Album: Sad Clowns & Hillbillies (2017)
  • Just an old country boy, wearing my Osh-Kosh boots
    Walked by the trailer factory, every day on my way to school
    And early on in life, the only thing I wanted to do
    Was buy me a trailer and move it down to Grandview

    Got out of high school, got on at Whirpool
    Bought me a car, two guitars and everything
    Me and Patty were falling in love before the summer was through
    I started thinking about trailers and high lots in Grandview

    It was a scorching summer night, we just left the dairy bar
    We was sitting out on Ridgeland Road in the front seat of my car
    I said "Patty, if you marry me, babe, I'll take good care of you
    I'll buy a brand new trailer and move it down to Grandview"

    She said "Ah, your wedding song, it sounds real nice
    And I could sure get off on sleeping with you at night
    But I tell ya what, baby, you want me, here's what to do
    I want a brick home like my mother's, ain't movin' down to Grandview," yeah
    That's what she told me

    There's been a lot of years, a lot of debts, a lot of pain
    Our youngest baby's movin' out when she gets married next spring
    When the bash is over, I'll tell you what I'm going to do
    I got my trailer picked out, gonna move it down to Grandview

    I got this 28 by 70, double-wide
    We could slide it on in there, honey
    We can chock those wheels real good
    I want it settin' nice and level

    Back it on in there boys
    And don't get no mud on my front porch
    'Cause the son of a bitch is brand spankin' new, baby

    Stick it into Grandview
    Stick it into Grandview
    Slide it on in there, honey
    Stick it into Grandview Writer/s: NORMAN CLARK, JOHN MELLENCAMP
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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