Album: Lucky Old Sun (2008)


  • At this time, Chesney owned two Sea Rays, a 56 and a 60-footer, and in his spare time he was most likely out on the water in one of his boats. This song, which he co-wrote with Dean Dillon and Scotty Emerick pays tribute to his love of being out on the ocean.
  • The song includes the lyric, "vessels of freedom/harbors of healing," which is how Chesney feels when he's riding the waves. "That line came from a gentleman and his daughter I met in St. Croix," he explained in the June 2011 issue of Boating magazine. "I think anybody who has a boat has an emotional attachment to it. It has a way of healing a person and gives him a sense of freedom. That's where I feel the most freedom - and it's helped me heal something that needed healing."

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  • Kari from Salt Lake CityLyrics are incorrect. It is not "Now forty feet of sail ANTIQUE", the correct line is "Now forty feet of sail and TEAK" (as any sailor knows...)
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