Album: Perfect Stranger (2006)
  • My telephone rang
    and now the flag flies
    at half mast today.
    Holy Mary mother of God
    What have I done
    to make it end this way?
    How I wish
    there were something that I could say
    to change what has become of someone who
    didnt deserve it just now.

    Maybe I should cut my hair
    or change the way that it falls around my face
    Today Im feeling more than just
    a little out of place
    Im feeling just too
    uncomfortable in my own skin

    I sat down and talked to God today.
    I wanted to know
    How was my family?
    Water to wine,
    Is life fine for you?
    I dont see why it shouldnt be,
    youre in the company of
    everyone that youll ever need.


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