Are You In?

Album: Morning View (2002)
Charted: 34
  • Its so much better
    When everyone is in
    Are you in?
    Its so much better
    When everyone is in
    Are you in?
    Oh oh
    Are you in?
    You oh
    Are you in?

    Its so much better
    When everyone is in
    Are you in?
    Its so much easier
    When sea foam green is in fashion
    You you oh
    Are you in?
    You oh oh oh
    Are you in?

    Are you are you are you are you are you are you are
    You are you are you are you are you are you are
    You are you are you are you are you are you
    (everybody everybody in)
    (oh oh oh)

    You ooh
    Are you in?
    You ooh
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  • Joe from Crown Point, InI don't know if anyone has thought of this but I read somewhere that Are You In could also resemble the word RUN. Are (R) You (U) In (N). The song could be asking you, Are you in? and if you are not, then in run away. This song was also featured in a Verizon Wireless commercial for being apart of the "IN" network. I thought that was clever.
  • Zach from Indianapolis, In"It's so much better, when everyone is in, are you in?" Wow, could it be any closer to the truth? No one likes to be alone. And the way Brandon Boyd words his lyrics is simply amazing. This songs is always the first song I put on any playlist!! It is simply genious.
  • Zach from Indianapolis, InI personally thought this song was about being part of the ''in'' crowd. But, Brandon Boyd is not the type of singer/song writer to worry about clicks and being part of a group. If it is about an orgy, hell yeah!!! Incubus is by far the best band I have ever listened to. Brandon Boyd's solo album "the wild trapeze" is absolutely amazing. When people say Lil Wayne is the best lyricist in the game today, I want to smack them, because Brandon Boyd runs circles around Weezy F Baby.
  • Captain D from Cincinnati, OhI'm in Brandon!
  • Zak from New York City , Nythis is one of the best Incubus songs!
  • Rachel from Cincinnati, Ohlol wow would have never thought brandon boyd was down like that. I will laugh everytime i listen to this song now.
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