Album: Manic (2020)
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  • ("I really was born at 9:29 am on nine twenty-nine)
    (You think I'm lying but I'm being dead serious")
    ("I need to see this birth certificate")
    ("Okay, I'll prove it")

    Well who am I? I'm almost 25
    Can't remember half the time that I've been alive
    'Cause half was in a cheap apartment
    And half was on the Eastside

    They said don't, "Don't meet your heroes
    They're all fucking weirdos"
    And God knows that they were right
    Because nobody loves you, they just try to fuck you
    Then put you a feature on the B-side
    And who do you call when it's late at night?
    When the headlines just don't paint the picture right
    When you look at yourself on a screen and say
    "Oh my God, there's no way that's me"

    And I, I quit smoking, well recently I tried
    And I bought another house and I never go outside
    And I remember this girl with pink hair in Detroit
    What she told me
    She said, "Ashley you gotta promise us that you won't die
    'Cause we need you" and honestly I think that she lied
    And I remember the names of every single kid I've met
    But I forget half the people who I've gotten in bed

    And I've stared at the sky in Milwaukee
    And hoped that my father would finally call me
    And it's just these things that I'm thinking for hours
    And I'm picking my hair out in clumps in the shower
    I lost the love of my life to an ivory powder
    But then I realize that I'm no higher power

    That I wasn't in love then and I'm still not now
    And I'm so happy I figured that out
    I've got a long way to go until self-preservation
    Think my moral compass is on a vacation
    And I can't believe I still feed my fucking temptation
    And I'm still looking for my salvation

    Soft and slow, watch the minutes go
    Count out loud so we know you don't keep 'em for yourself
    Watch the minutes go
    Count out loud so we know you don't keep 'em for yourself

    "I think I have a confession to make (so we know you don't)
    I have to say I was really born at 9:26, it's on my birth certificate
    I'm a liar, I'm a fucking liar"
    Soft and slow, watch the minutes go
    Count out loud so we know you don't keep 'em for yourself Writer/s: Ashley Frangipane, Jasper Sheff, Johnathan Cunningham
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Songtrust Ave, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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