Earth, Wind & Fire

Album: Kings and Queens (2009)
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  • Queens in the pocket girl in a locket say
    Boys wanna knock it other wanna rob
    I see when ya coming girl ya look
    Stunning running for the friends of mine,
    Well it's more for the power and the hour
    After hour well he's itching for the powder
    One time, well it's' dear for the fire hate for
    The liar living for the bass and beat, close
    To the wire no one wanna hire didn't want
    A working week, well the ole town crier
    Looks for a buyer out there finding your
    Feet in dreams of schemes and drug filled
    Friends will be fine for someone to meet
    I own earth wind and fire, it breeds the
    Hunger that keeps me on the road again
    It's earth wind and fire I don't own thunder
    It's owned by a love of mine
    With a beat
    Of the drum the made your head spun
    See no hear no speak no son, look like a
    Gun held by the young in a far gone land
    Shooting everyone, fee fee fi fi fo fo fum
    Is the package in the back becoming a
    Problem, fee fee fi fi fo fo fum is the habit
    That ya have still fun, counting on ya
    Losses carrying crosses looking at your face
    In the dirt, traveling buses hiding
    From the rozzers pretending that your
    Extrovert, well the gil you accosted and
    Then took hostage escaped while you
    Were at work, after three years two days
    Paranoid drug haze couldn't stand to live
    A life of hurt
    I own earth wind and fire,
    It breeds the hunger that keeps me on the
    Road again it's earth wind and fire I don't
    Own thunder it's owned by a love of mine,
    With water blood and wine she temps me
    Back time after time, well it's earth wind
    And fire I don't own thunder, it's owned by
    A love of mine


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