Get In The Ring

Album: Use Your Illusion II (1991)
  • Why do you look at me when you hate me?
    Why should I look at you when you make me hate you too?
    I sense a smell of retribution in the air
    I don't even understand why the fuck you even care
    And I don't need your jealousy yeah
    Why drag me down in your misery

    And when you stare you don't think I feel it
    But I'm gonna deal it back to you in spades
    When I'm havin' fun ya know I can't conceal it
    'cause I know you'd never cut in my game, oh no
    And when you're talkin' about a vasectomy, yeah
    I'll be writin' down your obituary...history!

    You got your bitches with the silicone injections
    Crystal meth and yeast infections
    Bleached blond hair, collagen lip projections
    Who are you to criticize my intentions?
    Got your subtle manipulative devices
    Just like you I got my vices
    I got a thought that would be nice
    I'd like to crush your head tight in my vice...pain!!

    And that goes for all of you punks in the press
    That want to start shit by printin' lies instead of the things we said
    That means you andy secher at hit parader, circus magazine
    Mick wall at kerrang, bob guccione jr. at spin
    What you pissed off 'cause your dad gets more pussy than you?
    Fuck you! suck my fuckin' dick!

    You be rippin' off the fuckin' kids
    While they be payin' their hard earned money to read about the bands they want to know about
    Printin' lies, startin' controversy
    You want to antagonize me? antagonize me motherfucker!
    Get in the ring motherfucker! and I'll kick your bitchy little ass! punk!!

    I don't like you, I just hate you
    I'm gonna kick your ass, oh yeah! oh yeah!

    You may not like our integrity yeah
    We built a world out of anarchy oh yeah!

    And in this corner, weighing in at 850 pounds; guns n' roses!

    Get in the ring(x16)

    This song is dedicated to all the guns n' fuckin' roses fans
    Who stuck with us through all the fucking shit
    And to all those opposed...hmm...well...Writer/s: (USA 2) SLASH, IZZY STRADLIN, DUFF MC KAGAN, DARREN A REED, MATT SORUM, W. AXL ROSE
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 5

  • Frankie from Sunset Strip, Los Angelesno, dazed; it's duff. watch it live and you'll see
  • Dazed; from Verona, ItalyDavid, is clearly Axl's voice.
  • April from Birmingham, AlBarry, I don't know exactly about Andy and Bob, but I do know that Mick Wall went out of his way to twist Axl's words around. Mick was notorious for talking out of his ass.
  • David from Alexandria, VaIt's Duff thanking the fans at the end, not Axl.
  • Barry from New York, NcAnyone know what Andy Secher at Hit Parader, Mick Wall at Kerrang! and Bob Guccione Jr. at Spin wrote about that angered Axl so much? Since the song was from 1991-2, and so many years ago it probably doesn't really matter anymore.
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