The Hunted Child

Album: The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say (1989)
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  • Verse 1
    (Today in Los Angeles another youth loses his life. Gunshot wound to
    the head. Street violence is at an all time high)

    No jokin' I'm sleepin' with my eyes open
    Wanted for a homicide ride the gun's still smokin'
    Didn't know what I was doin' but did it anyway
    Now the posse's on my trail they say I'm gonna pay (Run!)

    I had a gun it's mine and I packed it
    Out with my crew the boys caught some static
    Me and this sucker punk went at it
    Bang! Nine automatic

    Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child

    (Sources say the assailant was 17-years old and lives in South-Central
    Los Angeles)

    Now I'm on a hideout tip 'cause they're after me
    LAPD says they're gonna capture me
    Was I crazy? I guess I had to be
    'Cause once you kill it's instant catastrophe

    Your whole life is over (Through!)
    Forget about your girl your (Crew!)
    Nowhere to run, so what you gonna do?
    Be glad it's me, homeboy, and not you

    The Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child
    Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child

    I'm only 17, I didn't mean to kill, man
    But I was slangin' and bangin' for the thrill, man
    When they said (Kill!) I felt chill, man
    But once I pulled the trigger, boy, then things got ill, man

    My homeboys dipped out the back fast
    Left me alone in the echo of the gun blast
    Everybody saw my face, I didn't wear a mask
    You want to know my name? Just ask

    The Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child
    Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child

    (The science of Capitalism which you teach to the youth on the streets
    today with the 'ends justifying the means' mentality ain't happenin')

    I'm sweatin' heavy 'cause my face is on TV
    Everybody in this whole world's after me
    Since I was young I never had a damned thing
    At Christmas time I'd hate to hear the bells ring

    'Cause in the ghetto Santa ain't got a dime
    Your mother's standin' in the welfare line
    The way the youth survive is crime
    My life is over so I might as well speak my mind

    I killed a brother 'cause this system had me geared to kill
    'Cause what I call home you call hell
    My ghetto quarters ain't no better than a jail cell
    But there's a message in this story that I'm tryna tell

    We're just brothers on the streets killin' brothers
    This system has us geared to kill one another
    Sellin' dope to poison each other
    The plan of The Man, word to the mother

    But I'm a sucker 'cause I fell into their plan
    187, I killed a brother man
    My life on Earth was hell, you understand?
    But when I die I'm goin' to hell again

    I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child The
    Hunted Child

    I'm the Hunted Child
    I'm the Hunted Child Writer/s: CHARLES ANDRE GLENN, TRACY MARROW
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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