Flight Of Icarus

Album: Piece Of Mind (1983)
Charted: 11
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  • As the sun breaks, above the ground
    An old man stands on the hill
    As the ground warms, to the first rays of light
    A birdsong shatters the still

    His eyes are ablaze
    See the madman in his gaze

    Fly on your way, like an eagle
    Fly as high as the sun
    On your way, like an eagle
    Fly and touch the sun (yeah)

    Now the crowd breaks and a young boy appears
    Looks the old man in the eye
    As he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowd
    In the name of God, my father I'll fly

    His eyes seem so glazed
    As he flies on the wings of a dream
    Now he knows his father betrayed
    Now his wings turn to ashes to ashes his grave

    Fly on your way, like an eagle
    Fly as high as the sun
    On your way, like an eagle
    Fly, touch the sun


    Fly, on your way, like an eagle
    Fly as high as the sun
    On your way, like an eagle
    Fly as high as the sun
    On your way, like an eagle
    Fly, touch the sun
    On your way, like an eagle

    Fly as high as the sun Writer/s: Adrian Frederick Smith, Bruce Dickinson
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Brian from Streetsboro, OhMarisa, that is an EXCELLENT accounting of the story and is completely accurate. Nice job!
  • Emarkm from Cheshire, United KingdomIn addition to the quote from Steve Harris, above, he followed it up with (paraphrased): "Releasing this as a single was a mistake really, I always say you're allowed two mistakes!" I don't think they've made their second one yet!
  • Fish from Edmonton, AbOne of the beefiest, thickest guitar sounds ever!! The production on "Piece of Mind" is still my favourite of all their albums. Love how Nicko drags his stick on the snare throughout the song. They put on an incredible show recently in Edmonton!! Up the irons!!
  • Sibella from Pretoria, --Man, gods can do mean things!
  • Jeff from Austin, TxFantastic song!! This album is killer from beginning to end.
  • Bobpape from Austin, TxJon- Also, in the sci-fi series SG-1 and Atlantis, it's the name of Earth's first faster-than-light spaceship, which incorporates Gould and Azgard technology.
  • Sebastian from Fredrikstad, United Stateslove pice of mind especially revelations and trooper
  • Zac from Sydney, Australiasecond favourite song on piece of mind
  • Billy from Otway, OhWhat Are The Bodies Doing?
  • Heather from Holbrook, Ny>>Along with the clouds, the single cover also features burning bodies along the bottom, another resemblence that indicates Hell
    - Dan, Rochester, NY<<

    Take a close look at what those bodies are doing...
  • Dan from Rochester, NyAlong with the clouds, the single cover also features burning bodies along the bottom, another resemblence that indicates Hell
  • Jonas from Lund, United StatesI love singing this song! / Jonas
  • Master_apocalipticus from Roma, ItalyOne of the best heavy metal songs of all time. The recording of the song, also the album, was inspired by mental hospitals rooms. The guitar sound with those JCM800 is incredible and the chorus at the end of the song is, simply, the best I have heard.
  • Marisa from Charlotte, NcKing Minos of Crete sacrificed a fake bull in place of his favorite snow white bull, to fool Poseidon, god of the sea. Poseidon became angry and cast a spell on Minos' wife, Pasiphae, the queen, to fall in love with the white bull. Daedalus built a hollow wooden cow, which Pasiphane lowerd herself inside. The bull seeing a new cow, mounted it and unknowningly Pasiphane who was inside. Pasiphane became pregnant and bore the dreaded Minotaur, a creature with a man's body but a bull's head. Daedalus built the labyrinth for King Minos, to hide the hideous bullman. Afterwards, Theseus killed the Minotaur and escaped with the kings daughter. At the failure of the labyrinth, Daedalus lost the favor of the king and was imprisoned in a high tower. Daedalus wanted to escape from his prison, but all sea going vessels were searched carefully.

    "Minos may control the land and sea," thought Daedalus, "but he does not control the air. I will escape that way."

    Daedalus set to work fabricating wings for himself and his young son, Icarus. Daedalus put many feathers together over a frame of his design, beginning with the smallest feathers and adding larger feathers, so as to form an ever increasing surface area from which to harness the power of the wind. The larger feathers Daedalus secured with strong thread but the smaller ones he secured only with wax. To his final creation he gave a curvature like that of the birds wings..

    When the work was done, Daedalus, waving his newly constructed wings, found himself buoyed upward on the currents, and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air beneath his constructed wings.

    But he could not leave without his son, so he had to build another pair of wings, smaller in size. Daedalus equipped his son with the smaller set but cautioned him, saying; "Icarus, my son, I charge you to keep at a moderate height, for if you fly too low the damp will clog your wings, and if you fly too high the heat of the sun will surely melt these wings of yours that I have created for you."

    Daedalus kissed the boy, not knowing that it was for the last time ever. Then, rising on their wings, father and son flew off, escaping from the prison that King Minos had put them away in. The boy, exulted at his new found freedom, began to soar upward as if to reach heaven. The nearness of the blazing sun softened the wax which held the smaller feathers together, and they came off in bundles. He fluttered with his arms frantically, but no feathers remained to hold the air beneath the wings. He cried to his father but fell to the ocean and was submerged in the blue waters of the sea in which he drowned.

    His father cried, "Icarus, Icarus, where are you?"

    Daedalus flew far and wide, searching for his son. At last he saw the all too familar feathers floating on top of the water, and bitterly lamenting his own arts, Daedalus scooped up his son's body and buried it on shore, calling the land Icaria in memory of his dead child.

    Daedalus arrived safe in Sicily, where he built a temple to Apollo, and hung up his wings as an offering to the god.

  • Jon from Grand Forks, Nd"Deadallus" is the name of the shuttle in the movie "Space Cowboys"
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