22 Acacia Avenue

Album: The Number of the Beast (1982)
  • If you're feeling down depressed and lonely
    I know a place where we can go
    22 Acacia Avenue
    Meet a lady that I know
    So if you're looking for a good time
    And you're prepared to pay the price
    Fifteen quid is all she asks for
    Everybody's got their vice

    If you're waiting for a long time
    For the rest to do their piece
    You can tell her that you know me
    And you might even get it free
    So any time you're down the East End
    Don't you hesitate to go
    You can take my honest word for it
    She'll teach you more than you can know

    Charlotte can't you get out from all this madness
    Can't you see it only brings you sadness
    When you entertain your men don't know the risk of getting disease

    Some day when you're reaching the age of forty
    I bet you'll regret the days when you were laying
    Nobody then will want to know
    You won't have any beautiful wares to show any more

    22, the avenue
    That's the place where we all go
    You will find it's warm inside the red light's burning bright tonight

    Charlotte isn't it time you stopped this mad life
    Don't you ever think about the bad times
    Why do you have to live this way
    Do you enjoy your lay or is it the pay

    Sometimes when your strolling down the avenue
    The way you walk it make men think of having you
    When you're walking down the street
    Everybody stops and turns to stare at you

    22, the avenue
    That's the place where we all go
    You will find it's warm inside the red light's burning bright tonight

    Beat her mistreat her do anything that you please
    Bite her excite her make her get down on her knees
    Abuse her misuse her she can take all that you've got
    Caress her molest her she always does what you want

    You're running away don't you know what you're doing
    Can't you see it'll lead you to ruin
    Charlotte you've taken your life and you've thrown it away
    You believe that because what you're earning
    Your life's good don't you know that you're hurting
    All the people that love you don't cast them aside
    All the men that are constantly drooling
    It's no life for you stop all that screwing
    You're packing your bags and you're coming with me Writer/s: STEPHEN PERCY HARRIS, ADRIAN FREDERICK SMITH
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Richard Harris from Bc CanadaThe true Charlotte the Harlot (from the first album) was written by Dave Murray, Not Adrian Smith, 22 Acacia Ave was originally a rough draft of "Countdown" from Smiths old Band Urchin. at least he tells her to stop all that screwing and pack up her bags and come with me (pre - Pretty woman).
  • Anthony from Parsippany, NjClassic Maiden......
  • Jordan from St.catharines, OnIn a later part of the song one of Charlottes patrons is tring to convince here to quit because of the risk of getting an STD and also to consider the fact that the older she gets the less desireable she will be
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