Deep Blues
by Kano

Album: Made In The Manor (2016)
  • Now we're fucking rapping for fashion
    More infatuated with Ferraris and Astons
    I'm not Martin, but crown me the king of just blacking
    Out on this disc of plastic
    But hidden in these flows is undeniable passion
    Never worked a day in my life, all I know is rap
    Life's had bigger submissions but I won't tap
    The people's done with the fiction, now they want fact
    Go underground, but mind the gap
    Trap, trap, trap, now everybody's trapping
    And it sounds like trap, trap, trap, trap, trap
    'Bout that life, but are you really 'bout it
    When them white rocks steal your uncle
    And they just won't give him back?
    Ain't seen ever, just come out of prison
    I just hope that he ain't using but the truth will beg to differ
    Life can get really, really real
    Life can get really, really real

    Deep, deep blues
    Deep, deep blues
    Deep, deep blues
    Deep, deep blues

    Very bad news, just found out that my bredrin's mum's got cancer
    While I'm online looking at back shots of the week
    Soph's mum's ill, might need an operation
    And I'm online looking at Rolexes, it's not that time
    Billy lost a baby, that shit fucking pains me
    And all I lost's a gram, popping bottles and a day's sleep
    Nanan's husband died, such is life
    But white rum, nine night
    Money, money, money, that's what the yout man worship
    It's the devil and he's working, hard
    But karma is a mother, and you can't keep dodging bullets
    Lesson learned, suggest you take it and, run
    'Cause when you're sitting in a cell, just had an altercation
    And the victim's in a coma, if he dies, we're going jail
    Life just got really, really real
    Life just got so fucking real

    Deep, deep blues
    Deep, deep blues
    Deep, deep blues (Life just got so fucking real)
    Deep, deep blues

    Alarm snoozed, I'm in a melancholic mood
    Last night, we boozed
    How am I spending them pinkies and got the blues?
    When I'm not hard labouring by eating fruits
    Why don't I celebrate wins but hate to lose?
    Glass half empty even though it's rosé Krug
    And when the shoe's on the other foot
    They'll say at least they're spanking new
    So without a bruise, you won't see the pain I'm going through
    Sometimes, I feel like every day it's Monday blues Writer/s: DAMON ALBARN, FRASER T. SMITH, KANE ROBINSON
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Downtown Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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