    I go hard
    I go hard

    America is at war, hip-hop is full of whores
    They wouldn't let me in so I kicked down the door
    I ain't waivin' the .44, waving the black flag
    Or the black mask with a black bag full of blackjacks
    Ice grillin' the game like "where's my cash at?"
    Fuckers fake-ass battles – T.O.N.E.Z is past that
    The essence of hip-hop, this ain't no flashback
    I'm the future, forever funky like an ass-crack
    Oh! My voice is power and my word is law
    My princess alone deserves a throne
    I didn't want to be king, I just want to do my thing
    Find a queen give her a ring and be seen
    Put a little paper aside for my sons
    Take a li'l' vacay, chill under the sun
    Show love to other artists who stay on the grind
    And have my lyrics remembered till the end of time

    I go hard
    I go hard
    I go hard
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