Album: Come Around Sundown (2010)
Charted: 69
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  • A single book of matches gonna burn what's standing in the way
    Roaring down the mountain, they're calling on the fire brigade
    Carry out the pictures and tell the kids that I'm okay
    If I'm forgotten, you'll remember me for the day

    I won't ever be your cornerstone

    All the black inside me is slowly seeping from the bone
    Everything I cherish is slowly dying or it's gone
    Little shaking babies and drunkards seem to all agree
    Once the show gets started it's bound to be a sight to see

    I won't ever be your cornerstone
    I don't want to be here holding on
    I won't ever be your cornerstone

    Watch her run, can you feel it?
    Watch her run, can you feel it?
    Watch her run, can you feel it?
    Watch her run, can you feel it?

    I won't ever be your cornerstone
    I don't want to be here holding on
    I won't ever be your cornerstone
    I Writer/s: Anthony Caleb Followill, Ivan Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
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  • Robin from Delft, The Netherlandsi just heard this version from maneskin, an italian group. he sings it with heart and soul. and now i cant get it out of my head. what a sad story. i will def. read more about this. this is the song. the singers name is damiano david.
  • Damon from Santa Cruz, CaliforniaWow! That's heavy ....and you really feel it in this song, deep into your marrow!
  • David from Dundee, United KingdomJohnny boy, how delusional are you pal?? The only reason the Kings are on a world wide level is because they sold their arses out on "Only By The Night" and ever since. Dissapointing as they did create exciting music and put on a great rock n roll show, mainly here in the U.K as the U.S didnt really start paying attention until they simplified their sound for a more mainstream audience. A.M`s on the other are rising and rising without compromise, if anything making their unique sound even more of a challenge to get your head around in some instances. As KoL look likely to self destruct the Monkeys will march on and continue to produce original, exciting and vital rock n roll. 1 day Johnny boy, you will find yourself looking back at your rant and kick yourself, take care brother and "dont sit down coz I`ve moved your chair"!!!
  • Natalie from Maryborough, AustraliaToo True John
  • John from Charlotte, NcDude, David, that theory kind of offends me. Are you a KOL fan? The idea that KOL put the word "cornerstone" into a song because they are feuding with a very semi famous indie rock band is extremely far fetched. In fact, the idea is kind of preposterous. Is there any actual evidence of any feud between KOL and AM? Nope. AM is barely famous, and not really advancing at all in fact. KOL is one of the most famous and successful bands on the planet, and with all do respect to AM, they probably aren't even on KOLs radar, or anywhere near the level they would need to reach in order to be competition for KOL. They are probably friends if anything. KOL is very close to The Strokes, The Strokes took AM on tour when they were fledglings and became close with them as well. Plus KOL is not a bunch of petty children and they aren't washed up. They have absolutely nothing to worry about from AM, or any other rock band out there for that matter. They are on a different level.
  • David from Dundee, United KingdomIt was suggested to me that this song is linked to an on-going beef between KoL and Arctic Monkeys. The chorus would seem to back this theory up " I dont wanna be your Cornerstone". A.M have a song called "Cornerstone", quite a negative thing to sing. " Single book of matches, gonna burn whose standing in the way", KoL might be a bit pis*ed at A.M`s recent advances in the quest for rock monsterdom!!! Justa couple of theories, different angle on a very sinister song, in my opinion!
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