Amarillo By Morning

Album: Strait From The Heart (1982)
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  • This rodeo ballad was written by Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser. It has become one of country music's most recognizable anthems and propelled George Strait to stardom.
  • Despite being Strait's most famous tune, it is not one of his record #1 singles. It peaked at #4 on the Country charts and was named the 12th best country song of all-time by CMT. >>
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    Julian - Oakland, AR, for above 2
  • In this song, a rodeo cowboy sings about his life on the road and how he "lost a wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The Country singer Chris LeDoux, who was also a rodeo champion, recorded this song in 1975. >>
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    Cameron - Austin, TX
  • Before George Strait recorded this song, John Fisher produced Terry Bullard's version in 1980. He also produced Terry Stafford's version in the '70s. Both Terrys lived in close proximity of each other in Los Angeles when Stafford asked Bullard to re-record "Amarillo By Morning."

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  • Gt from Peoria, IlI still remember the first time I ever heard this song. It was on the radio as we passed through Louisville, KY. It had to be Terry Stafford’s original version, as we were returning to Ohio from a long 4th of July weekend in 1974. I was not a big fan of country music as a kid, but I remember thinking what a good song that was. And, of course, George Strait’s remake was fantastic.
  • Tracey from Albuquerque NmThe verse Lost my wife and a girlfriend Was he cheating or he lost both during his time in the rodeo Where at one time he lost a Wife and another time a girlfriend?
  • Jack from SeattleI think Terry Stafford wrote this song. Lots of covers out there including George Strait of course.
  • Major Lance from Riverside, IlThe Mongolian Cowboy’s TV version was awesome!
  • Troy Hess from Houston,texasWhat most people do not realize is that Strait's version was directly influenced by a 1978 version by local Houston artist named Kelly Schoppa! In 78', Kelly's version, which was on the local Bellaire Records label here in Houston, was on just about every jukebox from Beaumont to El Paso, Galveston to Texarkana, & all parts in between! Straits goes as far as mentioning in an interview I read that : " A local Texas artist had a regional hit on Amarillo, & we used to do it all the time!" The version Strait did back then was much more in line with Schoppa's version than his 1981 release on MCA. And even more peculiar is that Schoppa came out with another song called: " Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" which was later covered by Strait! And the last & final record that Schoppa recorded & released on Bellaire was called " Drinkin' Champagne" in which Strait covered him again! For a national artist to cover 3 of a local/ regional artist's songs like that is all but unheard of! It's just a shame that Strait NEVER gave Kelly any credit before his recent death!
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaGene Elders fiddle just makes this song.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOh my...I've always loved his music. He's such a great musician.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhI'm not a big George Strait fan. I mean, he's okay. I like some of his music, not all. But this song, "Amarillo by Morning" is just beautiful; lyrically, melodically, emotionally. His voice breathes the perfect life into the song.
  • Mark from Rochester, NyYes Ken, this song was written by Terry Stafford of "Suspicion" fame.
  • Joel from Wheeling, WvGreat song. The video is cool too. George Strait is a member of the PRCA and hosts a heading/heeling contest every fall.
  • Cas from Iron City , GaI love the fiddle in Amarillo By Morning. This is actually my favorite fiddle piece.
  • Terry from Austin, TxThank you Brett in Des Moines, IA - This is Terry Bullard...and it is nice to see when people recognize my music. You can check out my myspace page - not sure if the link will work here...but go to Myspace and look my name up under the music section! Thanks again....Terry
  • Brett from Des Moines, IaI knew this song from a bar in El Paso TX by Terry Bullard many years before King George did it. I like Terry's version better.
  • Dave from Scottsdale, AzI once worked with a guy named Phil who later drank himself to death. He used to occasionally burst into song "Amaretto by morning".
  • Tyrone Collins from Chicago, IlThis is one of my all time favorite songs
  • Grace from Conway, Army roommate from amarillo in college hated this, too (i like it as well as "am i blue"). i'd love to read about the latter, songfacts. thanks!
  • Tyrell Neidhardt from Richardton, NdAmarillo by Morning is a great song
    but Chris Ledoux did it first and did it better
    Chris Ledoux lived the roughstock life and can sing it from his own experience
  • Carol from St.augustine, FlI love this song! I think its one of George Strait's best ever. The music and the way he sings it is just awesome!
  • Jenny from Amarillo, TxI live in Amarillo, Tx and I have always hated this song.
  • Carissa from Seattle, WaThis song was orginally played on a radio station sort of like their tagline. Even though Strait had not even finished the song.
  • Ken from Brantford, CanadaMy all-time fave modern country hit as well.The lonesome Texas fiddle solo still gives me a chill all these years on. I was wondering though.Is that Terry Stafford by chance the same one who had a sixites hit with Suspicion,the Elvis soundalike?
  • Chad from Kenedy, Txit is tha nuber 1 country song in my books. i love this song. George Strait is awesome.
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