God Of Thunder
by Kiss

Album: Destroyer (1976)
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  • You've got something about you
    You've got something I need
    Daughter of Aphrodite
    Hear my words and take heed
    I was born on Olympus
    To my father a son
    I was raised by the demons
    Trained to reign as the one
    God of thunder and rock and roll
    The spell you're under
    Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul
    I'm the lord of the wastelands
    A modern day man of steel
    I gather darkness to please me
    And I command you to kneel
    Before the
    God of thunder and rock and roll
    The spell you're under
    Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul
    I am the lord of the wastelands
    A modern day man of steel
    I gather darkness to please me
    And I command thee to kneel
    Before the
    God of thunder and rock and roll
    The spell you're under
    Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul Writer/s: Paul Stanley
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • AnonymousI just want to know is the song fantasy? or praising Satan?
  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcThe best song Kiss ever recorded and a timeless hard rocking classic sung by the ultimate rock legend Gene Simmons.
  • Mario from TexasMy all time favorite KISS song from the first album I ever owned. I remember as a kid thinking how effing heavy this song was. Along with Grand Funk’s The Locomotion we had on 45. I really love the way Peter Criss just decimated the drums on this track. I wreck my steering shell every time this comes on the radio while driving. Definitely one of my top five songs a crank to 11 when it comes on.
  • Steemer from Earththe kids are saying “elvis is alive!!”
  • Brian from Enid, Ok.My father took me to see KISS on March 4, 1976 in Oklahoma City. About 2 weeks later on the 15th, the DESTROYER album was released. I was in the third grade and had a very impressionable mind. My curiousity became overwhelming as I listened to that album over and over. I began to hear things like moans & groans, chains rattling and a little kid being tortured. Some really scary stuff was deliberately recorded in the mix.
    -- OK?
    -- WHAT?
    -- OK, THEN
    -- ON MY MARK, GET SET, GO!!!
    (child laughter and inaudible gibberish)
    -- WHAT?
    -- THE KING HUH?
  • Steve from Albany, NyMy 2 cents on what is said at the very beginning. I've always heard "Ok, ya'll can start playin". Not "singing" as I've seen others say over the years but "playin".
  • Bill Schichner from LodiThis is what Ezrin's boys are saying:
    Yep, start singing
    Say it
    Say it?
    I can't hear it
    Not that damn loud!
    What? I don't wanna go too loud
    I can't do that! I don't know about them monsters
    Bla blah blah raa raa raa!
    Stop! King Kong
  • Andi from Berlin, GermanyI think most of the voices are from gene, arguing about the way he should perform the song. he says I don´t wanna do that too loud. In the beginning of the song they say: allright you can start singing. then gene says " I can´t hear you" and "not that damn loud....!" they pitched the voices, so that they sound like kids.
    andi, berlin
  • Jeffrey from Myrtle Beach, ScActually, Ezrin's kid is saying "Okay.... y'all can start singin'" in the intro. Listen carefully... I know he says "King Kong!" toward the end. My all time favorite KISS song, I think I enjoy the fact that a harpsichord is playing along with the guitars in the chorus, makes it sound even more eerie. There's also drums in reverse at the end as well the kids making monster noises.
  • Rock O' Love from H-town, Tx...Just got back from the show 7/29 in Pittsburgh...They did not play God of Thunder...when Gene did the flying thing...when they usually play it...instead, the played "I wanna hear it Loud"...WTF???
  • Darrin from Cambridge, Mn"ok, got reception." isn't this what the kids say at the start? I think the kids voices made the song sound "spooky" when I was younger and listned to this...we're talking me at age 12 or so way back when destroyer was still a new album.
  • Cannuck from Gatineau, QcIn the song 'God of Thunder', the children are yelling out "He's the Devil!" at 0:23 from the beginning of the song, and "But, I don't want to go to Hell" at 1:30. Just listen again and you'll see.
  • Kiss from Dayton, , InThe kids are saying "GODZILLA"
  • Jason from Denver, CoTo Randy, Colerain TWP.,OH. The disatortion at the end of Do you love me, is a combination of what I believe is four different things. 1.A pick slide on a guitar. 2. The roar of a crowd. 3. The boys choir that was used in "Great Expectations" singing the title. 4. Is a live recording of Paul Stanley talking to a crowd and he is saying "I tell you it looks like, it looks like were gonna have ourselves a rock and roll party" Or some thing like it.It doesn't get clear until the end in which you must increase the volume a bit.
  • Sezan from Melbourne, Australiawhat do those kids say at the start of the song,OKAY.............and you can hear a mans voice during that too saying go i think lol
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhI think that the shouting of the kids ruins the song- somehow I don't think that Paul had that in mind while writing it. I still haven't figured out the recording played after 'Do You Love Me?' on the 'Destroyer' album- must be something else Bob Ezrin mustered up.
  • Clayton from Council Bluffs, Iathe kid noises in the background are bob ezrens kids on a cheep walkie talkie set there mostly shouting its too loud and turn it down an making it sounds like there scared
  • Rob from Detroit , MiMy dad and I play this song while working in our garage. I think we see ourselves as "gods of thunder...and rock and roll!" Haha, anyway, I love KISS (you kidding, I'm from Detroit, you don't love KISS and Ted Nugent they'll run you out of the friggin state), and this song is one of their best. It was also played at the beginning of Rob Zombie's Halloween, to introduce Michael Myers. I think it fit.
  • Gooch from Hole, Dcok we agree the kids are "CREEPY" but what in the hell are they saying?
  • Randell from Sydney, AustraliaThose weird kid noises in the background were weird when i first heard the song.
  • Cam from Cambridge, CanadaIn the beginning of the song you hear kids screaming and yelling, those are Bob Ezrins kids. And for all of you who dont who Bob Ezrin is, he was the producer for the destroyer album and other KISS albums.
  • Wes from Springfield, VaHooo-hoooo! My pal Mike and I used to cruise around Burbank, California late at night in his car, which had a 40 watt P.A. system installed in it. We played this one through it and it sounded awesome! Echoed all through the Verdugo Hills...
  • Eddie from Acton, MePaul sings it on the demo version in the Box Set, and the tempo is more like that of disco, not bad though.
  • John from Seattle, WaThe KISS box set has the original demo version. Drums were played by Junior Smalls, who can be heard shouting "you wanted the best, you got it" on Alive! The line "hear my words and take heed" was originally "we make love 'til we bleed." Yucky imagery.
  • Jimbo from Corpus Christi, TxIn the more recent concerts since the late 1990's (reunion tour on up to current), Gene sings this song while standing up on the lighting fixtures above the stage, after he flies up there.
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