Cookie Butter

Album: No Home Record (2019)
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  • I saw
    I knew
    I remember
    I liked
    I met
    I awaken
    I wish
    I have
    I saw
    I approach
    I fucked
    I think
    I won't
    I was?born
    I drank
    I miss
    I protect
    I eat
    I drink
    I forget
    I buy
    I walk
    I run
    I've seen
    You know
    I remember
    You liked
    I met
    Don't know
    I wake up
    You wish
    I have
    You saw
    I approach
    You fucked
    You think
    I won
    You fell
    I drank
    You spill
    I was born
    You die
    I forget
    You decide
    I cry
    You kiss
    I tell
    You blink
    I plead
    You sick
    I hide
    I hide
    Cookie butter
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  • Terikoinspired by Some Things We Do by Swans?
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