21st Century Breakdown

Album: 21st Century Breakdown (2009)
  • Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell
    A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled
    The last one born and the first one to run,
    My town was blind from refinery sun

    My generation is zero
    I never made it as a working class hero
    21st century breakdown
    I once was lost but never was found
    I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
    To the 20th century deadline

    I was made of poison and blood
    Condemnation is what I understood
    Video games of the Tower's fall
    Homeland security could kill us all

    My generation is zero
    I never made it as a working class hero
    21st century breakdown
    I once was lost but never was found
    I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
    To the 20th century deadline

    We are the class of the class of thirteen
    Born in the era of humility
    We are the desperate in the decline
    Raised by the bastards of 1969

    My name is no one, your long lost son
    Born on the fourth of July
    Raised in the era of heroes and cons
    That left me for dead or alive

    I am a nation, a worker of pride
    My debt to the status quo
    The scars on my hands there a means to an end
    Is all that I have to show

    I swallowed my pride and choked on my faith
    I've given my heart and my soul
    I've broken my fingers and I've lied through my teeth
    The pillar of damage control

    I've been to the edge
    And I've thrown the bouquet of flowers left over the grave
    I sat in the waiting room, wasting my time
    And waiting for Judgment Day

    I praise liberty
    The freedom to obey
    Is the song that strangles me
    Well don't cross the line

    Oh, dream, America, dream
    I can't even sleep
    From the light's early dawn
    Oh, scream, America, scream
    Believe what you see
    From heroes and cons Writer/s: Michael Pritchard, Frank E., Iii Wright, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Maddy from Boston, MaThis song and its video is great! It used to take me to work every morning and would end when I got there. I had to take the CD out of my car for a while for fear of getting sick of it :)
  • Sc from Anchorage, AkLOVE this song...
    In Tre' Cool's cover of 'Chocolate Rain' by Tay Zonday (look it up on YouTube), Tre' accidentally sings part of this song :) lol
  • K from Nowhere, OnI always thought the whole "21st century breakdown" was about everybody freaking out about 2012. There's another line about the "20th century deadline" and I thought that was about Y2K. People are treating it the same way. The whole "class of '13" thing seemed like a thing to say "people, it's not going to happen."
  • Joshua from Cordova, AkThis song means as the lyrics say billie joe was born when nixon was president and his life was pretty much hell for him and he was raised on welfare because he was the youngest of 12 he was the last one born but the first to move out of the house and he grew up next to an oil refinery which was closed later because it was giving off chemicals which caused the students to get headaches and he never felt like he belonged in his family because he was so different from his mom who liked country music and billie joe never got a job and the only way he made money was being on tour in the early years of when he was in sweet children then it goes into the theme of the 21st century he once was lost but never was found saying that he never really had faith in religion or christianity for that matter and thinks that he is losing whats left of his mind from all the smoking pot and drugs when he was young and now he is just going crazy and then it just goes back into the 21st century breakdown theme
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ilgah, i love this song so much. there's so much to it and billie joe has a really good point and he always has in any of his songs. i still love the band after american idiot and all because it seems they lost alot of fans after it..i don't know why, i mean what he talks about in his lyrics and songs are so meaningful still. rock on green day.
  • Katie from San Angelo, TxSomeone seriously screwed up the lyrics
  • Jessica from Hoemaha, IcelandBillie joe was not born in 69. He was born in 1972. So he is not singing about himself, nor calling himself a bastard.
  • Brad from Lexington, KyThe Beatles broke up in 1970, and I doubt the reliabilty of that quote.
  • Kayla from Ballston Lake, NyNo, Billie Joe's wife was born in 1969, Lulu. And his older son, Joey, is in the class of '13.
  • Lulu from New Orleans, Lawhen i hear that line about the bastards of 1969 i always think of the Beatles. John Lennon called them "the biggest bastards on earth" (one of the few things i would have to disagree with him on) a few months after the breakup so while i'm not sure of the date that he said this it was probably in 1969 and since Green Day seems to like Lennon it's possible this was another reference. Anyone know anything for sure?
  • Nick from Dtown, PaI really like this album. This is my favorite song. "We are the class of, the class of '13. Born in the era of humility. We are the desperate and in the decline. Raised by the bastards of 1969."
    I love that part, because I am in the class of 2013 and my mom was born in 1969. Kind of ironic.
  • Akiva from Manhattan, Nyforgetting all the political stuff this is a great album
  • Matt from Houston, TxThat goes for many generation x bands. but now obama is the president. so now if obama doesn't get us out of this economic hole, they will start writing songs about him. lot of pressure
  • Michael from Tucson, AzThe band constantly blames Bush for everything in the world. That's crap.

    But they make great music.
  • Matt from Houston, Txtechn ically green day is pop punk. everything before american idiot was punk but they kinda moved on from that. I haven't heard the album yet but I will take your word for it, unless you think american idiot is also "an awesome punk album". in which case I will have to see for myself.
  • Sarawoll from Burlington, Njit's 5-15-2009 and this was just real released today! i love green day and this song is incredibleeeeeeee!
  • Nick from Cairns, Australiais the album released already? i haven't heard much news about it anyway
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