This Fire

Album: As Daylight Dies (special edition) (2006)
  • All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled,
    It is in my hands, I must not fail,
    I must not fail.

    Even through the darkest days,
    This fire burns, always.
    This fire burns, always.

    This is the broken ground
    Misery begins to rise.
    Turn away from yesterday,
    Tomorrow's in my eyes.

    Nevermore to be held down
    By the wings of history.
    Nevermore to be cast aside,
    This day is mine.

    Even through the darkest days,
    This fire burns, always.
    This fire burns, always.

    I will not be denied
    In this final hour.
    I will not be denied,
    This day is mine.

    The passion inside me,
    Is burning, is burning.
    The passion inside me,
    Is burning, is burning.

    Even through the darkest days,
    This fire burns always (always).
    This fire burns (fire burns) always.

    Always (always). Writer/s: JAMES ALAN JOHNSTON
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Guy from New York, NyPrior to being used by CM Punk, this song was Randy Orton's theme song for one night only. Also, it was the theme song to Judgment Day 2006
  • Spunky from Martin, OhThis is me and my boyfriends song!!
  • Nick from Cairns, Australiawoops..ah well, I just hate situations where people think their country is better than others when talking music.
  • Mike from Helena, MtNick, you have been misinformed. The Ramones were from New York. Joey Ramone may have sounded foreign on occasion, but that was just his style. Try doing some research next time before you type something for the whole world to see.
  • Nick from Cairns, Australiathomas, u.s aren't the only country that have great variety in music when it comes to rock/metal/hard rock bands. hmmm heres a few: black sabbath, ac/dc, yngwie malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Diamond Head, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, The Ramones, Rush, Def Leppard, Children Of Bodom, Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and opeth. I would put more there but I only said i'll put up few. :). yes and the u.s music variety is great, you just have to dwelve into more material from other countries and stuff like that.
  • Ryan from Anonymous, Onits the only song joel likes by them because its a wrestlers theme. i know so many people who do that, they like songs when they are featured on things they enjoy, even when they hate the band and even sometimes the genre.
  • Jamir from Philadelphia, Vathis is my favorite KSE song ever i know all the lyrics to this song. if you go on youtube this song is also for the mortal kombat armaggedon theme song. the game is very epic and so is this song so it was a perfect match. also unless you been sleeping under a rock this is WWE's CM punk'theme song. MY FAVORITE KSE SONGS:1.MY CURSE,THIS FIRE BURNS,ROSE OF SHARYN,MY LAST SERENADE,HEARTACHE ANDwell thats it. lol peace out dudes and dudettes, emos and goths ^,..,^
  • Thomas from New Orleans, LaOnly?! How? I think about 100% of there songs are amazing. Oh well, thats why the U.S. is so awesome, we have such a huge variety in music. But KSE is quite possible one of the best bands to ever make music.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScThis song is currently bieng used by WWE wrestler
    C.M. Punk. It is the only Killswitch Engage song I actually like.
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