With My Little Ukulele In My Hand

Album: Leaning on a Lamp Post (1933)
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  • Now everybody's got a crazy notion of their own
    Some like to mix up with a crowd, some like to be alone
    It's no one else's business as far as I can see
    But every time that I go out the people stare at me

    With my little ukulele in my hand, of course the people do not understand
    Some say why don't you be a scout, why don't you read a book?
    But I get lots more pleasure when I'm playing with my uke.

    Of course I take no notice you can tell
    For mother's sound advice will always stand.
    She said "My boy do what I say and you'll never go astray
    If you keep your ukulele in your hand, yes son
    Keep your ukulele in your hand."

    While walking down the prom last night as peaceful as can be
    When some young girl said "what about a stroll down by the sea?"
    She said her name was Jane and that she'd just come for the day.
    She looked so young and harmless that I couldn't turn away

    So with my little ukulele in my hand, I took a stroll with Jane along the sand.
    We walked along for miles without a single care or frown
    But when we reached the sand hills she said "Come on let's sit down."
    I felt so shy and bashful sitting there, 'cause the things I said she didn't understand
    She said "Your love just turns me dizzy, come along big boy get busy"
    But I kept my ukulele in my hand, yes sir, I kept my ukulele in my hand.

    Make up my mind that I'd get wed some eighteen months ago.
    I also bought a book about the things you want to know.
    But just about a week ago I got a awful fright,
    I had to get dressed quickly in the middle of the night.

    And with my little ukulele in my hand, I ran along the road for Dr. Brand
    It didn't take him long to get his little bag of tools.
    I held his hat and coat and let him have my book of rules.
    Out of the bedroom door he looked and smiled

    He said, "Come inside and see your wife and child."
    My heart it jumped with joy, I could see it was a boy
    For he had a ukulele in his hand, oh baby
    He had a ukulele in his hand.


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