Shadows And Light

Album: Hissing Of Summer Lawns (1975)
  • Every picture has it's shadows
    And it has some source of light
    Blindness, blindness and sight
    The perils of benefactors
    The blessings of parasites
    Blindness, blindness and sight
    Threatened by all things
    Devil of cruelty
    Drawn to all things
    Devil of delight
    Mythical devil of the ever-present laws
    Governing blindness, blindness and sight

    Suntans in reservation dining rooms
    Pale miners in their lantern rays
    Night, night and day
    Hostage smiles on presidents
    Freedom scribbled in the subway
    It's like night, night and day
    Threatened by all things
    God of cruelty
    Drawn to all things
    God of delight
    Mythical God of the everlasting laws
    Governing day, day and night

    Critics of all expression
    Judges in black and white
    Saying it's wrong, saying it's right
    Compelled by prescribed standards
    Or some ideals we fight
    For wrong, wrong and right
    Threatened by all things
    Man of cruelty, mark of Cain
    Drawn to all things
    Man of delight, born again, born again
    Man of the laws, the ever broken laws
    Governing wrong, wrong and right
    Governing wrong, wrong and right
    Wrong and rightWriter/s: Joni Mitchell
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Crazy Crow Music / Siquomb Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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  • Martha from Knoxville, TnWho among us has not experienced the "blessings of parasites (children, pets) and the perils of benefactors (siblings who provide our car payments while we are unemployed, etc.)?
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