Album: Lucky Old Sun (2008)
  • Ol' Joe's got a Boston whaler
    He bought in Key Biscane
    He swears since the day he's got her
    She's been nothing but a pain
    When the sun's at his back And the winds in his face
    It's just him and the wheel
    He wouldn't take a million for the
    Way it makes him feel

    Vessels of freedom
    Harbors of heeling

    Newport is where John hung his hat
    'Til he lost his wife Jo
    Now forty feet of sail antique
    Is where ol' John calls home
    He watched his life pass before his eyes
    In the middle of a hurricane
    Came out alive on the other side
    That's where the other side got its name

    Vessels of freedom
    Harbors of heeling

    Twenty years of a landlocked job
    Was all that tom could take?
    Sitting at his desk alone and depressed
    Says this just cant be my fate
    Went home that night and told his wife
    You can tell all of your friends
    It's been real but it ain't been fun
    Gonna get us one of them

    Vessels of freedom
    Harbors of heeling

    Vessels of freedom
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  • Kari from Salt Lake CityLyrics are incorrect. It is not "Now forty feet of sail ANTIQUE", the correct line is "Now forty feet of sail and TEAK" (as any sailor knows...)
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