Alexander The Great

Album: Somewhere In Time (1986)
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  • "My son ask for thyself another
    Kingdom, for that which I leave
    is too small for thee"
    (King Philip of Macedonia - 339 B.C.)

    Near to the east
    In a part of ancient Greece
    In an ancient land called Macedonia
    Was born a son
    To Philip of Macedon
    The legend his name was Alexander

    At the age of nineteen
    He became the Macedon King
    And he swore to free all of Asia Minor
    By the Aegian Sea
    In 334 B.C.
    He utterly beat the armies of Persia

    Alexander the Great
    His name struck fear into hearts of men
    Alexander the Great
    Became a legend 'mongst mortal men

    King Darius the third
    Defeated fled Persia
    The Scythians fell by the river Jaxartes
    Then Egypt fell to the Macedon King as well
    And he founded the city called Alexandria

    By the Tigris river
    He met King Darius again
    And crushed him again in the battle of Arbela
    Entering Babylon
    And Susa, treasures he found
    Took Persepolis the capital of Persia

    Alexander the Great
    His name struck fear into hearts of men
    Alexander the Great
    Became a God amongst mortal men

    A Phrygian King had bound a chariot yoke
    And Alexander cut the 'Gordian knot'
    And legend said that who untied the knot
    He would become the master of Asia

    Helonism he spread far and wide
    The Macedonian learned mind
    Their culture was a western way of life
    He paved the way for Christianity

    Marching on, marching on
    The battle weary marching side by side
    Alexander's army line by line
    They wouldn't follow him to India
    Tired of the combat, pain and the glory

    Alexander the Great
    His name struck fear into hearts of men
    Alexander the Great
    He died of fever in Babylon

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  • Ann0 from Anonymous HqGreat song... wish they played it live. Funny how this song is a testament of what computer software is capable of yet it is abused by so many artists today
  • Texaswelder from TexasFirst Maiden album I ever bought in high school. Nearly 30 years later, still my favorite all time band, and this is probably my favorite Maiden song.
  • Pete from Brisbane, AuAnother fantastic historical journey by the Irons. Incidentally Bengt, the majority of the guitar solo is in 12/8, with the 2 snare drum + bass breaks done in 15/8. I remember programming parts of this song into OctaMED on an Amiga 1200 in the early '90s and those were the time signatures that made it work. Typically eccentric but sounds brilliant.
  • Bengt from Leknes, NorwayThe guitar solo is in 7/8.
  • Stoyan from Jambol, BulgariaActually the solo resembles traditional Bulgarian music more precisely the Rachenitsa (ръченица). One of the characteristics of the Bulgarian folk music is that it have a different rhythm than most of the western music maybe that is the reason this computer cant figure out the time signature.
  • Jonah from Richmond, United KingdomAlexander the Great born in 356 B.C to Phillip II of Macedon in the city of Pella, and became king at the age of 19.
    Tutored by Aristotle, Alexander the Great earned his title during his conquests of the Asia Minor, and the Persian Empire by being undefeated in battle - ever.
    He conquered an area of 5,200,000sq km, with which spanned his empire - the 24th largest ever to have existed, and at the time was the largest to have ever been made.
    After founding some 20 cities bearing his name (Alexandria etc.), and conquering Persia, he arrived at the border with India, where his army DID in fact invade, but not very far until they revolted, fearing the prospect of facing other large armies and exhausted by years of campaigning, ("Marching on"...), whereupon Alexander finally turned around, and marched homeward.
    Upon hearing the news of his best friend, general and possible lover's death, Hephaestion, and already with a fever, Alexander the Great died, in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II, in Babylon, at age 32.
    His empire split soon after his death, and ever since it declined, with modern day Macedon being a tiny fraction of the size.
  • Yan from Quebec City, QcTo all of you who believes Maiden don't play Alexander the Great because Smith might not remember the solo you're too naive and blind to see and understand! If you play guitar you'll know that nothing is impossible. Furthermore those guys are pros so 1 afternoon and Smith is back on track with the whole song. Search the reason why somewhere else! By the way, Will, you're right: amazing solos!
  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomIn a radio interview a few years ago, when asked why the band has never played the song live, Bruce answered, "because Adrian can't remember the guitar solo!" It might have been a bit tongue-in-cheek, but he went on to say that, when the song was originally written, they put the solo through a load of (then) very advanced music computer wizardry, and it just couldn't figure out the time signature.
  • Todd from Poynette, WiAlexander was ruler from 337 B.C. to 323 B.C.
    He was born in 356 B.C. My earlier dates stated were incorrect.
  • Will from San Diego, CaMy favorite guitar solo in all of music
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