Armchair Anarchist

Album: Sleepwalking (1992)
Charted: 47
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  • I'm a marked anarchist
    Yes, I'm being totally honest
    In fact, just the other morning
    I was planning a bombing
    Firstly, the House Of Lords
    then on to the Brit Awards

    "Bomb the idiots"
    "Bomb all the idiots now"
    "Bomb the idiots"
    "Bomb all the idiots now"

    I'm a public enemy
    The gallows is where it'll have to be
    And there'll be no remorse
    for all the panic that I have caused
    Just as I light the fuse wire
    I can just picture the headlines

    "Viva Dynamite"
    "Viva Dynamite Oh"
    "Viva Dynamite"
    "Viva Dynamite Oh"

    To move the world in some way
    Without leaving any bad taste
    In the mouths of the human race
    The human race

    I'm a young transvestite
    I wear clothes that women like
    In fact I've got a lovely silken blouse
    That just gets me so aroused

    What do you think of me?
    What do you think of me now?
    What do you think of me?
    What do you think of me now?

    What will you do to me?
    What will you do to me now?
    Why don't you shoot me?
    Take a gun and shoot me down?

    'Cause I've lost all faith
    In the human race
    or is it just another bad day?


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