Jesus Walks

Album: The College Dropout (2003)
Charted: 16 11
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  • Order, Huh
    Yo, we at war
    We at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all we at war with ourselves

    (Jesus Walks)
    God show me the way because the Devil's tryin' to break me down
    (Jesus Walks with me, with me, with me, with me, with me)

    You know what the Midwest is?
    Young and Restless
    Where restless niggas might snatch ya necklace
    And next these niggas might jack ya Lexus
    Somebody tell these niggas who Kanye West is
    I walk through the valley of Chi where death is
    Top floor of the view alone will leave you breathless,
    Try to catch it, it's kinda hard
    Getting choked by detectives- yeah, yeah- now check the method
    They be asking us questions, harass, and arrest us
    Saying "We eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!"
    Huh?! y'all eat pieces of shit? What's the basis?
    We ain't goin' nowhere, but got suits and cases
    A trunk full of coke- rental car from Avis
    My Mama used to say only Jesus can save us
    Well Mama, I know I act a fool
    But I'll be gone 'til November, I got packs to move, I hope

    (Jesus Walks)
    God show me the way because the Devil's tryin' to break me down
    (Jesus Walks with me)
    The only thing that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now (I want Jesus)
    (Jesus Walks)
    And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs
    (Jesus Walks with me)
    I want to talk to God, but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long
    (I want Jesus)
    God show me the way because the Devil's tryin' to break me down
    The only thing that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now
    And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs
    I want to talk to God, but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long

    So long
    (Jesus Walks with me)

    To the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers
    (Jesus walks for them)
    To the victims of Welfare for we living in hell here hell yeah
    (Jesus walks for them)
    Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly
    I know He hear me when my feet get weary
    Cause we're the almost nearly extinct
    We rappers are role models- we rap we don't think
    I ain't here to argue about his facial features
    Or here to convert atheists into believers
    I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
    The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus
    So here go my single dog radio needs this
    They said you can rap about anything except for Jesus
    That means guns, sex, lies, video tape
    But if I talk about God my record won't get played
    Well let this take away from my spins
    Which will probably take away from my ends
    Then I hope this take away from my sins
    And bring the day that I'm dreaming about
    Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

    (Jesus Walks)
    God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down
    (Jesus Walks with me, with me, with me) fades)
    The only thing that I pray is that me feet don't fail me now

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  • Markantney from Biloxi, MsJul 2014,

    Jessica, though the song is excellent and Ground-Breaking, there have been other Rappers Rap about Spirituality, some positive and some not so positive.

    Not to list them all but RunDMC did similar and it sold quite well, not on Kanye's Level in sales or lyrics directly referencing but the song was called, "Down With the King".
  • Markantney from Biloxi, MsJuly 2014,

    -j, Norfolk VA, perhaps more should but if it doesn't sound authentic (like this song SURELY does) it won't come across well and it would soon dilute the

    I don't really need them praising the creator as much as I wish they didn't rap about: $$$, Clothes, and O's, as if they WERE their G-ods.

    That's why I like(d) Pac, Ice Cube, KRS, Rakim, MC Lyte, Geto Boys, Goodie Mob, Outkast, Kanye,...they rap about a lot more than material things and instant gratification.

    I like the Beasties and Enimen also, for how they didn't try to be or act "urban" and they too rap about a variety of topics. I'll never forget seeing the Beasties for a hot second in the 80s movies "Krush Groove" and then that album about a year later, "Licensed to Ill", true pioneers.
  • Illuminati Spam from Kentucky, Kywhen you try to speak out you get swallowed and shyted out.Kanye started off with his head on his shoulder but the devil broke him down. A barrel in a cup full or only the love a mother can give her son. Dont get caught up in the good life
  • Moni from Los Angeles, CaThe last comment is stupid. Women play men and men play women in all races. Black men seem to need to berate the sister on a national level.
  • Se7 from Pomona, Cahmmm For some reason i get the idea that this song is being discussed by a group of people who dont listen to rap... but i could be mistaken... however, allow me to retort: YES.. this tracc is about the typical sex drugs and money... to the average idiot who doesnt listen to it. see, the problem is that we are on opposite sides of the glass. you see rappers talking about b*tches and hoes and guns and drugs and gangs and believe that we are advocating or celebrating these things. we say these things because these "women" wil tell you they love you every day while s*ccin another d**k when you bacc is turned and may even set you up... i call that a b*tch and you would too. if you walk down my street and you dont have a gun, violence may occur and it WONT end in your favor. we simply understand the existance of these things and comment on them as dan rather does on the news. since you are too close minded, stereotypical and sheltered to understand this, you simply berate it as oppose to strive to understand.. this is typical of ignorance. At any rate, this is an OK song at BEST... its GREAT for what it accomplished but average in its actual lyrical content. but of course, it seems different, and positive, so "WE MUST SUPPORT POSITIVE RAP".. not realizing that this SAME song is anti-government.. saying negative things about white and blacc people alike and actually perpetuates more hate than good... but you hear "jesus walks" and say "YAY KANYE!".. Congrats! You all fit the statistic.
  • Nicole from N/a, WiHey Nikki, your comment is great. I don't know what else to say about the song, other than he made an awesome song to be played on almost all stations and tv channels for all the world to hear. Kanye has such great words to all his songs. Much love to Kanye for the guts to write this and to have just made him stronger as a rapper and a person.
  • Jessica from Broken Arrow, OkThis might be my favorite song ever. West did something that other artist have never done. Alot of them say they believe in god, and that they thank him for what they have, but they never show it in their work. Great job Kanye!
  • Tristan from Sydney, Australiabest hip-hop lyrics of this era maybe ever, kanye puts many great points into this song and it comes off briliantly. im a rock fan but Kanye west is a legend and deserves everything he gets.
  • Nikki from Chicago, IlChicago Rapper, "Rhymefest" co-wrote Jesus Walks, so he received a Grammy Award in 2005 for that. Rhymefest won a Grammy before his own album ever came out. Kanye West and Rhymefest worked together for Kanye West's sophomore CD, "Late Registration" but that song didn't make it to the CD. However, Kanye West and Rhymefest recorded a song called, "Brand New" that is on Rhymefest's CD entitled, "Blue Collar".

    Then I hope it take away from MY sins
    And bring the day that ?m dreamin about
    Next time I'm in the club everybody screamin out
    jesus walks
  • J from Norfolk, Vai think alot more rappers should rap about god rather than gangs,sex,drugs,etc.
  • Jazzz from Frankfurt, Germanyi´m amazed he had the guts to stand up to his faith- even if it would have cost him. As controversial as he is- I think it is extremely cool that Kanye professes his love for Christ and doesn´t mind the criticism. Jesus really does walk with him! Jasmin
  • Liz from S Windsor, CtNikki- I never thought about that line like makes alot of sense tho
  • Nikki from Chicago, IlWhen Kanye West performed this song on 'Regis and Kelly' he didn't change the line, "The Way Kathy Lee needed Regis, that's the way I need Jesus", so when he finished performing, Regis said, "Did you say Kelly and Regis?", Kelly replied, "He didn't say Kelly", then Kanye West began to explain, "I said, 'The way Kathy Lee needed Regis, that's the way I need Jesus, because although Kathy Lee needed you, and she's gone, the show still goes on, and it's the same with me. I need Jesus, but even when I'm gone, His show is still going to go on."
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