Album: The Beast In Its Tracks (2013)
  • Supposedly it was a wise wise man
    Who said it's better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all, never to have loved.
    How many times does the truth that you take to be true
    Is just truth falling apart at the same speed as you
    Until it all comes away in a million degrees
    And you're just a few pieces of fallin' debris

    And she's hopeful. hopeful. for me.
    I'm coming out of the dark clouds

    She went away and she packed all her lovin'
    I could not believe it how little there was
    I stood in the cold kitchen with nothin' to say
    Who'd keep the whole world spinning when she went away yeah?

    She kept telling me about the good things I deserve
    That I wanted somebody I'd mistaken for her
    But one look in my eyes and she'd know she was wrong
    So she wouldn't look back at me until she was gone

    How many times did you give all your love
    And find out it was so far from far from enough?
    I followed her out into the street in the rain
    And the whole world stopped spinning and just went up in flames

    And she's hopeful. hopeful, for me.
    I'm coming out of the dark clouds
    She's hopeful. hopeful, for me.
    She says it to me often

    The sunlight corroded and the days started to fail
    The rocks in the road sharpened shadows to nails
    The fencepost were empty and so were the trees
    Had the bluebird of use on its' last tune for me

    I've seen her around now with someone new I don't know
    She likes greed-eyed boys who are haloed in hope
    But I know the look in his eyes and I know all the old signs
    Just a couple more curves before his own road unwinds

    These days I'm feelin' better about the man that I am
    There's some things I can change and there's others I can't
    I met someone new now I know I deserve
    I never met someone who loves the world more than her

    She has been through her own share of hard times as well
    And she has learned how to tear out the heaven from hell
    Most nights I'm alright still all rocks roll down hill
    But she says I'll get better, she knows that I will

    And she's hopeful. hopeful, for me
    I'm coming out of the dark clouds
    She's hopeful. hopeful, for me
    Comin' out of the dark clouds, comin' out of the dark clouds

    The word is as the world is
    Everybody's gonna hurt like hells some times
    The word is as the world is
    Everybody's gonna hurt like hells some times some times Writer/s: JOSH RITTER
    Publisher: DUCHAMP, INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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