Early Morning Rain

Album: Lightfoot! (1965)
  • In the early mornin' rain
    With a dollar in my hand
    With an aching in my heart
    And my pockets full of sand
    I'm a long ways from home
    And I missed my loved one so
    In the early mornin' rain
    With no place to go

    Out on runway number nine
    Big seven o seven set to go
    Well I'm stuck here on the grass
    Where the pavement never grows
    Where the liquor tasted good
    And all the women all were fast
    There, there she goes my friend
    She's rolling down at last

    Hear the mighty engines roar
    See the silver wing on high
    She's away and westward bound
    For above the clouds she'll fly
    Where the mornin' rain don't fall
    And the sun always shines
    She'll be flying over my home
    In about three hours time

    This ol' airport's got me down
    It's no damn good to me
    And I'm stuck here on the ground
    As cold and drunk as I can be
    Can't jump a jet plane
    Like you can a freight train
    So I best be on my way
    In the early mornin' rain
    Can't jump a jet plane
    Like you can a freight train
    So I best be on my way
    In the early mornin' rain Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaI'm surprised too, of Elvis recording the song, because Col Tom made a policy of not letting him record anything that was not signed over to Elvis and Col Tom so they would get the royalty rights. My fav version of this song is by The Kingston Trio, with the line up of Roger, George and Bob
  • Luke from WinnipegMany, many great songs from this man. The Canadian Bob Dylan.
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